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C.E. Wilson (C_E_Wilson) | 8 comments Baqash (Baw-kash) is my first book.

A brief overview:

Baqash is an End Times book. It isn't about super heroes or ultimate evil. It's about people like you and me. Perhaps you've met someone like Sarah(the main character) or Jackson at some point in your life. They are dealing with their own sins and with circumstances that are out of their control. And all they have to cling to is God and each other.

Baqash is a book about life, love, and death wrapped up into the worst time period in human history. It's about sins and redemption, fear and faith, as well as tears and revenge. Baqash is born of the very real stuff of life.


Baqash wraps Scripture and life application into the tale of Sarah. I hadn't yet read any Christian fiction that did that so I decided to give it a try.

On my blog, Scripture is wrapped into our daily lives. I post at lest once a week a Scripture and in some way His Word has impacted my life. I want to share God with the World and provide hope.

The book is on Amazon and is part of the Kindle Unlimited program. The paperback is $12.95 and Kindle $3.99. If you find the time could you write a review?


I'm hoping, one day, to be a free source to help those that write Christian Fiction. There's not a lot of love for us out on the Web.

If you have prayer requests please message me. My Spiritual Gift is Faith and I'd like to use my gift to help you. "Commit your work to the Lord, and your plans will be established." - Proverbs 16:3 (ESV)

Thanks for your time :)

message 2: by C.E. (new)

C.E. Wilson (C_E_Wilson) | 8 comments I could also lend the ebook to someone. I purchased a copy for myself to peruse over. Please send me a message with your email address. All I ask, is that you write a review on Amazon. Thanks :)

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