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SOLVED: Children's/YA > Book about a girl with red hair who loves a vampire

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Alex (SparksOfLife) | 3 comments I haven't actually read the book but I really wanted to read it and I lost the page. I think the girl's name was Ember or something like that. It has a vampire in it who is the love interest (maybe 400 years old) and he has a novella of his own where he's looking for her. I think he may have known her in another life or something like that. I don't think the final book is out yet and on the cover of one of the books (i think the 3rd) it depicts just the girl's face with red (or possibly brown) hair with a black background. I really want to read it but I forgot what it's called. I think it's YA. Definitely paranormal romance. And the girl is super kickass

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Alex (SparksOfLife) | 3 comments The book series was called mystics and mayhem

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Alex (SparksOfLife) | 3 comments By AJ Myers

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