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Ashlee | 12 comments Out of the Shadows is the adventure of an afterlifetime when eighteen year-old Sachi finds herself caught up in a world of mysteries, magic, monsters, and mayhem--otherwise known as The Shadowlands--after witnessing her supposedly dead best friend being held at scythe point.

It is a story of grief, friendship, loyalty, survival, persistence, love, incredibly atrocious whip nae naeing, and far too attractive immortal Reapers.

Find out what really happens when we die, where all the mythical creatures we've ever heard of really come from, and how World War One really started in Out of the Shadows.

Hi everyone!

I posted this a few weeks ago but didn't get any bites - my 'beta needs' have changed, though, so I'm updating the post in the hopes of generating a little more interest.

My first novel Out of the Shadows, the first in a proposed five book Urban Fantasy series called Shadowlands is currently undergoing an initial round of beta reading. I have a few friends and family providing some general feedback, as well as a few others providing some more thorough comments.

After the first round I'll be making some revisions and sending it out again to gather some more in depth feedback on pacing, world building, character development, dialogue etc.

This second round will start late November, so that's what I'm looking for now - readers who are available to read a 103,000 word book in late November.

The book is set in predominantly in Melbourne, Australia and does use Commonwealth spelling and grammar, as well as the odd Australian/British term for certain things, but so far the feedback I've had from the readers outside Aus has been positive.

I would really love a couple more readers from outside Aus to better gauge the book's marketability, and also some readers in the 16-20 year bracket would be great as it is supposed to be Upper YA.

The book is told in multiple third person POV, so it would be preferable if you're familiar with this style of writing as it has very different conventions to first person.

I'm not about to claim my book is 'the next...' or anything but a couple of my readers have compared the writing style to Sarah J Maas's Throne of Glass books and Cassandra Clare's Shadowhunters books (probably because these are popular third person multiple YA books)

If you're interested please send me a message on GR or you can email me at

Chapter One is attached in the post below.



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Ashlee | 12 comments Chapter One (view spoiler)

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Ashlee | 12 comments Post updated

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