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Taylor Lowe | 51 comments Dear Agent,

Zephyra ‘Zeph’ Callahan, a Nephelae-cloud nymph, finds her quiet small town life disrupted by the arrival of a rather unconventional pack of wolf shifters. The appearance of this new pack seems to line up all too conveniently with the recent massacre of wildlife, threatening the town’s seven-year peace with the norms. Unable to just sit idly by as her community fall apart, Zeph convinces her ex, Brady Shaw, a wildlife officer, to help her find the culprit.

When a sinister note is left on Zeph’s door, it’s clear that the killings have less to do with shifters and more with a secret from her family’s past. Zeph has a horrible decision to make. Keep her head low and stay safe, or allow an irreversible spell cast on her to stop the killer.

I am an active member of Wattpad. I was a finalist in their Watty Awards for 2014 Currently; I am an ambassador for the site and one of their featured authors for my urban-fantasy werewolf story Therianthrope.

BOW ECHO, complete at 71.5k word, is urban fantasy with Greek mythology themes and a dash of romance aiming towards the new adult readers.

Thank you for your time and consideration

Roughseasinthemed | 263 comments Either use her full name or Zeph, both are unnecessary. Unconventional? How many conventional wolf shifters are there?
Seems to line up? Bit clumsy. What about just lines up?
Her community 'falls' apart.

Par 2 clearly has the guts of the story. Can you pump that up and entice us more?

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