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Eva Name of the Book: Eden Forest (Part One of the Saskia Trilogy)
Author Name: Aoife Marie Sheridan
Genre: Paranormal/Young Adult/Fantasy/Romance
Number of Copies: 5
Format: Mobi


Sarajane Anderson is your regular twenty one year old. With family, friends and a normal job. She also happens to be the only person who can save Saskia, a world parallel to earth.

When Sarajane is taken to Saskia, she could never have imagined the reality of the world she steps into, a world where magical abilities are in everyone's possession.

She must face a father she never knew, a world that is beyond her belief. A guardian who captures her heart, and a darkness that wants to take it.
On this journey Sarajane discovers her magical abilities and realizes they come with a price. Sarajane is truly tested, as her loved ones are put at risk. The question she must ask herself is, how do you choose who lives and who dies?


Number of review copies available: 5


message 2: by Linda (new)

Linda | 2 comments Sounds very interesting. Does it come in e book? Is it part of a series?

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Ramona Plant | 379 comments I would like to review this book. Please send a mobi file to

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