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message 1: by Julia (new)

Julia Alberino | 9 comments It's 10 months into 2016, and I know that it is possible I won't meet the challenge, because by now I should have read 13 books by authors of color, and I haven't yet. Nonetheless, I am very glad that I was invited and joined the challenge, because it has led me to books I might otherwise not have discovered and read, such as "The Turner House," "The Vegetarian," and "Flight against Time," to name just three. How is everyone else doing? Making any discoveries?

message 2: by Erik (new)

Erik | 12 comments I'm not going to meet the challenge of half of what I read being non-white authors, but it'll be a significant chunk. I'm probably going to continue the challenge next year too.

My favorites I discovered so far are "The Underground Railroad" by Colson Whitehead, "Another Brooklyn" by Jacqueline Woodson, "Olympic Butter Gold" by Jonathan Moody, "Freedom Is a Constant Struggle" by Angela Y. Davis, and "Our Nig" by Harriet Wilson.

I still want to get to "The Turner House" and "The Vegetarian"!

message 3: by Aidan (new)

Aidan Owen | 9 comments Mod
I'm afraid I also won't meet the challenge. But, like both of you, Julia and Erik, I've found the goal helpful in bringing to my awareness the racial and ethnic makeup of my reading list.

My favorites so far have been "Between the World and Me" by Ta-Nehisi Coates, "Sorcerer of the Wildeeps" by Kai Ashante Wilson, and "Catalog of Unabashed Gratitude" by Ross Gay. I'm also looking forward to reading "Underground Railroad" and a new book out this month by Wilson.

message 4: by Julia (new)

Julia Alberino | 9 comments I really like Erik's idea of carrying the challenge over to next year, to keep me conscious of the racial and ethnic make-up of my reading list. Another discovery recently was "Under the Udala Trees" by Chinelo Okparanta. Although the author lives here in NY now, she is from Nigeria, and this particular novel (her first; she's mainly a short story author) deserves more attention than I've seen it getting.

message 5: by Erik (new)

Erik | 12 comments Yes, Okparanta's book was so lovely!

And Will, I just discovered today that Wilson has a forthcoming book too. Excited!

message 6: by AJ (new)

AJ Nolan | 2 comments I didn't meet the challenge either - I ended up reading 30 out of 67 books by authors of color though, and that is way more than I ever would have done without this challenge, and I read some authors, and from some countries, that I never would have otherwise. This was a great challenge, and I'm definitely going to keep conscious of this in my reading as I head forward.

message 7: by Henrietta (new)

Henrietta (H | 3 comments OK, so I only "challenged" myself to a wimpy 12 books. I'm almost finished with my last book (100 pages to go) and I expect to finish it by midnight on the 31st. For the challenge I defined authors of color as African American or related books by Africans. I definitely have gained new insights into the African American experience and the history of race relations in this country.

message 8: by Aidan (new)

Aidan Owen | 9 comments Mod
So, I've just done what I assume is my final tally for the year. I came in at 31 out of 80 books by people of color. That's a much higher percentage than last year. So, even though it's not a full 50% of my reading, it's a big improvement. The challenge certainly shifted my reading patterns. I read many books that I wouldn't otherwise have read. I also realized that--duh!--my favorite genres include books by many authors of color. I just had to look a little harder for them.

message 9: by Aidan (new)

Aidan Owen | 9 comments Mod
Erik wrote: "Yes, Okparanta's book was so lovely!

And Will, I just discovered today that Wilson has a forthcoming book too. Excited!"

Are you talking about A Taste of Honey? I just finished that one yesterday. It wasn't my favorite, which really disappointed me given how much I loved his other stuff.

message 10: by Erik (new)

Erik | 12 comments Ooh, really? I'll still give "A Taste of Honey" a go nonetheless.

I didn't get to half of my reading either (72 out of 225), but this challenge certainly made me pay more attention to my reading habits.

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