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MixItUp! Horses only! Where once a month a horse party is hosted. Times shall be listed on announcements! All horses except for new ones are allowed but only 10 horses are allowed inside but many outside

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MixItUp! Katy quickly dropped Oreo off, not wanting to be seen by the Academies director, she knew that Mrs. Cloud always arrived early.

Oreo's tail swayed, she glanced at Ash, bending down to graze. This will be a fun night! she knickered.

Ranger slowly entered, eyeing the two mares It's their lucky day he murmured. He headed towards Oreo and Ash, head held high, Hey ladies

Emily ~Autumn, Winter~ (isabeefexer) Natalie hurried off with Katy.

Ash looked up at Ranger and grinned. Hello there!

Ace cantered in with Melody by his side. Now go mingle, he told her.

Why can't I just stay by you....? Melody whined.

Ace butted her into the crowd and went a different way himself.

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MixItUp! Oreo knickered at Ash softly, This is our chance, now just look cute she batted her eyelashes at him. Hello, I'm Oreo

Ranger grinned, I'm Ranger he did a small bow. A pleasure to meet you ladies he slightly reared, to show off, blowing a hair out of his face casually

Emily ~Autumn, Winter~ (isabeefexer) Ash, dying of laughter inside, smiled sweetly. I'm Ash.

Ace noticed Ash and another mare talking to a stallion and narrowed his eyes. He casually walked over to the three. HEY THERE ASH HOW YAH DOIN LIL SIS!? he whinnied obnoxiously.

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MixItUp! Ranger looked as if he'd kick Ace, You mind? he snorted. Ranger nipped at Ace, shoving him aside. He grinned at the two mares, You two look lovely tonight Ranger told Ash and Oreo, mainly focusing on Ash

Oreo pretended to be completely interested, she bent down to graze while she listened to Ranger and Ash. She turned to Ranger and pinned her ears back when he shoved Ace aside

Emily ~Autumn, Winter~ (isabeefexer) Um. Excuse you. This is my sister. Ace rolled his eyes at Ranger and grinned at Ash.

I'm good big brother. Ash gave Ace a sweet smile, but wished him harm with her eyes.

That was good enough for Ace. He nodded a greeting at Oreo then turned to leave. As he left he flicked Ranger with his tail.

Ash turned her head back to Ranger. Sorry for that. He's such a goof sometimes.

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MixItUp! Ranger snorted, A goofball alright he examined Ash's coat, he was glad that Ash wasn't like Ace. Would you like to come eat some hay with me ladies? I know the best spots to get hay and where we aren't in all this crowd! Ranger's tail swished and he got in the middle of Oreo and Ash. That is, if you would like to get some hay with me

Oreo glanced at Ash with a large smile, she batted her eyelashes again, That would be wonderful, that alright with you Ash?

Emily ~Autumn, Winter~ (isabeefexer) It sounds wonderful to me too! Ash flicked her mane to one side.

Melody caught sight of Ash and quickly trotted over to her. Then she noticed the handsome stallion next to her. She immediately stopped, though she was already in front of the group. Oh! Sorry. So so so sorry. Um... okay... never mind... heh... she whickered awkwardly.

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MixItUp! Ranger was about to push the mare aside but paused as he focused on her, Excuss me ladies he told Ash and Oreo, trotting up to Melody. The names Ranger, wanna come get hay with me? he asked, seeming to forget about Ash and Oreo. Ranger's tail swayed, smacking Melody a bit gently.

Oreo rolled her eyes, Stallions she whinnied but then began to crack up laughing. I shall never forget how stallions act once they find another mare Oreo walked next to Ash

Emily ~Autumn, Winter~ (isabeefexer) Ash snickered and gave Melody a 'good luck with that' look. Such fickle creatures, stallions.

Um... Weren't you already doing that with Ash and ... um... Melody backed up a step and turned her head away shyly.

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MixItUp! Ranger grinned, Shhhh, just follow me, besides, we could get to know each-other. Besides, I'd like to get to know a beautiful mare he nudged her gently towards a stack of untouched hay.

Oreo giggled, They're such complicated creatures indeed!

Sky pranced into the area, standing dramatically in the moonlight. She glanced around, catching the attention of most of the stallions except for Ranger and a couple others. Sky shook her mane gracefully, edging over to some of the stallions with a smile

Emily ~Autumn, Winter~ (isabeefexer) Ash looked over at Sky. Hey, isn't that the Academy Director's horse?" she asked Oreo.

Um... okay... Melody wasn't one to argue so she just consented awkwardly.

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MixItUp! Oreo nodded, It is! She's lucky to have all the spotlight! she eyed Sky's grey pelt that caught the moonlight perfectly. Bet you that Ace is gonna fall for her! Oreo snickered

Emily ~Autumn, Winter~ (isabeefexer) Oh I wouldn't be so sure. I think he's gonna go buck Ranger right in the face if he finds him by Melody. Ash chuckled.

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MixItUp! Oreo laughed, Won't that be fun to watch! Melody his sister as well? she asked Ash. Her tail flicked from side to side, Oreo's ears perked at the direction of Ranger and Melody, seeming to just wait for Ace to spot them and appear in the crowd

Emily ~Autumn, Winter~ (isabeefexer) No no no. He adores her though. I think he actually might have a crush on her! Ash scanned the other horses and located Ace talking with some of his friends.

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MixItUp! Oreo stopped herself from bursting out laughing, The party is always full of drama she bent down to lap up some water.

Ranger's tail swayed behind him, this day couldn't get better in his opinion. Three mares in 10 minute he thought taking some grass. Relax, have some fun Ranger grinned at Melody

Emily ~Autumn, Winter~ (isabeefexer) Ash leaned down to drink some water too, keeping her eyes on Ranger and Melody.

I'm as relaxed as I'm going to get. Melody assured Ranger.

Vampire strode in, fashionably late. He scanned the crowd, noting a tan stallion hitting on an apparently very shy patched mare, and two other mares watching them, as well as the AD's horse. He snorted in amusement and trotted over to Sky. Evening, Sky. he greeted, pretending not to notice the other stallions oogling her.

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MixItUp! Hey Vampire Sky replied, turning away from the stallion she was talking to. I've always enjoyed the party, heard that sometimes the water gets rigged and makes them party like a drunk horse Sky often stayed away from the water, just in case. She glanced around, spotting Ranger flirting with a girl. Some stallions she thought rolling her eyes

Emily ~Autumn, Winter~ (isabeefexer) Who's terrible idea was that? These horses are already uncivilised enough. Vampire chuckled.

Ash, overhearing Vampire and Sky, immediately stopped drinking the water and spitting out the mouthful she already had. Well... let's hope they didn't rig them this time...

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MixItUp! Sky laughed, Probably a stallion who liked a mare she smiled at Vampire. Her grey cost glistened in the moonlight and she glanced around and couldn't help but burst out laughing at Ash's reaction

Oreo spit the water our immediately, rubbing her tongue in some hay, I regret that! she neighed

Emily ~Autumn, Winter~ (isabeefexer) (Gtg)

Vampire laughed too. That's probably the reason for most bad ideas.

Ash made a mock annoyed face at Sky and Vampire.

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MixItUp! ((Awww Bai))

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MixItUp! Agreed Sky glanced at Ash, sticking her tongue out for a second before glancing back at Vampire. Rigged water she confirmed, seeing bits of white stuff in it. Sky bent down to sip some, she wanted to know how it tasted. She quickly sipped some of it up, it tasted very sweet

Emily ~Autumn, Winter~ (isabeefexer) Ew.... Ash pouted. If I start acting stupid, kick me over the head and knock me out. she said to Oreo.

Vampire rolled his eyes at Ash but grinned. And, how was that, Sky?

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MixItUp! Oreo laughed, It'd be my pleasure she snickered.

Sky glanced at Vampire, It's very sweet she replied. She smiled, You should try some, it tastes better than sugar! Sky shook her beautiful mans, Besides, what better way to enjoy a party than to live it up a little!

Emily ~Autumn, Winter~ (isabeefexer) I'll pass, thanks. Vampire grinned. Clearly whatever stuff was in the water was already getting to her. He stomped a hoof and shook his big black mane. I think a few of those stallions want to talk to you Sky, he said, gesturing towards a crowd of lovestruck looking stallions.

How long is this party...? Melody asked Ranger, still shying away as much as possible without offending him.

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MixItUp! Ranger shrugged, It does last a while, but you can go talk to some other stallions if you preferred it

Sky had a large smile, Do I get boring she teased, glancing at the love struck stallions. Besides, all they do is try to impress me, flirt with me she sounded like a mare who was crazy by saying that.

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Emily ~Autumn, Winter~ (isabeefexer) Of course not, Vampire assured. I just thought it would be fair for the littler ponies to have a chance to talk with you. He chuckled.

I'd rather just go find Ace and leave... but since I have no idea where he is I'm just going to stay here. Melodystarted searching through the other horses for Ace.

Ash, seeing Melody looking, looked back to where Ace was. She caught his eye and flicked her ears towards Melody and Ranger.

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MixItUp! Oreo snickered, Here comes the drama!

Sky laughed a bit, Generous suddenly? she enjoyed her little chit chats with Vampire, he really made her smile. She put her nose to her hooves,

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Emily ~Autumn, Winter~ (isabeefexer) Ace frowned at his sister and looked to where she gestured.

Ooooooh! Someone's gonna get it! Spirit laughed.

Hush up. Ace scowled and trotted over to Melody and Ranger. Hey Melody! Made any friends? he asked, completely ignoring Ranger.

Aw snap. Ash giggled.

Vampire was about to respond to Sky when he noticed a stallion that looked very aggravated talking to a pretty mare and ignoring another stallion entirely. I smell trouble, he knickered.

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MixItUp! Sky leaned her head in with interest, Hmm, this will be interested her eyes focused on Ace who looked like he'd start a fight

Ranger pinned his ears back, giving a glare that many mares hid their face at. He looked about ready to kill that horse but he shrugged instead

Emily ~Autumn, Winter~ (isabeefexer) Um... not really... Melody said timidly.

Are yah sure? Ace turned his head to Ranger, smiling at him sarcastically. Say, aren't you that same stallion who was hitting on my sister and her friend earlier?

Ash burst into a bigger fit of giggles.

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MixItUp! ((Didn't get notification XD sorry for pause!))

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MixItUp! Ranger snorted, You putting me at a limit buddy? he kicked his hoof on the ground. His tail lashed, he was known to be one of the 'strongest' horses

Sky glanced at Ranger and Ace, Alright ladies, break it up she shook her mane dramatically as she said it. This is supposed to be a fun night not a serious night!

Emily ~Autumn, Winter~ (isabeefexer) ((XD Its okay! Gtg btw))

This is fun! Ash nickered.

Nah. I was just asking if you were going after my sister AND my best friend, Ace replied calmly with a slight shrug.

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MixItUp! Ranger snorted, glancing at Sky before rolling his eyes. He could tell Sky had drank the water, so he turned away.

Oreo nodded, That's too bad, i thought Ranger was gonna knock some sense into Ace! she was still focused on the group of horses.

Sandstorm slowly walked in, she was purposely late so she wouldn't be noticed that she arrived the same time as Sky. She hoped to blend in this the crowd but she seemed to be the only light brown horse here other than Ranger that she could see

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