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message 1: by Manon , Fallen Angel (Hush Hush CRAZY!!) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Manon  Blackbeak | 618 comments Mod
What are your thoughts on the book?

Nicole (nics2) | 14 comments Not a big fan, I read Eve b4 reading this one and omg! It's so alike that it felt like a copy, don't think I'll be reading the next one, it felt quite shallow and boring to me. Anyway, opinions are just opinions and I don't mean to offend anyone

Anna Fodor (anneemf) | 1 comments I absolutely loved this book, the whole idea, the characters. The story is gripping i was hooked until the last page. The story and the camps were really unique I feel. Chubs and Zu, they became one of my favourite character. I felt that the whole wolrd in the book is well build up, every detail is explained. Ruby is a great character, we cann all understand why her powers are a real struggle for her: she was being told for years that she's a monster. She evolves a lot throughout de book. At the end she learns to stand up for herself.
I loved the scenes with Chubs and Ruby, their relationship evolved so much.
The end... Omg, i had to go and purchase the next one right when i finished it. I can't wait to find out what happened to Liam and Chubs. But Ruby why on earth you kept that button... But seriously.
On the negative side.
Chubs and Liam were the first boys whom Ruby talked to in years. And their conversations went so smooth and naturally... That was a bit strange for me, since when I was 10-11-12 that was the time when we learned how to talk to boys, what to do when they're around how to 'act' when we liked them. First it was strange and different but Ruby missed out this time in her life. The other is her education... She's supposed to be at the level of someone who is 10 years old. But sometimes she acts differently... And her relationship with Liam. Nothing happens between them until that scene when Liam found out what Clancy had done, except he calls her sweetie but that's all. And still in the camp they act like a couple...
But my overall thought are absolutely great, I loved the book so much, I think it's a great firs book for a trilogy.

Esther Jackson (ejjackson) I loved this book with all of my heart. I think Alexandra Bracken is an amazing author and does miracles with her God-given talent. I have read this series twice and loved it so much both times. There was not one part in the whole three books that was boring to me. I loved every single character except for Clancy I despise him. Anyway a definite 5 star.

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