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Before I read Salt to the Sea, I had never heard of the sinking of the Wilhelm Gustloff, a ship commissioned to take European refugees out of the path of the advancing Russian army in 1945, but this haunting, yet ultimately uplifting story opened my eyes, not only to the historical events leading up to the sinking of this ship, but also to the uncountable personal tragedies that bloom in the wake of broken nations. By focusing on four teenagers on the ship, each with a secret, Ruta Sepetys gives us a keyhole-view of the effects of guilt on each of them. The stories of their efforts to suppress, atone for, heal from, and rise above their shame offer readers insight into the worst and the best qualities of human nature, and its ability to persevere against seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Part Titanic and part Sarah's Key, Salt to the Sea is a vivid roller-coaster of a historical novel, building inexorably to its violent apex, and then plunging the reader through a sea of emotional fall-out to an ultimately satisfying conclusion.

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Jacob | 1 comments Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is only a published script of the screenplay. This is nowhere near as good as the rest of the Harry Potter series. This seems like a published script to make some money. J.K. Rowling could have done a way better job if she would have sat down and actually written a book, as proven by the rest of the marvelous Harry Potter series. Harry is the Head of Magical Law Enforcement, Hermione is the Minister of Magic, and Ron is not mentioned that much. Ron more of just pops in at where places. The story mostly revolves around Harry’s son, Albus, and Malfoy’s son, Scorpius. This book has more to do with those two adventuring than learning magic. Overall, Cursed Child was a good book, but it wasn’t a good Harry Potter book.

More about later in the book below.
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Adam Jensen | 1 comments The Knife of Never Letting Go, is a thrilling adventure of a boy named Todd and a girl named Viola as they seek refuge from an evil mayor bent on capturing them, but more than that it is a story of growing up and the struggles and confusion that come with it.Patrick Ness has written a book that has helped open my eyes to the hard decisions you have to make to survive in the real world. The story takes place on a new world where men can hear each other's thoughts, they call this phenomenon noise. As Todd struggles with the fact that he has to grow up faster than he thought, Viola a newcomer to the plant has to learn to trust Todd. This book is one of my favorites of all time, it effectively displays the hardships of growing up and the joys of youth, while at the same time displaying an amazing perspective of how the thought of growing up can consume you, so you should take life slow. Todd is also pursued his old town priest and is faced with the choice of killing him, while it would be a great burden to let him live it would also mean the end of his innocence and youth to kill a man. So remember this book when you're looking for another good read, it's thrilling twists and heartbreaking losses will not disappoint.

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Kevin Akerberg | 1 comments I’ve read many books about the World War II time period, for I find the subject matter fascinating and thought provoking. However, none of these books has been as fascinating or thought provoking as Projekt 1065: A Novel of World War II by Alan Gratz. It tells the tale of 13 year old Michael O'Shaunessey, an Irish boy whose father is posing as the Irish ambassador to Nazi Germany. In reality, all members of their family are spies for Irish Intelligence, including Michael. This novel touches aspects of World War II that aren’t usually talked about in books on this time period. Michael joins the Hitler Youth to gain information for his parents. Their operation is going smoothly until Michael discovers a Jewish British pilot who was shot down over Berlin. The family decides to hide the pilot. This complicates things extremely for them because if they were ever found harboring a British airmen who is also a Jew, they would be killed. The author clearly illustrated the constant fear and sometimes hardship of people living in Nazi Germany. The action and suspense of spying on the Nazis combined with the intriguing view of living in Nazi controlled Berlin makes for a very informative and engaging read.

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Mychal Trznadel | 1 comments Carnival of Souls is a novel that takes you on a journey through two worlds that have never been so far apart. Witches and daimons, a race right out of a person's nightmares that can take the form of a human, clash for power in this novel. As an avid reader myself I feel like Carnival of Souls could've had more of an action packed storyline for this type of book. The story at times seemed to drag on and on at times, while at other times there were heart-stopping battles that could end either way. Also, the storyline was very predictable compared to some other stories I have read. However, the novel did have heartwarming moments that are rare to see in a novel as dark as this. In all Carnival of Souls had some areas that could have work done to them, but at the same time there were ideas that I would never have thought of when writing a novel. In all Carnival of Souls brought aspects from other fantasy books over, but at the same time added some new ideas to those themes keeping my attention enveloped in the story line.

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Annika Aurora | 1 comments Between Shades of Gray Between Shades of Gray by Ruta Sepetys Ruta Sepetys was a quick read for me, but a very, very good one. Told from the perspective of Lina Vilkas, a 15-year-old, headstrong Lithuanian girl with a talent for drawing, the book gets interesting right from the start. It opens with the Soviet Union, or the NKVD, knocking on her door and taking away her, her mother, and her brother. They don’t know where they are being taken, and don’t know where their father is. Soon, they are shoved into a train car full of people, infested with lice, with only a hole to go to the bathroom in and hardly any food. Their train car is sent to a camp in Siberia where they are forced to do back-splitting work, only receiving a tiny bread ration in return. The privileges and freedoms they receive are little to none. Although Lina’s family didn’t know any of the people in the car at first, through the cruelty and hardships the NKVD puts them through, they all become close. They learn to help each other out, even if it could put their lives on the line. Throughout all of this, Lina uses her art as a beacon of hope, drawing secret messages and pictures to try and contact her father, despite the huge risk. This book is a story of love, loss, loyalty, and perseverance, and Ruta Sepetys does an incredible job of making you feel each and every one of these emotions right along with Lina. There are a lot of books about World War II, but not many written about this aspect of it. I was shocked to read some of the horrors the Soviet Union put these people through. It was inspiring how, even when all hope seemed lost, Lina never gave up on her life, or anybody else’s, until the very end. The book’s ending wasn’t fully complete, but satisfying nonetheless. As a person who doesn’t usually enjoy historical fiction, I was skeptical at first, but the book was so masterfully written that I was immediately drawn into the plot. It didn’t feel like a boring book filled with facts and dates, but rather, a heart-wrenching story left me never wanting it to end.

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Aidan Dunican | 1 comments The Prisoner of Cell 25 is an exciting story where the two main characters born in the same hospital end up in the same small town in Idaho. Both Michael and Taylor have something special about them and are being hunted down by people hoping to use them for their own use. Richard Paul Evans has written a book that on every page keeps your mind thinking and wondering what just happened and he fill the pages with page turning action and suspense making it hard to put the book down. This book is one of my most favorite books never did I feel that the book was boring at all throughout the entire book I was never disappointed and didn’t want to stop reading even to go to bed. Overall, Michael Vey The Prisoner of Cell 25 was an exceptional book that was excellent to read.

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Matthew Pactol | 1 comments In a post-apocalyptic world, there is only one group that rules. The Epics. Gifted with superhuman abilities, they are also given the greed for power, and fight to rule humanity. After many innocent die and governments collapse, their rule becomes the norm. In Newcago (formerly Chicago), the ruler is Steelheart, who has killed many to become ruler, including David’s father. David, the main character, bent on revenge for his father’s death, decides to join one of the last rebel groups, The Reckoners, in an attempt to track and possibly kill Steelheart. As a novel filled with many shocking revelations, it will leave you hanging and wanting more. Engaging, and keeping your excitement up, Steelheart is certainly a masterpiece from Brandon Sanderson. A truly entertaining story, especially compared to many similar series based in comparable worlds.

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Erin | 1 comments In a world where ghosts haunt every corner of the night, and children stay up until dawn fighting supernatural phenomenons, the small agency of Lockwood & Co has had one of their best agents leave them. In Jonathan Stroud’s newest book, The Creeping Shadow, he focuses in on Lucy Carlyle 6 months after she left her friends and former coworkers George, Holly, and Anthony Lockwood. Lucy’s leave was due to her strong powers growing out of control, and her fear for harming those close to her. But Lucy is not completely alone. Her only companion is a skull in a jar, and he is a Type 3 ghost, the most dangerous and rare type out there. In this supernatural world, children can see ghosts and have powers to interact with them, and Lucy has incredibly strong listening powers that allow only her to talk to the skull. Her type three ghost helps her as she goes from agency to agency as a freelance consultant. Although she is happy with her freedom, she can not help but feel that something is missing from her life. When bad things start to happen, finds herself bumping into Lockwood.
Stroud never fails to keep his readers on edge with his exciteful storylines. However, one or twice I found myself being able to predict the next move in the story, which was slightly disappointing. I have read every book in the Lockwood and Co series, and other books by Jonathan Stroud, and each time I was never able to predict the storyline. Even though there was this minor mishap, Stroud easily recovered with thrilling twists and turns in the plot. And just like every Lockwood and Co book, The Creeping Shadow ended with a breathtaking cliffhanger that is only known until the last few sentences of the book. I am definitely looking forward to the next book in the series.

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Rebekah Piotrowski | 1 comments Under a Painted sky takes you back to 1849. Sammy and Andy formerly known as Samantha and Annamarie are on a journey to California after an unexpected turn of events involving a federal crime. These girls make some friends along the way. A few cowboys who are also headed west. This book was really interesting at the very beginning but after a few chapters I felt the story slowing down. The story just became very bland. I felt that it was just them going across the country. Nothing very exciting happened. Everyone once and awhile someone would get hurt or they would almost get caught but these bulbs in the road would be fixed quite quickly which made the story much harder to read. I thought that the general idea of this story was really good but the book was very boring for me. The beginning and ending were very well written. I did like Stacey Lee’s style of writing me. I am going to keep looking for books written by her.

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Ayla Anderlik | 1 comments The book the Red Queen is about a red girl named Mare who must act silver if she wishes to keep herself and her family alive. In the book Mare is surrounded in a world she hates living a lie, divided by red and silver. The book the Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard is a book filled with broken promises and thrilling twists. Mare Borrow is torn between a world of red and silver and to make it all that much harder the people she loves . This book was amazing it was filled with love, loss, and painful decisions. Every time you turn the page something new jumps out and keeps you up all night on the edge of your seat. As you read emotions run high as the love triangle between Mare, and brothers Cal and Maven escalate. In the end the book the Red Queen is a story filled with awe and heartbreak.

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Kara | 1 comments In the book Full Ride, the story of a girl named Becca Jones is told. After becca’s father Roger Jones, a wildly successful businessman is caught in an embezzlement scandal stealing millions of dollars from his customers, Becca and her mother leave their home in Georgia to hide from the media - and everyone else's hatred - in the town of Deskins, Ohio. Along the way, Becca must overcome the obstacles that block her from from getting financial aid for college and prevent others around her from learning the truth about her father, all while dealing with intense feelings of loneliness, guilt, and betrayal. When becca discovers that their family lawyer, Mr. Trumbull, is intentionally lying to Becca and and her parents in order to keep them scared and keep paying him money for his services, the family decides to finally stop living in fear and to take Mr. Trumbull down, with the help of the FBI. Becca is able to let go of her guilt and forgive her father of his crimes, and the promise of a bright future awaits her by the end of the novel.

The novel itself is an easy read, but the message of learning to forgive and let go is good to be reminded of. A large part of the novel is dedicated to Becca and her struggles with scholarships and financial aid, which gives the reader a clear picture of the struggles that Becca faces. Becca is an ordinary character thrown into an extraordinary situation, making her feelings relatable. All in all, this book is pretty decent, even if it seems slow in some parts. The book is a story of forgiveness and moving on from the past, and reading it will remind you of how important these two qualities are in order to live life and prosper as a human being.

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Amy Dobrzycki | 1 comments Where They Found Her is a book filled with gut-wrenching plot twists and mystery. Set a close-knit college town, Kimberly McCreight spins her characters a web of secrets and lies, gripping the reader with her suspenseful pacing. A psychological thriller told from the perspective of several women, this book reveals the way in which small-town characters can become closely entwined within one another’s stories. When a newborn girl is found dead in a river in Ridgedale, reporter Molly Sanderson arrives at the scene. New to crime as she had mainly covered fluff pieces in the past, her experiences both as an amateur reporter and a mother of one who had recently birthed a stillborn were what allowed me to connect to her and empathize with her plight. Her reporting, journaling, and point of view pull readers through the plot as more details about the newborn are revealed. Eventually, however, she exposes more than she originally bargained for. Full of cliffhangers and incredible plot twists, the suspense left me on my toes and kept me turning pages through this novel, watching as the emotional and heartbreaking storyline unfolded in front of me. McCreight builds the story brick by brick to an ultimately satisfying and whole conclusion to a book I wished would never end. A beautiful but perhaps not the most family-friendly tale, I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a thriller that will keep them up reading late at night.

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Ashley K | 1 comments Lady Midnight byCassandra Clare despite being a long book was a very quick read for me. I had enjoyedThe Mortal Instruments Boxed Set: City of Bones; City of Ashes; City of Glass and The Infernal devices, both other series written by Cassandra Clare so I was very excited to read Lady Midnight. Emma Carstairs, and her parabatai Julian Blackthorn, both shadow hunters work together to solve the mystery of her parents and others recent deaths. This book takes you through many ups and downs and does not fail to keep you interested. It is filled with not only good vs evil but was action packed, filled with mystery, family, friendships, magic, murder, forbidden love, and all the things that will keep you up all night reading. This book will tear you apart, put you together and then rip you up again leaving you shattered. Personally I have loved all of the work Cassandra Clare has done for the shadow hunters, and this book is no exception, I would consider it some of her best work. If you are looking for an emotional roller coaster of a read that will keep you on your toes this is definitely the book for you.

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Brian Batliner | 1 comments Agatha Christie has written another wonderful mystery book, this one, ironically, about an author who writes mystery books named Mrs. Oliver. For those fans of brain twisting thrillers, this book does not disappoint. Elephants Can Remember is an adventure that leads you on a winding trail of hidden messages, clues, and plot twists that will always keep you on your toes. When Mrs. Oliver is asked a peculiar question from a stranger, she is befuddled. The question asked by the stranger was simple yet confusing; when two dead bodies and a revolver were discovered near a cliffside, could it have been a double suicide, or a murder? Agatha Christie takes no time in starting the action when Hercule Poirot, the most renowned detective at the time, is called in to aid in the solving of the case by using his able smarts and the use of a few “elephants”. Every turn of the page reveals new information and is sure to keep you engaged and leaves you wanting more. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who is looking for a whodunit tragedy.

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Nicholas Koeppen | 1 comments Does the future concern you? After reading this book it might! Ready Player One by Ernest Cline is an amazing story that takes place in a dystopian future. The Earth is rapidly becoming more toxic and less fertile so as a result, the economy plummets. Only a very lucky few are allowed to live in houses. Others live in shantytowns, some of which are actually trailers stacked up on each other! A man visioned this before it happened and created the OASIS, a Virtual Reality Game that allowed people to escape the miseries of their current world. This only led to more people to be unaware of the fact that Earth was crumbling to ruins. A few years succeeding that event, the man, Dr. James Halliday, died and left everything to whoever could find the easter egg in his game. Many egg hunters (aka ”Gunters”) sought to find the egg but none succeeded. The reward is a billion dollars and ownership of of the OASIS. Finally, one boy rises as he is the first to get back on track of egg hunting after a grueling five years of no luck as well as the rest of the world with no activity concerning the egg. People follow him into the leaderboard as he competes for the protection of the game and the great life he pursues.

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Tristan Viegas | 1 comments Any average fan of baseball never realizes the amount of work that is put into one game. I'm not talking about the players attempting to be the best they could possibly be. I'm talking about the behind the scenes, the owner, the hundreds of scouts and many different types of coaches all contributing in some way to help the team achieve success and if they're lucky, have a long lasting legacy that is remembered for generations. But, of all these duties, the general manager is by far the most effective and stressful job. Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game by Michael Lewis perfectly dissects the gameplan of the 2003 Oakland Athletics underdog story. This isn’t any normal success story, this is a true account of the least likely team to do well at that time. The A’s as their known had the second lowest payroll or salary cap in all of baseball of approximately 46 million dollars. Billy Beane, former baseball player bust and General Manager of the A’s uses innovation and ideas no one even knows of to work around the small ‘breathing-room’ they have. He takes advantage of his unique and somewhat risky approach with Paul DePodesta, a Harvard graduate and his right hand man. Flying under the radar, they buy, trade, sell, cut, acquire and draft players using their tight budget in a covert yet intriguing way. The story they created is filled with humor, wit and is a must-read for any enthusiastic baseball fan itching for stats while following Billy Beane and the A’s making history.

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Alexis Kantner | 1 comments The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins

This story is about a troubled and heart broken woman. Her name is Rachel, and she gets a divorce with her husband. The reason being she was unhappy and she also had a drinking problem. Her husband blamed the divorce on her, but she was cheated on. She never thought it would get as bad as it did, but she was mistaken. When she found out about the affair she was heartbroken, and obsessed over it. She worked at a small company in town and passed her old house while she rode the train everyday. She soon saw a couple she thought was perfect a few houses down from her old one. She nicknamed and made up stories it was all fun and games until the woman goes missing. Of course everyone she knows suspected it was her due to the fact of all her problems, but she soon has to show and prove she was innocent. Overall the book was exhilarating and suspenseful through it all. The book holds many different perspectives then all comes together at the end for all the details to line up. In the end the conclusion is very satisfying and unexpected. I feel as though the author couldn’t have outdone herself because everything is so perfectly fit together.

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Mia Coliflores | 2 comments “If I am a sword, I’m a sword made of glass, And I feel myself start to shatter”

More than a good read, Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard was an amazing read. Just by reading the quote, this book entails heartbreaking experiences and life changing decisions. Don't you wonder why she feels this way? What happened to her? Who exactly is she? Glass Sword is the heart-wrenching, adventure filled first sequel to Red Queen in the series respectively self-named. The novel starts off where Red Queen ends and with how reeling the plot was from beginning to end - I was pleasantly surprised! Escaping the Bowl of Bones and into the safety of the Scarlet Guard, Mare, ex-Prince Cal, and Scarlet Guard members Shade and Farley are thrust back into the dangers of now tyrant King Maven and his army of silver bloods from the High Houses. As I delve into the story, Aveyard introduces more about the Scarlet Guard and the whole rebellion. However, Glass Sword is truly Mare´s story. For the majority of the book, Mare is on a mission to find people who are like her, Red blooded with the powers of Silver. During her recruits, mare finds herself to be the kind of monster she´s trying to defeat. It was great to see some character development in Mare, and in all characters in general, however it was agonizingly slow to get to that point. Aveyard has a gift of immersing the reader into the world of Mare and this dystopian fantasy, but her skills of keeping up with the plot is lacking just a bit. Reading about all the new characters was chaos to remember, but exciting to see how they could contribute to the plot. Overall, I wished there was less irrelevant characters and more development to the main characters. Mare, in the story, has definitely changed, but neither for the good or bad. Towards the end, she was not a character I was exactly fond of, but reading what she says: ¨ I must keep going, I must hurt myself, hurt others to save others.¨ Made me realize that even though the story was a bit slow, Victoria Aveyard was trying to tell us that our life decisions take time and by making those decisions can affect loved ones around you and even yourself. If you want a fresh take on dystopian novels, read the Red Queen series, not only for immersion into a whole mysterious world, but for the plot and the devastating twists that come along with it.

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Ermina Hassan | 1 comments The Darkest Minds is a thrilling science fiction novel by Alexandra Bracken. The book opens with a flashback- 10 year old Ruby is surrounded by friends who are suddenly dying from a sickness known as IAAN. IAAN is only known to kill off children, and those who survive it are left with special abilities. The adults are absolutely terrified by them and send Ruby and the other survivors off to rehabilitation camps where they are not being treated, but rather studied and classified into a specific group based on their abilities. Those classified as Blue or Green are harmless, but those who are classified as yellow, Orange, or Red are extremely dangerous, and usually killed by special PSI soldiers. Ruby is sent to the most brutal camp of all called Thurmond and is classified as Green. Six years later Ruby learns she is actually an orange, and escapes Thurmond with the help of the children's league. When she find out the league is not who they say they are, she runs away, and meets a group of runaways, Liam, Chubs, and Su. Together they set off to find someone who can help them, but instead get themselves tangled up in a bigger problem.

This book is a gut twisting story leaving all readers wanting more. Filled with many unexpected plot twists, loss, betrayal, and love, the Darkest Minds was extraordinary and engaging read that left me wanting more. Bracken let the plot unfold perfectly, with many emotional and heart breaking points along the way. I recommend this book to anyone looking for a thriller that will keep them on the edge of their chair.

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Kayla | 1 comments First off: this series is addicting! Be prepared to be obsessed. You have been warned.
I can not say enough good about Kresley Cole 's Arcana Chronicles! The first novel in this spellbinding saga is Poison Princess . In this series of currently four books and one novella, we follow Evangeline (Evie) Greene, as she struggles with visions, the apocalypse, dangerous enemies, new found powers, a cruel game that demands blood, friendship, love, life, and ‘Death.’
Typically I'm not a fan of love triangles, but Cole’s triangle was mesmerizing. I was just as torn as Evie, between her strong, bad boy classmate, Jackson, and the mysterious, and intelligent Aric. When I finally picked a side, I found myself grinning, laughing, crying, and screaming!
Kresley perfectly illustrates the beginning of a friendship, and the gaining of trust. Both Lark and Selena's relationship with Evie began with mistrust, but developed into beautiful friendship .
As well as touching romance and inseparable friendships, Arcana Chronicles is riddled with action and gruesome enemies. Be it the oh so creepy Lovers, or the disturbingly vivid Bagmen, each opponent Evie and her allies faced both terrified and intrigued me.
One of my favorite parts of Cole’s writing is the characters. Each character has a unique and complicated personality and an even more complicated back story. Everyone has a history, and they were artfully intertwined in ways I would never expect.
Kresley Cole’s Arcana Chronicles is one of the most skillfully written series I have ever read! Each new development left me reeling! I would highly recommend this series to anyone looking for a young adult novel with a bit of everything, be it romance, friendship, action, complex characters, or an all around amazing series!

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Lainey Burseth | 1 comments Before beginning the book Looking for Alaska, given that it was written by John Green, I already expected it to be great. Every book I read by him previously was amazing, so I was excited to see what else he had come up with for the book. I was definitely not let down. Looking for Alaska tells the story of Miles, a boy who decides to take a risk and start over at a boarding school with no familiar faces around him. He meets all kinds of different people and connects with individuals that he never expected he’d ever become close with. The book describes his experience with friendship, love, and then, sudden tragedy. John Green perfectly captures emotions that we’re all familiar with and masterfully tells a story of love and loss. This book was beautifully written and I would highly recommend it.

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Allison Kiefer | 1 comments The Hunger Games: Catching Fireby Suzanne Collins throws you back into the thrilling world of Panem, where Peeta and Katniss have returned home from the Hunger Games and are faced with more challenges following their victory. After Peeta and Katniss win the 74th annual Hunger Games, they both have trouble adjusting back into normal life, still playing the part of the love struck couple, whose undying love for eachother saved themselves. When Katniss and Peeta go on their victory tour through the districts, President Snow as well as many citizens of Panem begin to have trouble believing their love is real. So, Katniss and Peeta get engaged to assure the world of their love for eachother. While planning their wedding Katniss and Peeta find out they will be going back into the hunger games arena and fight to the death again. Their plans of marriage are thrown away as they begin their preparation to not only fight other victors, but to say goodbye to their friends and family, most importantly each other. While they prepare, the districts of Panem are beginning to show signs of a possible upcoming uprise, that could destroy the country. This book embodies the image of love, fear, hardship and strength. So, I encourage you to follow Katniss and Peeta on their journey in this dystopian styled book and take a leap into a different world, where you will fall in love with the characters of the Hunger Games series all over again.

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Robert Matei | 1 comments Those Who Wish Me Deadby Michael Koryta is intense read about a young boy named Jace Wilson. At the age of 13 Jace witnesses a brutal murder tha will change his life forever. Imagine having to leave your family, change your identity, and move to the desolate mountains of Montana. Eventually, the two killers catch on to the trail of Jace and chase him constantly. While he is up in the mountains, the Blackwell brothers eventually find the camp which forces Jace to go on the run. They two brotherly assasins will murder anybody in their path to finding the boy. There are many natural disasters that occur up in the mountain which complicates things. I was on the edge of my seat while reading this book curious what would come next. I recommend this book to everybody who is looking for a book that wil keep them engaged the entire time. I loved it and I will certainly continue to read Michael Koryta's books in the future.

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Will Anderson | 1 comments I’ve never really enjoyed reading sci-fi but InterWorld really got me interested. Joey Harker, the main character and narrator of the story, isn't very good with directions so when his Social Studies teacher puts him in a random location in his town and tells him where he needs to go to get picked up, things don't turn out so well. Neil Gaiman takes us on a journey through many different universes called the altiverse where we get to meet many versions of Joey from all of these universes. Throughout the book, he does an amazing job of explaining what is happening in the altiverse in a way that is easy for anyone to understand, advancing the caliber of this book even further. Interworld, with its encapsulating plot and intriguing characters is almost impossible to put down. In the past Neil Gaiman hasn’t been on my radar when I have been looking for a new book to read but after experiencing this adventure, he sure will be in the future. This book has not only opened my eyes to a new author, but a whole new genre of books, sci-fi. Interworld is an amazing read and I am excited to experience the second and third books in the trilogy

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Tiffany | 1 comments Salt to the Sea, by Ruta Sepetys takes you on yet another hauntingly beautiful story, this time focusing on 4 teenagers who fall victim to one of the greatest, yet unrecognized, tragedies in maritime history. The 4 protagonists, all shattered in a way that only the second world war could have, must learn to survive with their own guilts. Joana the guilty, Florian the fateful, Emilia the shameful and Alfred the fearful. Each individual is burdened with secrets they're in no rush to share but soon enough they're stuck in each other's webs. As they make their way to the Wilhelm Gustloff, watch these four teenagers stories intertwine as they come to term with what has passed and is to come.
Sepetys takes you on a journey with the teens, taking you back to the horrors of world war 2 in a way only she can. She beautifully illustrates all the losses that were endured daily and the brokenness the war left every single individual with. So sit back, buckle in, and enjoy a story that will leave you heartbroken yet hopeful, in true Sepetys fashion.

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Tighe Vrbancic | 1 comments The Boys in the Boat: Nine Americans and Their Epic Quest for Gold at the 1936 Berlin Olympics is considered to be required reading for anyone who takes up rowing. I started rowing about a year ago, so I figured I would read it, and I was blown away. I am kicking myself for not reading this as soon as I started rowing. Daniel James Brown nailed everything about this book- the rowing terminology, the way he tied in the college life of the main protagonist, Joe Rantz, and the gravity of this all happening during the Great Depression. This book is a moving testament to the resilience of the University of Washington’s rowing team that went into the heart of Nazi Germany in Berlin and took the gold right out from under Hitler’s nose.

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Sophie | 1 comments Harry Potter, star of J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series, and son, Albus Severus Potter, adventure back in time in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. Readers will love Albus and his best friend, Scorpius, son of Draco Malfoy. Together they travel into the past to try and save a lost friend of Harry’s. J.K. Rowling always throws in surprising twists that readers never see coming, and there is no lack of those in this book. As a reader I was surprised when Harry and Draco behaved more like friends than enemies by the end of the book. Though I liked that aspect of the book, I was disappointed with the beginning of the book. It started off slowly, with not much happening. Also, I did not like the way this book was formatted. It was written as a play, and that made it quite confusing at times to follow what the characters were doing. On the other hand, this book had a side story playing out while the time travelling was going on, which I really liked. Harry and Albus have a poor father-son relationship at the start of the book, and slowly they patch their relationship back together. J.K. Rowling has used time travel to inform readers of relationships before, and it was a nice to see her reuse that successful method. The unlikely friendships, action filled scenes and sweet family moments will have readers intrigued and engaged, as with previous Harry Potter stories.

message 29: by NOAH (new)

NOAH BRESEMAN | 1 comments Treasure Island was an adventure.I was totally blown away by it, the wonderful story filled my body to the top with a sense of excitement. Robert Louis Stevenson brings to life characters in a new and unheard of ways that held me the edge of my seat. Stevenson's brilliance is shown through the in depth detail of his descriptions, allowing the reader mind to be his playground. Treasure Island adds up to one fantastic and entertaining read that fills your mind with a world with pirates, treasure that is more extravagant than can be imagined, and a sense of immersion into the world of a young boy, Jim Hawkins as he tries to uncover the treasure of Captain Flint.
Treasure Island It is awesome read and is a classic that has won many awards. If you enjoy stories of adventures, pirates, a gut wrenching plot twist, then it is certain that you are going to love Treasure Island.

message 30: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Karim | 1 comments After reading Graceling and loving it, I was extremely excited to read other pieces by Kristin Cashore. But after reading her sequel Bitterblue, I was quite disappointed. The author did a phenomenal job with her first book, but in the second one she took away the best parts of the book. She removed the main characters and essentially started from scratch. Kristin decides to write about Bitterblue and totally destroys Katsa and Po’s romance. And though I didn’t like the base plot, I think along with all books, had some great parts in it. It takes you through the journey of Bitterblue as she learns her city and meets some people she’ll never forget. I wish Kristin had stuck to her main characters but if you’re still looking for a read after Graceling, I still recommend this to everyone to keep up with the story.

message 31: by Mia (last edited Oct 17, 2016 07:52PM) (new)

Mia Storz | 1 comments The majority of The Lightning Queen by Laura Resau is told a “long,long time ago” through the eyes of Teo from the Hill of Dust in Mexico. Teo is motherless, sisterless, and alone on the barren yet magical Hill of Dust. After much time alone, the Queen of Lightning comes to town and drastically changes Teo’s life forever by giving him the promise of a lifelong friendship. Suddenly Teo’s life brims with possibility. Their destiny spans generations and eventually Teo’s American grandson, Mateo will fulfill it. Laura Resau paints a beautiful picture throughout the whole story. I was able to picture the Hill of Dust clearly in my mind. I thought this book would appeal to more the YA crowd but as I read I soon found out that this is more of a Middle Grade read. Though this book ended up being a very easy read for me, I still enjoyed it and would recommend it to anyone of the middle school age range.

message 32: by Sierra (new)

Sierra | 1 comments The book City of Fallen Angels, the fourth book in the Mortal Instruments series was a suspense filled novel. Throughout the book you are hit with many twists and turns that change the characters lives dramatically. This book by Cassandra Clare follows the life of teenager Clary Fray as she deals with the many new problems in her life that the shadow world has brought her. With supernatural creatures, romance, and finger curling fight scenes, this book can appeal to many different types of readers. You will fall in love with the characters as you learn the emotions they are feeling, and the experiences they are put through. You won't be able to put this book down from the first sentence. Pick up City of Fallen Angles, and the entire Mortal Instruments series at your local book store today, and join the world where all the legends are true!

message 33: by Joie (new)

Joie | 1 comments I enjoyed reading Rafi Mittlefehldt's novel, It Looks Like This. It was not something I would normally choose. It tells the story of Mike, who has just moved to Virginia from Wisconsin. He is learning to adjust to his new school, and find new friends. Along the way, he meets Sean, and they instantly become close. I really enjoyed this book until about 2/3 of the way through. I really did not enjoy the ending. It left me unsettled. I did really enjoy the vivid descriptions of the scenes in the book, because I could clearly visualize them. I would recommend this book for people who love to visualize, but don't require a happy ending for a satisfying read.

message 34: by Tori (new)

Tori Ostrow | 1 comments To All the Boys I've Loved Before
is an emotional love story, about all of the up and downs of relationships. The main character, Lara Jean, is a 17 year old outcast, who has written a letter to every boy she’s ever loved, one of them including her sister’s boyfriend, as a sort of way to get over him. But all takes a turn for the worse when the letters get sent to them, and everything gets very complicated, very fast. Her love life goes from imaginary, to out of control, as the boys confront her about her letters, and she struggles to explain. This book is filled with unpredictable turns, as Jenny Hanteaches us important lessons about love, friendship and family.

message 35: by Josh (new)

Josh | 1 comments The Knife of Never Letting Go is so many things at once. Mysterious, adventurous, heroic, and heartbreaking, a single, small book review is nowhere near enough to do this book justice (but hey I’m gonna try anyways). Patrick Ness does an amazing job of getting you inside the main character, Todd’s, head. Though this isn’t hard in a world where you can hear the thoughts of everybody around you, a phenomenon the book refers to as the “Noise” Todd is nearly 13, the day that marks him a man, though he is not entirely sure what that implies. Todd is a mysterious, secretive, and adventurous boy, who lives in New Prentisstown, a town without women, and the last remaining settlement on a dying planet. The inhabitants of New Prentisstown are the last group of survivors from the great war that struck years ago- or are they? In the depths of the swamp surrounding the town, Todd makes a discovery that changes the course of his life, and the life of the entire planet.Todd finds a girl, a girl whose thoughts he can’t hear. With the girl, Todd flees town, and enters a world that is nothing like the world he’d been told existed beyond the borders of his town. With an army at his heels, and half a planet to cross, Todd must put his trust in the mysterious, Noise-less girl that he just met, and his loyal dog Manchee to help him stay alive in a world he didn’t even know existed, and show him the true meaning of becoming a man.

message 36: by Connor (new)

Connor Hamilton | 1 comments This book was a roller coaster! If you like any kind of crime TV shows, I would recommend it. The Naturals, written by Jennifer Lynn Barnes, is about a girl, names Cassie who was recruited for a FBI program. This program consists of other teens who are human lie detectors, people who can read emotions, and like people like Cassie, natural profilers. As the book continues, there are many twists and turns that you don't see coming. I really likes how there was an underlying plot that eventually came back in the end. I myself really enjoy crime and mystery and that is what this book gives you.

message 37: by Ryan (new)

Ryan | 1 comments “If you win this case, justice will prevail, and if you lose, justice will also prevail.” This is an excerpt from the piece of literature A Time to Kill, by John Grisham. This quote could be perceived as, if he wins or even if he loses, there will be a beneficial outcome. In this influencing, yet intriguing novel, Jake Brigance is a lawyer who has just been hired for the biggest case in Clanton, Mississippi history. A 10 year-old African-American girl was raped by two middle-aged, caucasian men. The girl’s father, Carl Lee, made the exhilarating decision to murder these two men. Jake is going against the prominent defense attorney, Rufus Buckley. Throughout the extension of the novel, there are many twists and turns that guide you into many different directions. Brilliance is only one of the many original words to describe this book. Overall, I thought this novel taught me many different life lessons, which I can hold onto for the future in which to come.

message 38: by Michael (new)

Michael | 1 comments The Sword of Summer by Rick Riordan is a fantastic read. In the mythological world of Magnus Chase, gods and monsters exist. Demons such as fire golems and wolves are on the hunt for the main character, Magnus Chase. He will go on a journey through the pages of this book and discover who he really is, and it will all begin with him dying. His quest, discover who his father was and the sword that he left behind. In this book, you will figure out the true meaning of adventure and heroism. It will leave you breathless and anticipating after each page. This novel is an easy read and for fans of the Percy Jackson series, this book is the one for you. Rick Riordan has done it again with another amazing book. From Greek Mythology, to Egyptian Mythology, and now Norse Mythology, this book is a jar fool and unexpected joys about to happen. I’m sure you are going to enjoy this read and will recommend it to others.

message 39: by Ally (new)

Ally Hendrickson | 1 comments The ‘big’ girl with bright red hair and abnormal clothing choices. The quaint asian boy with the band shirts. As 2013 Goodreads Choice Winner,Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell tells the story of two high schoolers and their budding relationship. The book sets its’ course through 1986 in a small, quiet town. Eleanor is new to the school. With her bright, bushy red hair and extravagant clothes, she sticks out from the crowd. Park, a quiet kid without his license and a love for comic books, moves over so Eleanor can sit down on the bus. Park ignores Eleanor, and Eleanor ignores Park. Neither one of them talk. Until, eventually, Park notices that Eleanor is reading his comics on the bus. They slowly start to talk. And Park gives her his comic books to read. Then music to listen too. Eventually, Eleanor and Park are best friends - but they want something more with each other. Coming from a family that isn’t the best, Eleanor isn’t allowed to have a boyfriend. So she starts to sneak over to Park’s house after school.

They fight to make it work. And they do. Throughout everything that occurs, every problem, they still fight to make it work - and they do it successfully. I wasn’t expecting to care so much for the characters and their lives, but alas, Eleanor and Park pulled me in such a way that I couldn’t put it down. A lot of YA Romance novels within the last few years have seemed, quite frankly, unrealistic and uninspiring. But not this novel. The way the dual point of views flows throughout the novel not only pulls together both characters but also gives insight to both sides - something that doesn’t often occur. Unpredictable and sudden were Eleanor and Park, which is extremely relatable for the teens reading whether they recognize it or not. This gives a huge leeway of relatability that gives the reader a connection. A heart-to-heart.

Not many authors remember what it’s like to be a teen and write it correctly. Rainbow Rowell does, and that’s greatly appreciated nowadays.

message 40: by Avery (new)

Avery Tomlin | 1 comments The Siren by Kiera Cass is about Kahlen, one of the girls saved from drowning by the Ocean and converted into a gorgeous but deadly Siren. She must serve the Ocean for a century, singing with her fellow Siren sisters to lure humans to their deaths to feed the Ocean. Kahlen and her sisters live among humans but they have the power to kill with just a word. They spend their lives as Sirens moving around from place to place and passing the time between each singing. Kahlen lives in dreadful anticipation of the next singing and eagerly awaits the time when she will be able to talk with humans and hopefully, fall in love. Everything changes when she meets Akinli, a boy who can see past her beauty and silence. They quickly begin to develop feelings for each other. Kahlen slowly starts to rebel against her motherly figure, the Ocean, losing some of her obedience. But in the end, the book teaches that love is a risk worth taking and as Kahlen said, “There’s always room for love. Even if it’s as small as a crack in the door.” The author created likeable and multi-dimensional characters that the reader could empathize with but she could have given more detail about how the Sirens lived. The story of Kahlen and Akinli is touching and heartwarming, teaching the power of soul mates. The Siren is an appropriate book for young adults.

message 41: by Benjamin (new)

Benjamin | 1 comments The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern takes us to a place where anything we can imagine is a reality. It arrives without a warning and leaves without a sound. Le Cirque des Rêves waits silently through the days. And once the sun goes down, the circus becomes flooded with curious people who thirst to see what is behind the noiseless tents. This book is about a mysterious circus that travels the world, and beneath these black and white striped tents, a competition is brewing between two of the world's best illusionists. These illusionists have been trained since their childhood for this “game” and the details are never specified to them. It is a game where only one can win. The Night Circus is one of the best books I have ever read. It enchants me with its charming voice, and immerses me in the world of Marco and Celia. I couldn't put it down until I finished the book. This is the perfect book if you are looking for a mystery with big elements of romance.

message 42: by Tom (last edited Oct 18, 2016 06:54AM) (new)

Tom Smith | 1 comments The Shining by Stephen King
This brilliant book is about the Torrence family, Jack, Wendy, and their son Danny. Jack recently got fired from his teaching job, he is a major alchoholic and him and Wendy are contemplating divorce. Also Danny has an imaginary friend named Tony who is giving him weird visions of REDRUM, whatever that means. With all of this stress, the Torrences decide to take a job at the Overlook Hotel to escape life for a while. Little do they know, this place has a very rough past. After living in the hotel in the middle of the winter, Jack develops what is known as “Cabin Fever” and goes insane while Danny and Wendy must fight for their survival against the insane Jack. Stephen King tells this amazing story of survival and the limit a man will go to before he snaps and tries to destroy everything he once loved.

message 43: by Joseph (new)

Joseph | 1 comments The book Throne of Glass is a story about an assassin who was caught and thrown into a dungeon to rot and die. Within the dungeon she was starved and forced to work for hours on end, just to go back to her chambers to sleep on a cold hard floor. This process is repeated everyday, however after a few years the king was looking for a champion, to due his more dirty work, so he sent his son the prince to go get the assassin known as celaena sardothien . After she was promised freedom if she won the competition and served the king for 3 years, without any other choice she accepts. She now must fight in the tournament so she can work for the king and soon get her freedom. The throne of glass was a very well written book, the only flaw with it was that it got a little boring toward the middle, but was worth it in the end. I highly recommend that you read this book and the rest of the series.

message 44: by Keegan (new)

Keegan Garis | 1 comments Being someone who has a passion for sports and reading about sports, like myself, there was no doubt in my mind to read Gutless byCarl Deuker . This story is in 3rd person and is based around the main character Brock Ripley. Brock, a lifelong soccer player is faced with many challenges. Especially because his dad has a neuromuscular disorder, it is slowly becoming harder and harder for him to walk. It is tough for Brock to see and Mr. Ripley is too embarrassed to go out anymore. Brock plays soccer but doesn’t have a real passion for the game. The high school quarterback and bully of the school Hunter Gates invites him to catch some passes so he can throw to a target. Hunterś dad realizes that Brock has some talent and advises him to come out for the school team. After spending time with Hunter, Brock still sees the bully in him. Throughout this time, Brock falls under the wing of Hunter while Hunter bullies kids. Brock becomes a bystander and won’t stand up for his friend Richie Fang because he feel he will get insulted by Hunter. As the story progresses Brock realizes that the right thing to do is stand up for Richie, and he does just that.

message 45: by Faith (new)

Faith Rudolf | 1 comments The Knife of Never Letting Go by Patrick Ness is a story centered around young Todd, in a world plagued by the thoughts of men. Todd has been living in the noise his whole life. His life is loud, but that just seems to make him more lonely. All of the women died off in the Spackle war, or as Todd has been told many times. With a population of 150 and decreasing, he is the last boy left in Prentisstown, and as his thirteenth birthday approaches, Todd notices strange things happening. One month before his birthday, his guardians, Ben and Cillian force him to leave Prentisstown. Todd flees, but all of his questions are left unanswered. With nowhere for Todd to go, him and his dog, Manchee, start running as far as possible from Prentisstown. Along the way, Todd and Manchee form an unexpected alliance. Through the emotional, mental, and physical pain and stress, Todd, Manchee, and their alliance persevere through it all. The Knife of Never Letting Go has sucked me in, making me feel all of the emotions of the characters. It is an unpredictable unpredictable page-turner, sucking me in from the first page.

message 46: by Michael (new)

Michael Drozt | 1 comments Butter is a book that will capture the hearts of readers as they follow the character Butter around his life and watch how he handles what happens to him. Butter is an obese 16 year old in high school who has this wicked idea of live broadcasting himself to everyone over the internet as he eats himself to death. This is dark comedy that feels weirdly light-hearted and fun while reading it. You follow Butter as he goes through different phases with his friends and family. Each scene changed his thoughts on his suicide. Through all of Butter’s thoughts I could see his wanting to do one thing but doing the complete opposite. I sat reading hoping and begging that Butter would do the right thing but he never did. This realistic book could very well happen in real life, scary to say but I believe we should appreciate what Erin Jade Lange has written. I could connect to this book in a lot of ways, other than the obese and suicidal perspectives, and I could see how this would play out in everyday life. That is freaky to me. Erin Jade Lange has written a story of what could be any 16 year old in high school who doesn’t feel as though they fit in. I believe anybody can find something that they love in this book and everybody should pick it up and read and enjoy until the end of the book.

message 47: by Jake (new)

Jake | 1 comments The Demon King by Cinda Williams Chima is by far one the of the greatest books I have ever read. With a cunning and deeply woven parallel between two main characters with different but intriguing story lines. Raisa and Han’s story lines circle around and around each other constantly taunting the reader at every turn. With every chapter we switch between our two main characters and their stories. Not only is this book filled with action and adventure, but a system of well thought out politics pull the story together in a new way. The only problem with buy this book is that you may not want to put it down. Whatever you do, don’t pass this book up.

message 48: by Haidy (new)

Haidy Perez | 1 comments The Perks of Being a Wallflower The Perks of Being a Wallflower is a magnificent story about self identity and staying true to yourself. The story has characters you can relate with as well as characters that personally remind me of friends I have. The story will rattle your mindset on true friendship and love as well as what it means to be human. Charlie and his friends will truly change your life from a distance just as wallflowers in this compelling book as they endure heartache, love, and loss. This book will make you think deeply and reevaluate past decisions. Before reading this book make sure to grab a box of tissues because you'll definitely need them during this emotional roller-coaster.

message 49: by Mia (new)

Mia Coliflores | 2 comments I read this book back in 8th grade and I never thought this would end up as one of my favorite books of all time. I also never thought this book would emotionally impact me and give me a new perspective on the world I have today. If I could, I would rate it 6.0 stars, but sadly I cannot :(Flowers for Algernon is a raw and inspiring book about a mentally disable man on a mission for intelligence. he became another experiment, like his mouse friend Algernon. The novel is in a form of diary entrees and it's charlie's ( the mentally disabled man) progress from being not so smart to the smartest man alive. But the experiment goes wrong...... The book is heart-wrenching in all levels. Written by Daniel Keyes, I will never forget about this book..... "Will you give a flower to Algernon for me?"

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Tannor | 1 comments The book The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho is a fantastic story involving a young shepherd named Santiago who has a recurring dream about a treasure at the pyramids. He soon meets a magical king that convinces him to follow his dreams. On his journey Santiago also meets an Englishman who becomes his friend, a wise caravan leader who gives him advice, a merchant that he helps, powerful leaders that come to trust him, the alchemist who teaches him, and the love of his life. His journey will test his resolve and his character as he suffers loss and achieves victory throughout his travels.Author Paulo Coelho will take you on amazing journey filled with wonder and vivid description that creates a beautiful picture in your mind. Will Santiago find the treasure that will change his life forever?

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