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message 1: by Elodie (new)

Elodie | 21 comments Hi all!
I'm looking for betas to read/review my book (release april 2017):
title: In Blood We Trust
genre: suspenseful dystopian hot romance
words: 96K
blurb: below

send me a PM on Goodreads if you're interested or write me on FB:

2078. The Future, as it was once called. A better time you imagine? Most would say yes.
Jordan would say they’d switched one evil for another…
Ever since the SDCT—the Scientific Department for Cancer Treatment—made a scientific breakthrough, creating a cure for cancer and therefore saving billions of lives from the cruel disease over the last few decades, the world seems to be a better place.
But the Cure came with a side effect.
The Recipients need to consume human blood along with it, and as Jordan has the rarest blood type, she needs to donate every week. To keep a tight legal structure between Recipients and the rest of the population, the FDR—Federal Division for Recipients—was created, making her job as Sergeant at the NYPD hell on earth.
The real trouble, though, begins the day she becomes burdened with a case that will force her to extend the law to its limits. Worse still—the new Lieutenant, Aiden Davis, has set an eye on Jordan, and it doesn’t help that he is an unrelenting, too-hot-to-be-allowed ex-marine and more intense than she can bear. But her past makes it impossible to get involved with anyone without resurfacing memories of the one fateful night she desperately wants to forget.
And when the one man she’d never wanted to lay eyes upon again—the man who had inflicted pain on her worse than anyone could ever imagine, the man who had drained her until there was nothing left—shows up once again, her growing attraction toward the new Lieutenant seems to be the least of her problems…

message 2: by Rishit (new)

Rishit | 105 comments I did love to review for a physical copy.

message 3: by Elodie (new)

Elodie | 21 comments Hi! Thanks for the offer! I don't have a physical copy, though. It's just the manuscript and not edited yet, so I don't have an ARC yet - I can only provide the book in pdf or doc. Sorry :(

message 4: by Gerry (new)

Gerry (gerrydowndoggmailcom) | 21 comments Well written blurb...I would read and review it if you could send a pdf to my email.

message 5: by Elodie (new)

Elodie | 21 comments Nice to meet you, Gerry, and thanks for the offer! Email on the way :)

message 6: by Gerry (new)

Gerry (gerrydowndoggmailcom) | 21 comments I would like to offer my latest published book for a review. I can provide a pdf file.
ANCIENT TOMBS AND SPELLS - Mystery, Murder & Magic
Three mystical cats on a quest for a spell for revenge.

Marcos is one spoiled, pampered cat. He has lived many lifetimes in luxury. Now with his master/companion dead, he is alone and on his own. Only the thought of destroying his master's murderer keeps him going. But magical cat that he is, he has forgotten how to use his talents. In order to avenge the death of his master, he must confront the evil that exists. He obtains the help of Simone, a cat who knows evil better than anyone for a spell for revenge. They travel to the ancient Egyptian burial grounds of their ancestors with Cattutkin, a cat who knows where sacred spells are hidden. While searching for a spell for revenge, they are watched by another cat guarding the ancient secrets.

message 7: by Romeight (new)

Romeight | 31 comments I would like to review this!! My email is

message 8: by Elodie (new)

Elodie | 21 comments Which one? :D Gerry's or mine? I don't know which post you're referring to now :D

message 9: by Susan (new)

Susan Jordan | 2 comments I recently joined this group and would like to request reviews for my most recent novel, JAMIE'S CHILDREN, released in July 2016. Genre (still a mystery to me!) literary fiction/coming of age. My books deal with the challenges my characters face and how the music in their lives is important in helping them deal with those challenges. Blurb:

“It’s more than music: it’s light. It’s love. It’s life.”

Laura and Niall Logan, children of a brilliant musician, have gifts of their own. Laura, first-born, child prodigy violinist suffers from emotional problems that haunt her well into adulthood. Niall, talented singer-song writer, is demonized by bouts of bipolar disorder. Supported by the people they love and the power of music, they seek to overcome these daunting challenges as they strive to claim their own place in the spotlight.

Author of How I Grew Up, Eli’s Heart, and You Are My Song (“The Carousel Trilogy”), Jordan draws from her life experiences as a voice teacher and stage director while seamlessly weaving together stories that explore the power music has to inspire and heal.

I'd be happy to provide a .mobi file. Please message me on Facebook if interested, Susan Moore Jordan, author

message 10: by Romeight (new)

Romeight | 31 comments Sorry about that! I was referring to yours, Elodie!!

message 11: by Elodie (new)

Elodie | 21 comments Oh, haha cool :) Thanks for the offer, I'm preparing the email :) Greetz, Elodie

message 12: by Michael (new)

Michael Tappenden | 13 comments Pegasus to Paradise by Michael Tappenden Michael Tappenden

Anybody interested in reviewing P to P? Historical fiction based on true story. WW2 hero returns to his family inevitably damaged by the horrors of his experience. Initial joy turns to pain as they struggle to survive in post-war England and their values are severely tested. 'Ordinary people in extraordinary times.' Story of duty, courage, trauma, humour and unconditional love.

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