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July Hall | 6 comments I am seeking reviewers for my contemporary erotic romance series. There are four full-length novels in the series and all are complete and available for review on Goodreads if you're interested. They will be published exclusively on Amazon on November 18. You can get all of them for free--all you have to do is leave a review for Book 1 on Goodreads, let me know you did it, and I'll send you Book 2. Same goes for all the books :)

Available formats: MOBI, EPUB, PDF.

If you are interested, you can PM me or send an email to You can also leave a comment on this page with your email address if you prefer.

The novels all follow the same couple through four books full of romance, intrigue, and steamy love scenes. If you like the Crossfire and Fifty Shades series, you are really going to love this one!

Here's a description of Book 1, If You Want Me:

The Best-Laid Plans…
Sandra Dane’s got it all under control. She’s landed her dream job in Manhattan. She’s paying down her student loans and managing not to kill her roommate. And she’s dating her very own Prince Charming, the handsome heir to an Upper East Side dynasty. How could any girl ask for more?

Then she meets the man who sends her life completely off the rails, and shows her that having it all isn’t nearly enough.

A Heart of Ice…
People speak Charles Magister’s name in whispers. After pulling his family back from ruin, the infamous tycoon makes the world tremble before him. But it’s lonely at the top—since the death of his beloved wife, Charles has allowed no one to get close to him.

At least, not until a bewitching young woman walks into his life on his irresponsible nephew’s arm.

From the moment they meet, Sandra Dane ignites him. Now Charles must wrestle with his duty, his conscience…and his deepest desires.

If You Want Me
In this sizzling novel, the first of four, Charles and Sandra know that their attraction can only lead to disaster. But somehow, the harder they fight it, the more irresistible it becomes…

I hope you're interested and will consider leaving an honest review! Thanks for reading.

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July Hall | 6 comments Jennifer wrote: "hi PDF please the books look fab :)"
Thanks for your interest! I've messaged you with a link to the book :)

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Vagif Gaziyev (httpwwwvadimgazicom) | 5 comments Dear Julia! I've read your announcement of your books with interest as well as we are writing in the same genre - love and erothics! My first book The Soldier's Fortune was published in the beginning of September, and recently there was published my second book The Turn.But I don't know where I could get the free copy of your book? Could you send me the 1 book via email. My email:
Vadim Gazi (Vagif Gaziyev)

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July Hall | 6 comments Thank you, Vagif! I've emailed you.

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July Hall | 6 comments I appreciate your interest, Jennifer! I've emailed your copy.

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