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Pamela Stewart | 2 comments Frozen Hearts

My book, Frozen Hearts, is a young adult science fiction book and is almost ready to publish. I would love it if you would be interested in receiving it free for an honest review. I have .mobi and pdf versions.

I think of it as a Wizard-of-Oz-type story with dashes of Star Trek the Next Generation and a hefty dose of romance. I believe fans of the Lunar Chronicles would enjoy my book.

In 2146 Antarctica, seventeen-year-old Ionia Sonberg longs to be free of her mom’s tyranny and her bland, boring, stuck-on-blah life. With her sexy companion droid, Ionia stows away on a cargo plane bent on freedom. Soon, she learns of an attack on the South Pole Station and must return home across the harshest terrain on Earth to rescue her estranged mother, before she loses her last chance to reunite her family.

This story won the RWA Fab Five contest for YA and has been professionally edited.

Please message me your email for a copy and let me know which version you would like. Thank you!

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Spark D'Ark (sparkdark) | 2 comments Janus Quadrifrons

Janus Quadrifrons is a dark mind game written in order to manipulate your perception of Human Identity, Self Awareness,Freedom of Choice, Reality and Time.

Janus has the ability to connect with other people's conciousness. Alex enhances that ability at a secret, dystopian laboratory using genetic engeneering, quantum mechanics and advanced technology in order to bend Reality and Time. Mark is a doctor who maintains the balance between Janus and Alex.
Each one of them is on a quest for his own personnal "Happy Ending" while both "Happy" and "Ending" are deceitful.

Free on Kindle Unlimited

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