The Plot to Hack America: How Putin's Cyberspies and WikiLeaks Tried to Steal the 2016 Election The Plot to Hack America discussion

Malcom nance is a highly credible author.

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Karen Erdmann This book is incredibly detailed and enlightening to the layers of secrecy and power that few recognize. Malcom Nance is called "an intelligence, counterterrorism, and national-security lifer" He speaks with a depth of knowledge and shares this story with a warning and a concern that we guard the integrity of our country.

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I have a different opinion: Nance is just a fake news shill who is a horrible writer and a horrible person. And clearly, all these people here who gave this book anything more than 2 stars are disjointed, suffering from delusion, and likely smoking the crack.

Richard I worked for the NSA gathering intelligence for our country. Malcom Nance knows the policies, the procedures, and the language. I am convinced that he knows exactly what he is talking about, and he certainly is not a "fake news shill." I can spot fake NSA and CIA blather as soon as I see it in the many books that are published every year. "The Plot to Hack America" is not one of them. It is genuine.

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His book was nonsense. There was absolutely nothing credible about it. The dude hates Trump and just wants to smear him. If he was infact credible, why only pursue action against one individual or party? Since his book has been written, we found out more about the DNC and their own coverups. Nance isn't interested with Clinton, Podesta, Wasserman-Schultz, or the rest of the corrupt individuals within this party. Malcolm Nance is most certainly a shill even if he was the fly on the wall in the Oval Office. Just another one of Obama's holdover thugs that needs to be vanquished.1

Richard Cracka Ass Cracka wrote: "His book was nonsense. There was absolutely nothing credible about it. The dude hates Trump and just wants to smear him. If he was infact credible, why only pursue action against one individual or ..."

You've been listening to too much Alex Jones, and watching too much Fox News. Do your homework and learn the truth, instead of parroting the extreme Right's talking points.

Richard Your level of ignorance is absolutely astounding. You have made a number of assumptions — and they are all dead wrong!

My side? And just what do you suppose is "my side"? You have no idea at all about my politics, and you repeat your ignorance with every sentence. Get a grip! And try to be a bit more civilized with your language . . . Duh!

James Mc Donald One of the examples why I didn’t like this publication is the very first sentence in the forward of this publication implying 63 million Americans elected Donald Trump because of “white backlash”.

The comment is offensive and left a sour residue, making it difficult to objectively read the rest of the publication. My life experiences tell me the statement, “white backlash” is an implied racist comment that also happened to be originally uttered by Van Jones on CNN’s election night coverage. Nor did Mr. Ackerman, the author of the forward in this book credit the racist comment to Mr. Jones as it would appear Mr. Ackerman committed plagiarism too. I was profoundly disappointed with the senior chief’s decision to allow such an inflammatory, unsubstantiated claim in his publication, specifically at the very beginning of this book as the statement undermines the three core values I learned when I was in the Navy referencing Honor, Courage and Commitment, which was one of the reasons why I selected this book over some of the others I’ve not read because (I incorrectly assumed) the Senior Chief’s publication would be objective, and not subjective as quality leadership skills learned in the United States Navy require this distinction for the successful completion of any mission, retired or not.

James Mc Donald Poster wrote, "You've been listening to too much Alex Jones, and watching too much Fox News. Do your homework and learn the truth, instead of parroting the extreme Right's talking points"

Regardless if the facts came from the "right" or the left, facts are still facts, specifically when you have done your homework to be a better informed American. This author has failed and regretfully, many have been duped.

1) Previously, Christopher Steele was paid by the FBI eleven times for his research.
2) Christopher Steele was fired as a confidential human source by the FBI after disclosing information from his dossier to Yahoo news.
3) The information Christopher Steele leaked to Yahoo news was used as justification for opening up and or continuing an investigation/additional FISA warrants.
4) The same investigative reporter from Yahoo news now feels the information Christopher Steele gave him is not true.
5) Christopher Steele admitted in a British court he was unable to verify if there’s any validity in his Russian dossier.
6) Christopher Steele admitted “he was desperate that Donald Trump not get elected” to a senior official in the Department of Justice, Bruce Ohr who was demoted.
7) That senior official in the Department of Justice, (Bruce Ohr) was friends with Christopher Steele however; Ohr reported to Congress he told his chain of command Christopher Steele’s bias against Donald Trump.
8) Bruce Ohr’s wife, Nellie Ohr, was working for the company who hired Christopher Steele, Fusion GPS.
9) Fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson had a business relationship with the Russian Lawyer, Natalia Veselnitakaya, initially brought into the country by the Obama administration. The business relationship between Simpson and the Russian lawyer was part of the coup attempt
10) Natalia Veselnitakaya would eventually be part of “set up”/request the Trump Tower meeting.
11) Natalia Veselnitakaya met with Glenn Simpson before and after the Trump Tower meeting.
12) Robert Mueller’s Special Counsel initially raided Paul Manafort because he was also at that Trump Tower meeting.
13) Robert Mueller did not find any evidence Paul Manafort was connected in any way to Russian collusion but rather Paul Manafort was convicted on financial crimes prior to his connection with the Trump campaign.
14) Bruce Ohr’s wife previously contracted out to the CIA. Some of her work was in conjunction with her husband, Bruce Ohr AND Glenn Simpson on a report titled "EXPERT WORKING GROUP ON INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZED CRIME" back in 2010.
15) The head of the CIA, John Brennan reported to Congress that he had no information about Russian collusion even though he met with Sen. Harry Reid in the late summer of 2016, reporting to the Congressman the CIA's intelligence and concerns that Donald Trump campaign colluding with the Russians to undermine the elections.
16) John Brennan claimed he had heard about Donald Trump collusion with the Russians from the mainstream media.
17) Michael Isikoff is the chief Investigate Correspondent for Yahoo, wrote a report about U.S Intel officials probe ties between Trump adviser (Carter Page) and the Kremlin in September 2016 from information he got from Christopher Steele.
18) Carter Page has never been charged or indicted for colluding with the Russians attempting to undermine the 2016 election campaign.
19) Congressman Adam Schiff’s rebuttal memo notes that “supplicant FISA renewals, DOJ provided additional information obtained through multiple independent sources that collaborated Steele’s reporting” although Steele’s reporting (the Russian dossier) was never verified/proven even to this day.
20) Although Democrat Senator Nancy Pelosi attacked Pres. Trump’s initial delay to release Adam "Shifty’s" classified rebuttal memo "claiming it was a brazen attempt to cover up the truth about the Trump Russian scandal from the American people", the Senator now says impeachment efforts aren’t worth it, even after the memo was released.
21) Although Congressman Adam "full of Schit's" rebuttal memo was created for public consumption, he admitted there was classified information within the memo that required scrubbing resulting in sections of his rebuttal memo the public would never see.
22) The Deputy Director of the FBI testified before Congress in December 2017 that he felt “no surveillance warrant would have been sought from the FISA court” without the Steele dossier.
23) Lisa Page admitted to Congress that even after a year of looking for Russian collusion, the FBI failed to discover any evidence to validate the claim.
24) Lisa Page and Peter Strzok texted each other about an insurance policy talked about in McCabe’s office.
25) Peter Strzok was part of the FBI team investigating Hillary Clinton’s unauthorized use of an email server.
26) Lisa page reported to Congress that the Department of Justice told the FBI to back off on investigating Hillary’s Clinton’s unauthorized use of an email server
27) Deputy Director McCabe was fired because of the recommendation from the FBI’s office of professional responsibility.
28) Deputy attorney Rod Rosenstein reported "no US citizen or any member of the Trump campaign in any way colluded with the Russians".
29) "The top law enforcement official of this country" (James Comey), actually claimed he didn’t know who paid for the dossier, although he presented this unproven garbage to the president of the United States.
30) The top official of FBI, James Comey was fired by the POTUS because of this Russian thing after receiving a letter from Rod Rosenstein recommending the firing of Mr. Comey.
31) Rod Rosenstein approved one of the FISA warrants, that eventually caused Robert Mueller to investigate the POTUS for alleged Russian collusion because the president of the United States fired the head of FBI, on Rod Rosenstein’s recommendation.
32) Glenn Simpson wrote an piece in the Wall Street Journal in April 2007 titled "HOW LOBBYISTS HELP EX-SOVIETS WOO WASHINGTON
33) After a two year investigation, Robert Mueller reported the POTUS, Donald Trump DID NOT conspired with the Russian government to undermine the 2016 election.

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