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Liam The stone wall surrounding the village of Nottingham. It overhangs slightly, offering shelter and concealment to any who wished to stand along it.

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Liam Robin flexed his fingers and leaned against the wall, glancing occasionally towards the small wooden door that offered an easy way into the village. Marian should've been here by now.

He sighed. What does she see in me? he wondered. He was an outlaw. A rebel living in the woods. He had nothing to offer her.

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Marian picked up her dress and ran stealithly to the door. "Dreadful servants! They just don't know when to leave." She muttered to herself. She hoped Robin hadn't left yet.
When she reached the wall, she saw the outline of Robin's body. "Robin!" She called out softly.

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Liam ((Sorry I totally missed this lol))

Robin glanced up and sighed in relief as he saw Marian heading towards him. He stepped towards her and smiled weakly.

"I thought you wouldn't come," he said quietly, as he put his arms around her.

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"I'm very sorry dear Robin. I wanted to come sooner but the servants were loitering especially tonight. It is so good to see you." Marian smiled.

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Liam Robin sighed and pulled back. "Don't they always?" He said with a smile.

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"Very true. I can't wait for the day I can finally leave here and be with the one I truly love. You." Marian sighed.

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Liam ((Sorry))

Robin smiled faintly. "That will be the day, my love," he said quietly, and kissed her hand.

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Marian smiled. "Are you okay my love? You seem worried." She questioned.

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Liam Robin hesitated. He didn't mean to sound worried..... but he couldn't deny....

"If the sheriff were to find out about us.... he'd kill you," Robin said quietly. "I do think you need to make your choice, Marian. Either the castle or me. I don't know if we can go on this way."

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Marian sighed. She knew that fact better then anyone. "Robin, as much as I'd love to I can't just drop everything and leave."

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Liam ((Sorry.... my inspiration is awful right now....... -_-))

Robin nodded. "I know," he said quietly. "I know. But they'll find out if we keep it this way."

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Marian kissed Robin. "I will go anywhere with you. I love you. You have stolen my heart."

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Liam Robin sighed. "Take your time to think it through, though," he said quietly. "Don't make any impulsive decisions."

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Marian bit her lip. "Okay. I will take some time and think about it." She decided. "But I wish you knew how much I care for you."

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((Liam i know you're low on creativity but i am so bored))

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Liam Robin sighed. "I love you too, darling, but this is your life we're talking about."

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"But I have no life without you." Marian frowned.

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Liam Robin leaned in closer and shook his head. "I can't offer you a real life, love," he whispered. "A life of hardship and likely a sudden end with a sword. That's all I have. It's all I am."

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"Don't say that." Marian pleaded. "We can find somewhere." She kissed him softly. "Just have faith my dear."

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Liam ((Sorry I've been out for a while))

Robin shook his head slightly. "I can't abandon Sherwood. I can't abandon Locksley. I can't abandon Nottingham. Maybe one day, that'll be possible. But not now."

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