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message 1: by LisaZen (new)

LisaZen | 55 comments Really? My first reaction...A populistic choice by the Nobel committee wanting to appear contemporary. Meh! Unnecessary. Music makers don't need more attention (except those not known by the general public). And now the Nobel door is forever open to other music makers...Not a good thing for the Nobel prize profile.

Ps. I have nothing against Bob Dylan as such.

message 2: by Haaze (new)

Haaze | 67 comments I agree even though one can argue that it is poetry accompanied by music. However, isn't a statue or a painting visual poetry? I keep wondering why the Swedish Academy took such an unusual stance? Besides, Dylan has yet to connect to the Academy's invitation. Will he actually accept the prize?

message 3: by LisaZen (new)

LisaZen | 55 comments What I have been thinking, exactly, is that wouldn't it be great if he rejected the prize saying something like that he is a reader too and he wished the prize remaining dedicated to books.

What a public discussion we would have after that!!!

message 4: by Haaze (new)

Haaze | 67 comments True! It would be causing lots of ripples for sure. Perhaps there is some severe incompatibility between the "establishment's" great literary prize and Dylan's own philosophy?

message 5: by LisaZen (new)

LisaZen | 55 comments I imagined myself in Dylan's place (hah!) going to the banquet dinner and all the rest of the Nobel routine. Names and works of many previous Nobel writers would run through "my" mind as the celebration proceeds. I think I might even feel humiliated when put into that context. Like a clown. The Nobel label would also separate Dylan ever after from the rest of the music makers; "the only Nobel singer songwriter of the world". Who does want to carry such a label? I can't help it, but it feels ridiculous.

Ironically, if Dylan rejected the prize, his fame would grow!!! How many Nobel nominees have done that? Very, very few. It would be so classy, so Dylanesque, if he uttered the briefest statement possible and never touched the subject again. Really something a normal guy would say. Like "I appreciate the gesture, but my texts are made to be accompanied by music. They belong to the music context rather than to literature. Therefore I can't accept the prize."

message 6: by Haaze (new)

Haaze | 67 comments Lisa,
I like how you think about this matter and suspect that you have predicted the future. It would make more sense for Dylan to reject the prize (for the reasons you described so well) and enhance his uniqueness in the realm of music. After all, he doesn't need the money and the "nixed the Nobel" label would be a very different kind of Prize!!! It sounds like something Dylan would do.

message 7: by Haaze (new)

Haaze | 67 comments By the way, whatever happened to this group? It seems to be a deepwater archive at this point.... :(

message 8: by LisaZen (new)

LisaZen | 55 comments Yup, maybe the Nobel committee's choices have made the prize so uninteresting that nobody cares to discuss anything.

message 9: by LisaZen (new)

LisaZen | 55 comments Now Dylan has announced that he will accept the prize and maybe even attend the ceremonies. Well, I hope he gives a banquet speech that will twist everybody's thinking and leave the whole world wrestling in a mind game. That would be cool.

message 10: by Haaze (new)

Haaze | 67 comments Lisa,
I was a bit surprised that he actually responded. After reading this opinion piece the other day I thought he would take a counter-culture stance with the award.

message 11: by LisaZen (new)

LisaZen | 55 comments Thank you for the link, Haaze. So well said by good old Sartre!

message 12: by Haaze (new)

Haaze | 67 comments Very! I almost wish he took the existential stance!!!

message 13: by LisaZen (new)

LisaZen | 55 comments It occurred to me that Dylan may sing a song instead of making a speech at the Nobel banquet. So, I started thinking which song might suite the situation. I know his songs very poorly, so just looked at some of the biggest hits first...

Don't Think Twice It's All Right has some good lines - like the title of the song itself. And the ending is good.

I ain't a-saying you treated me unkind
You could have done better but I don't mind
You just kinda wasted my precious time
But don't think twice, it's all right.

message 14: by LisaZen (new)

LisaZen | 55 comments What good am I some like all the rest
If I just turn away when I see how you're dressed
If I shut myself off so I can't hear you cry
What good am I ?

What good am I if I know and don't do
If I see and don't say if I look right through you
If I turn a deaf ear to the thunderin' sky
What good am I ?

Plus maybe a few new verses for the occasion?

message 15: by LisaZen (new)

LisaZen | 55 comments It's unbelievable it's strange but true
It's inconceivable it could happen to you
You're going north and you're going south
Just like bait in a fish's mouth
Must be living in the shadow of some kind of evil star
It's unbelievable it would get this far.

It's unbelievable what they'd have you to think
It's indescribable it can drive you to drink
They said it was the land of milk and honey
Now they say it's the land of money
Who ever thought they'd ever make that stick
It's unbelievable you could get this rich this quick.

Every head is so dignified
Every mood is so sanctified
Every urge is so satisfied
As long as you have paid
All the silver all the gold
All the sweethearts that you can hold
That don't come back with stories untold are hanging on a tree.

It's unbelievable like a lead balloon
So impossible to even line the tomb
Kill that beast and feet that swine
Scale that wall and smoke that wine
Beat that horse and saddle up that drum
It's unbelievable the day would finally come.

Once there was a man who had no eyes
Every lady in the land told him lies
He stood beneath the silver skies
And his heart beat could plead
Every brain is civilized
Every nerve is analyzed
Everything is critized when you are in need.

It's unbelievable it's fancy-free
So interchangeable so delightful to see
Turn you back wash you hands
There's always someone who understands
It don't matter no more what you got to say
It's unbelievable it go down this way.

message 16: by Haaze (new)

Haaze | 67 comments That would be a very interesting acceptance "speech"!

message 17: by LisaZen (new)

LisaZen | 55 comments The classic John Lennon quote popped to my mind:

For those of you in the cheap seats I'd like ya to clap your hands to this one; the rest of you can just rattle your jewelry!

message 18: by LisaZen (new)

LisaZen | 55 comments Ok, now we know that Dylan won't attend the ceremonies. He may have a really good reason, but "being busy" only leaves a taste of "just send me the money". I wish he had simply said "no thanks" in the very beginning of this mess.

message 19: by Haaze (new)

Haaze | 67 comments I agree. I was convinced that he was going to reject the prize...

message 20: by LisaZen (new)

LisaZen | 55 comments It will be interesting to see, how the literature prize will be acknowledged in the banquet. I hope there will not be a tacky dance piece to his music (there is usually some ballet and music between the courses of the meal). But I doubt they could possibly avoid playing Dylan in the dance after the meal. The guests would ask it anyway. It would be awkward not to play anything, but awkward also to play it. The dance won't be televised, but there will be comments in the media afterwards.

message 21: by LisaZen (new)

LisaZen | 55 comments Nobel banquet on the air right now / Swedish television

message 22: by Haaze (new)

Haaze | 67 comments And no Dylan in sight as far as I can surmise?

message 23: by LisaZen (new)

LisaZen | 55 comments Dylan has written a speech that will be read by Patti Smith. He is not attending the banquet himself.

message 24: by LisaZen (last edited Dec 10, 2016 10:42AM) (new)

LisaZen | 55 comments Wonderful klezmer music perfomed by Martin Fröst.

message 25: by Haaze (last edited Dec 10, 2016 10:52AM) (new)

Haaze | 67 comments I cannot quite believe how focused they are on the food! Besides, the event is spectacular in a unique atmosphere! Lovely!
I wish I could go at least once in my lifetime.

message 26: by LisaZen (new)

LisaZen | 55 comments It is finest dinner of the world. But the atmosphere is not stiff. It would be a dream to participate. I watch this every time. The television broadcast is fantastic. They explain everything. And people in Sweden arrange their own Nobel dinners at home. Soooo nice!

message 27: by Haaze (last edited Dec 10, 2016 11:17AM) (new)

Haaze | 67 comments I didn't know that people made a Nobel dinner at home? Is that a new thing or just in specific tiers of the society? I am indeed impressed with the broadcast although a bit overwhelmed by the hundreds of waiters/waitresses and the "anatomy" of the food.

message 28: by LisaZen (new)

LisaZen | 55 comments Middle and upper class will make it finer, but it is not only their thing. Some foodies try to copy the meal of some previous year to the t. That is a fairly new trend (since Master Chef became popular etc.). But over all Nobel banquet is a national celebration of a kind. The idea of the television broadcast is also that everybody can participate, in a way.

message 29: by Haaze (new)

Haaze | 67 comments Do university students participate by making dinners in their dorms?

message 30: by LisaZen (new)

LisaZen | 55 comments I'm sure they do!

message 31: by LisaZen (new)

LisaZen | 55 comments And some may rent a place for a group celebration.

message 32: by Haaze (new)

Haaze | 67 comments So much fun! I wish I was a student in Uppsala being part of our own Nobel dinner version. :)

message 33: by LisaZen (new)

LisaZen | 55 comments I just loooove this music. My fave ever at the Nobels!

message 34: by LisaZen (new)

LisaZen | 55 comments A lot of kale in the second course of the meal. Trendy.

message 35: by Haaze (new)

Haaze | 67 comments I love kale!!!! :P

message 36: by LisaZen (new)

LisaZen | 55 comments Aerial views of Stockholm, so pretty!

message 37: by Haaze (new)

Haaze | 67 comments I was there for the Fireworks competitions years ago and was enchanted. I agree - it is such a beautiful capital with all the water and intact older sections.

message 38: by LisaZen (new)

LisaZen | 55 comments Glass music. Brilliant!

message 39: by LisaZen (new)

LisaZen | 55 comments OMG a waitress dropped a plate from her tray! Haven't seen that before.

message 40: by Haaze (new)

Haaze | 67 comments *a flash of lightning from the ceiling disintegrates the waitress*

message 41: by Haaze (new)

Haaze | 67 comments I wouldn't be surprised if divine intervention took place in the Nobel Hall!

message 42: by LisaZen (last edited Dec 10, 2016 12:56PM) (new)

LisaZen | 55 comments You said it. Let's see if there will be more divine intervention. I'm dying for the dessert.

message 43: by LisaZen (new)

LisaZen | 55 comments Ha ha, really funny demonstration by the economy prize laureates. With lemon juice. The bitterness of contract handling, so to speak. And what's more, Bengt Holmström is Finnish. I raise a toast for that.

message 44: by Haaze (new)

Haaze | 67 comments Cheers! I kind of feel like that I'm actually there....
How weird is that?

message 45: by LisaZen (new)

LisaZen | 55 comments Magical night, Haaze.

message 46: by LisaZen (new)

LisaZen | 55 comments Time for the laureate's speeches.

message 47: by LisaZen (new)

LisaZen | 55 comments Oh, Bob Dylan's speech is NOT held by Patty Smith, but by the US Ambassador.

message 48: by Haaze (new)

Haaze | 67 comments Interesting!

message 49: by LisaZen (new)

LisaZen | 55 comments Dylan's speech: first part boring, from the Shakespeare comparison onward - good.

message 50: by Haaze (new)

Haaze | 67 comments I feel like a fly on the wall.

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