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Jacob Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is only a published script of the screenplay. This is nowhere near as good as the rest of the Harry Potter series. This seems like a published script to make some money. J.K. Rowling could have done a way better job if she would have sat down and actually written a book, as proven by the rest of the marvelous Harry Potter series. Harry is the Head of Magical Law Enforcement, Hermione is the Minister of Magic, and Ron is not mentioned that much. Ron more of just pops in at where places. The story mostly revolves around Harry’s son, Albus, and Malfoy’s son, Scorpius. This book has more to do with those two adventuring than learning magic. There were a few good and bad stuff (talked about in the spoiler section below), and some I really liked, some I just hated. Overall, Cursed Child was a good book, but it wasn’t a good Harry Potter book.

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Julia Please read my review! :)

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