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MixItUp! *

A quarter of the arena does not have a roof and is always open to students

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MixItUp! Hunter slowly entered the arena, mounting Memphis swiftly. He glanced around, throwing his helmet into the sand and running his fingers through it. "Hmm, doesn't look like anyone's here" Hunter murmured, starting Memphis out on a trot

QUEEN | 64 comments Delta walked Little Bill in, walking beside the chestnut the reigns in her hands. Tilting the helmet back, Delta raised her gaze to catch Hunter having mounted his steed. Little Bill nickered excitedily. His tail whipped around, smacking Delta on the butt. She stuck her tongue out at the horse playfully. Catching whisps of Delta's white hair, she forced it into a neat ponytail.

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MixItUp! Hunter noticed Delta in the arena, hurrying Memphis into a full canter to get to her. He grinned, Dang she's hot Was the first thing he thought of. "Hey cutie, need any help getting on him?" Hunter glanced at Little Bill, eyeing the strip of white on his nose that went to his forehead. Memphis neighed, stomping his foot on the ground. He had a huge grin on his face.

((I need to check his age to see how'd he'd act like go straight to the point or just hit on her XD))

QUEEN | 64 comments Delta's head snapped up at the kid. Ok, he's semi-hot, but a real ass. Was her first thought. A look of disgust flashed on her face but she quickly plastered a innocent smile on her soft lips. "I think I'm quite alright," She said, mounting by placing both hands on the top of the saddle, and sweeping her legs over the side, gently placing herself on the surface. A small smirk tugged at her lips. Delta adjusted the length of her stirrups with simple ease, looking over at Hunter. "Quite alright indeed."

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MixItUp! Hunter smirked, not all ladies fell for him of course. "Suit yourself" Memphis snorted as if to say 'I told you so'. He started Memphis on a walk, "What brings you over to the arena?" Hunter had to admit, it was a stupid question but it was the best he could come up with. Memphis eyed Delta and Little Bill suspiciously. Memphis shook his head and tried to pull away from Delta

QUEEN | 64 comments Little Bill, the chestnut stood a few inches taller than Memphis, the black stallion with an elongated white star on his forehead. Little Bill's coat shone with a glisten practically as his muscles rippled from his agitated motions. "Well," Delta began to say, gathering the reigns, "I'm kind of riding a horse, and so ya," She trailed off, not sure how much else she could be so sarcastic. stupid question she thought with a mental giggle. Little Bill napped at the distance between him and Memphis, a warning his ear flickered back momentarily.

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MixItUp! Memphis snorted, he stared at the slightly taller chestnut. He backed up, shoving his nose forward to get in front of Little Bill. Hunter shrugged, he slightly enjoyed the girls sarcasm. "Noticing your sarcasm" he began, "You must be Delta" Hunter concluded. His eyes focused on Memphis's reins, he rode western handed,

QUEEN | 64 comments ((do you know anything about naruto?))

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MixItUp! ((Nope sowwy))

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QUEEN | 64 comments "Congrats, you're one of several people to have discovered it! Magical isn't it!" She said over exaggerating the event. It was amusing to her. once you knew Delta it was pretty hard to forget about her. Little Bill rushed forward, taking advantage of Delta's loose grip on the reigns. He stood looking down partially at Memphis. "Lil Billie," Delta cooed smoothing his neck.

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QUEEN | 64 comments ((gah im gonna die if i dont find someone soon lol))

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MixItUp! ((XD))

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QUEEN | 64 comments brb 3 mins

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MixItUp! Memphis nipped playfully at him, snorting before picking up his trot to get away.

Hunter rolled his eyes at Memphis, pulling back on the reins to slow him. He grinned, "Several people huh? What a small world" Hunter patted Memphis's neck. "I'm Hunter by the way" he added casually, laying down on his saddle. Hunter fished something out of his bag, taking out a jug of water and drinking some of it.

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QUEEN | 64 comments Delta chuckled softly, an attempt to be amused by his comment. "We'll you must sure be popular with the girls eh?" She asked cracking a smile of her own, taping Bill into a soft trot before she flicked Hunter's forehead playfully. Outside, a nicker from her other horses was heard through the open windows of the arena. She smiled softly, fond of her new horses.

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MixItUp! Hunter grinned largely, "Very smooth with the ladies" he licked his fingers, running them over his eyebrows and clicking his tongue. He squeezed his legs so Memphis would go faster as Delta flicked his head. Hunter swiftly stood up on Memphis, doing a fast spin, taking an invisible hat off his head and flicking her head back before sitting back down and clicking Memphis into a fast canter

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QUEEN | 64 comments delta is the girl....

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MixItUp! ((I need to set my mind straight lol))

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QUEEN | 64 comments can you edit the post

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MixItUp! Sure

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QUEEN | 64 comments Delta rolled her eyes, "Right," She said, pulling back Bill who was getting agitated with the little distance between the horse and himself. Bill didn't like when horses became annoying. That was his job. He was once a wild mustang tamed at a young age. Delta sensed his aggitation and glared at his rider. "Knock it off before I get thrown," she said betweeen grit teeth.

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MixItUp! Hunter laid down on Memphis's saddle, looking up at the sky while his horse cantered. He would definitely have bruises at the end of the day. Hunter had let go of the reins, allowing Memphis to slow down and catch his breath. "Memphis goes where he wants" Hunter offered, putting his hand on his head

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QUEEN | 64 comments ( Arent they in an arena?)

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MixItUp! ((Yes, but not anything is really going on))

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QUEEN | 64 comments (( can you make a solid foundation of what the arena looks like then? bill is getting agitated by hunters horse and hunter seems to be amused by this irritation so he continues it, angering delta))

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MixItUp! ((Btw, Bill would be in front of Memphis due to Memphi's slow in speed. It's pretty big, full of sand lol but I can literally give you a link))

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QUEEN | 64 comments (( never mentions a sky roof, trying to keep realistic as possible and stuff

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MixItUp! ((Oh, this arena doesn't have a roof, it has an area with one for like real competitions but the one they're on doesn't have a roof))

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QUEEN | 64 comments (( can you add that to the first post? i think others may find it useful as well :) ))

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MixItUp! ((Good idea :) did it :3))

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