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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) Hi!

So I'm in a dire mood to roleplay something that involves a male cheerleader and a jock or a nerd and a jock, or maybe an male cheerleader and some sorta emo/punk/goth dude, I would preferably like to play the nerd or a male cheerleader.

ν1ятυαℓ_gн0ѕт (∂αи¢є'ѕ вαв) (goawayplease) | 281 comments I'm cool with that, if it is fine with you, I would like to be the jock ^^

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) Okay ^^

ν1ятυαℓ_gн0ѕт (∂αи¢є'ѕ вαв) (goawayplease) | 281 comments cool beans. Ready to set up the characters? I'll have mine up in a few minutes.

ν1ятυαℓ_gн0ѕт (∂αи¢є'ѕ вαв) (goawayplease) | 281 comments Name: Eric Princeton
Sexuality: Bisexual

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) Name: Ethan Liam-Adam Carter
Age: 17 years old
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Gay

ν1ятυαℓ_gн0ѕт (∂αи¢є'ѕ вαв) (goawayplease) | 281 comments ooh he's cute ^^ are you ready to start?

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) Thanks and yeah, where should we start? And are they together or are we building up on that?

ν1ятυαℓ_gн0ѕт (∂αи¢є'ѕ вαв) (goawayplease) | 281 comments maybe we can start after their practice and I was thinking we can build up to them eventually going out.

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) Okay sounds good can you start us off?

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) Okay

ν1ятυαℓ_gн0ѕт (∂αи¢є'ѕ вαв) (goawayplease) | 281 comments "Alright,that's enough for today!"Eric called out to the others. The sound of cleats against the astroturf and balls hitting the goal stopped as Eric's teammates stopped to catch their breath and brace their hands on their knees. "Good work today,everyone. Clean it up and then hit the showers."He commanded,picking up a soccer ball that rolled his way and grabbing others that were in his path. It was five o clock sharp,signifying that after school was over and so was sports practice. Eric glanced over at the other side of the field to where the cheerleaders seemed to be getting themselves ready to hit the locker rooms as well. Seeing that there were some who were watching the cheerleaders as well he shook his head before barking out. "Move it,boys! The longer you screw around,the longer I'll have you wait to shower!"

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) Ethan was dropped from the top of the tower and into the arms of some football players who came to watch their girlfriends and boyfriends practice, Ethan thanked them all and watched his fellow cheerleaders fall from the tower one by one. " Today was a good day girls and guys, go to the showers, and no boys you can not join your girlfriends in the showers today, the principal rapped me about that yesterday!" Ethan shouted, he and his sister Audrey were the cheer captains, but she left on a two week field trip a few days ago and for two weeks it would be just him. Ethan smiled as the girls came over and hugged him and then went to the showers, the boys came over and clapped him on the back before heading to the showers, the football player boyfriends stayed and helped Ethan clean up their side of the field. Ethan loved cheerleading, not only because of the rush and excitement, but because the soccer boys always loved to watch them practice, and it made Ethan feel empowered, Ethan smiled and stopped, he grimaced as he was suddenly tackled to the ground by one of the football players. " Ethan!" The football player said loudly in the ears of the young boy beneath him, Ethan grinned noticing the voice, " Kyle! Oh my god! You are such a douchebag!" Ethan said as he pushed the boy off, he stood with the help of his best friends boyfriend and brushed himself off. " You did great today," Praised Kyle, Kyle was the captain of the football team and had a humongous crush on Ethan, but everyone knew, except for his crush, that Ethan loved Eric Princeton, the soccer boy.

ν1ятυαℓ_gн0ѕт (∂αи¢є'ѕ вαв) (goawayplease) | 281 comments With the threat of waiting for the showers,and being stuck in a room full of sweaty soccer players got them moving and that made their side of the field go a lot swifter. Of course,Eric couldn't really blame them for watching the cheerleaders,they were very good,and some of the girls were cute too,but the cutest of them all seemed to be Ethan,the male captain of the cheerleaders. If Eric weren't captain (and didn't feel like setting an example for his teammates) he'd sit around and watch too. After making sure that everything was in perfect order and all the equipment was accounted for,Eric let them go while he dragged the stuff inside to the closet. Along the way he caught up to one of his friends,Cedric who was one of the players for the football team. "Good hustle today,think you guys will make it to the playoffs?" Eric asked,handing one of the bags to him as they walked to the entrance of the gymnasium. "If the others stop getting hard ons over the girls then yeah."Cedric replied then shot him a sly grin. "Of course,if it were you,it would be because of Ethan right~?"He teased,nudging him playfully. "Go to hell,"He laughed shaking his head and shoving him back.

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) Ethan gathered the things the cheerleaders used today, he went over to the closet and pushed past the two that were already there, " Sorry," Ethan apologized as he shoved the thing into the closet where they were originally. Ethan then walked out and pushed past the guy's again, Ethan kept himself from looking at Eric, no matter how much he wanted the older males gaze on him, he kept his gaze on his friends who were waiting for him so that they could go to the showers.

ν1ятυαℓ_gн0ѕт (∂αи¢є'ѕ вαв) (goawayplease) | 281 comments Eric and Cedric were playfully shoving and trying to put the supplies back in as neatly as possible when Eric's person of interest shoved past them and put his things in the closet only to shove past them again. They were silent for a moment before Cedric spoke again. "Damn,missed your chance to talk to him again-Eric are you blushing?" "No."Eric lied as he fixed the closet so everything was neat and orderly. Indeed he was blushing because Ethan touched him. Granted it was a shove but he was touched by him and that automatically made his day. "Come on,I'll give you a lift home."He murmured and grabbed his own bag since it was nearby and he never showered at the school. Cedric whooped. "Cool. You should bump into your crush more often then if this is what's gonna happen every time."

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) Ethan ran over to his friends, he normally showered at home, so that he didn't get touched by other boys in the locker room, he had a phobia with male human germs and tended to avoid certain people, sweaty boys in the locker room, NOPE. Ethan and the girls went to Ethan's Ferrari and Ethan jumped into the front seat, basically jumping over the car door ; Ethan began thinking back to when he had brushed against Eric and Cedric, the soccer boy and the football player, this made him smile widely. " Whatcha smiling about cutie?" Asked one of his girlfriends, he grinned and looked at the one who spoke, " I brushed against Eric on my way to put the stuff we used away," Ethan answered, the girls all squealed, they all found it adorable how Ethan was in love with the soccer captain.

ν1ятυαℓ_gн0ѕт (∂αи¢є'ѕ вαв) (goawayplease) | 281 comments "Are you kidding? It was just a brush on the shoulder,"Jared, Cedric's twin complained as he followed beside them. He was apart of the soccer team unlike his brother and was one of Eric's top players. Of course he was also the most pessimistic of the team as well. "next,the almighty captain will blush when a piece of Ethan's hair falls on his desk."He continued when they reached Eric's car. It was a pathetic excuse for a pickup truck but it worked and tgat suit him just fine. "Ahh,old faithful. How I have missed you. Did your sister fix it yet?" Cedric teased. Eric shot him a dark look and then unlocked the door. "Old red here is absolutely fine. Thanks,now hop in or both of you will be staying here." With that in mind,Eric drove them home,was annoyed by them talking shit about his car and was more than happy when they left,leaving him alone with his thoughts as he drove home.

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) Ethan drove the girls home and then went home himself, parking his car outside his grandparents old Victorian styled manor, they weren't rich, his grandpa just inherited some type of fortune from some family member when they died. Ethan's parents had died in a car crash and left their nine year old son and seven year old daughter in the care of their grandparents, who spoiled them whenever they could. Ethan entered the house and greeted his grandma and her friends with individual hugs and cheek kisses, he was a gentleman despite the fact he spoke ill of god and swore like his mother never taught him not to. Ethan went upstairs and threw his bag onto his bed, he then headed over to his computer and went onto Facebook, he bit his lip and wondered wether or not to send Eric a friend request, ever since he first bumped into the boy in middle school, he had nonstop been wondering what to do about his small crush. Ethan cracked his back and his neck and even his fingers, he bit his lip hard until it bled, and he clicked the little white button that was labeled 'send friend request' he closed his eyes and pushed himself away, he grabbed his phone from the charger on his desk and grabbed a change of clothes and went into the bathroom, plugging his phone into the ihome radio and tried to find his favorite song as he turned the shower on and then stripped.

ν1ятυαℓ_gн0ѕт (∂αи¢є'ѕ вαв) (goawayplease) | 281 comments Eric didn't live with his parents. They weren't dead literally but figuratively in his and his sister's mind. "Hey loser."She greeted him when he parked the truck and hopped out. She was working on a nice car this time which was obvious considering that they were in a nice place and she was the best (and cheapest) mechanic out here.Their parents disowned his sister because she didn't want to accept the family business and then disowned him when they caught him kissing a boy from his school,hence the reason why they were states away from their parents. "How's your unrequited love?" "How's your strike against taking a shower?" Eric shot back and dashed up the stairs before he could be knocked out by a monkey wrench. He bounded up the stairs to his room,taking two steps at a time and flopped onto the bed to check his notifications. One new friend request. Eric's brows rose and then his heart nearly skipped a beat when he saw who it was. Ethan. "Holy shit holy shit holy shit."Eric whispered,frantically checking to see that it was indeed Ethan and then pressed confirm quickly as he grabbed a towel and randomly picked out clothes before heading into the bathroom,excitement bubbling in his stomach as he considered messaging the other guy.

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) Ethan had finished his shower and was now resting on his Harry Potter themed bed, he was on his laptop messaging a few of his girlfriends, Ethan's *Dedushka came into the room, he watched his gay grandson with a big smile. Ethan noticed his Dedushka and smiled, " Hi Dedushka, what's up?" Ethan asked. Ethan's Dedushka smiled softly, " Hows it going with the boy crush?" Ethan's Dedushka asked, which made Ethan blush deeply. Ethan cleared his throat and decided to check his Facebook, his eyes widened and his heart started racing, " holy fuck, holy fuck, holy fuck!" Ethan said freaking out, his Dedushka leaned forward and looked at Ethan's computer as his grandson began jumping around the room. " He accepted your little friend request!" Ethan's Dedushka said happily, Ethan nodded, he sat back down on his bed and debated on wether or not to message Eric, he looked at his Dedushka, who gave him a small smile. " Send him the message, it's a start," Dedushka said. Ethan nodded and sighed softly....

Send message to Eric Princeton:

Hey Eric, just wanted to apology again for brushing past you and Cedric, it was just you were blocking the closet entrance and coach would yell at me again if I left the stuff out of the closet.

Ethan pressed send and laid back against his Voldemort pillow.


* Dedushka - is a Russian word for grandfather
Bedushka - is a Russian word for grandmother ( for future reference )

ν1ятυαℓ_gн0ѕт (∂αи¢є'ѕ вαв) (goawayplease) | 281 comments Eric emerged from his shower, toweling dry his hair and trying not to grimace at what he picked out in his excited haze. Pajama shorts that didn't match his favorite band t-shirt. Well, they were pajama pants so it didn't really matter. He hummed to himself as he hopped down the stairs and made his way into the small kitchen. If his sister was in charge of paying of the bills (with a little bit of his help) then he was in charge of cooking, which was absolutely fine with Eric because cooking was in second place of his favorite things to do. The first obviously being playing soccer. Eric set down a couple of things and was getting them all together to cook when his notification rang, signifying that he got a message. Eric glanced over and felt his he skip a beat, was it Ethan messaging him already? No, it couldn't be...but Eric coouldn't help himself to look. He bit his lip to hide his excitement and bounced quietly in place as he read over the message and then quickly typed up a reply.

Hey! Don't worry about it, we were in your way, I usually take a long time there because I'm trying to organize everything so it doesn't look too sloppy and Cedric was being an idiot-well we we both were lol. But really, don't sweat it :D

Pressing send,Eric let out a soft little sigh and then wrinkled his nose when he realized that something was burning. Then cursed aloud when he realized that it was his food that was burning.

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) Ethan was talking to his sister who called him when his laptop dinged, his sister oohed at him and he told her to fuck off, he read the message and smiled softly, " Well I wouldn't say idiots," Ethan murmured.

I wouldn't say you were acting like idiots, I'd say you were acting like children.

Ethan sent that and then continued talking to his sister, he put her on speaker phone when he was called downstairs for dinners turned out his grandpa had been making dinner, Ethan's favorite, which was Kasha, Ethan checked Facebook for other friend requests and messages as he spoke to his sister still. His grandparents greeted him and then his sister when they realized he was on the phone,

ν1ятυαℓ_gн0ѕт (∂αи¢є'ѕ вαв) (goawayplease) | 281 comments Dinner just barely saved and now cooling as he set up the plates for him to sit and eat (and maybe have his sister eat too), Eric's phone dinged and he pulled it out to check and see if it were Ethan. When he guessed right, Eric grinned and leaned back against the table, reading the message over before chuckling as he typed out a reply.

Acting like children, being idiots, sounds the same when it concerns Cedric and I. It drives his brother up the wall because we do it all the time haha. Anyways, how are you, how was practice? I mean, I saw you guys occasionally and you looked good.

Eric just pressed send when his sister waltz in, all covered in grime and smelling of il. "Ooh, who're you texting?" She cooed, taking the phone out of his hands before he could stop her and gasping when she found the name. "Ethan? You're actually messaging your crush and not watching him like a lovesick puppy? Ooooh~" She teased, laughing as she danced out of the way of his grabs. " You looked good today Ooh, little risque, don't you think?" She laughed and Eric flushed before successfully grabbing the phone and tapping out another response.

I meant your team looked good today! haha, I hope that didn't creep you out.

He pressed send then glared at his sister. "shut up and get yourself cleaned up, trouble. I'm hungry."

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) Ethan was eating when his phone buzzed, " No phones at the dinner table hun," his Bedushka said and Ethan nodded, he began eating after prayer and began thinking about what Eric said to him, what he would say back, he was still talking to his sister on speaker phone, " So I hear little Ethan still likes soccer boy," His sister teased and Ethan groaned. " I'm older then you by two years, and soccer boy has an name, and it's Eric," Ethan snapped. " Woah, Snappy turtle comes out of his shell finally, well sorry, listen I loved talking to you all but I gotta go," Ethan's sister said, " Bye Lola!" Everyone sang, Ethan finished and asked to be excused, when he was allowed to leave the table, he noticed that it had taken him an hour to eat, so he read Eric's text before replying.

Sorry was eating, my Bedushka said no phones at the table, children and idiots are very different things, lol, anyways thanks and doubles thanks, it wasn't creepy at all, but I basically just watched you guys practice anyways, I didn't really do anything with my team until it was time to practice the tower.....

ν1ятυαℓ_gн0ѕт (∂αи¢є'ѕ вαв) (goawayplease) | 281 comments It wasn't often that they ate dinner together. Due to his sister working on cars all the time and him having to do homework or being too tired from practice they both just took their separate dinners and disappeared off to do their own work. So when they finally eat together during dinner, its a time in which work, phone calls and other outside forces don't intervene. It was a time where Eric and his sister could spend together and enjoy the little bit of time they can have together. Of course, they couldn't stay like that all night and eventually his sister had to get back to work before it got too dark out. "go on and talk to your boyfriend, I'll handle the dishes." She said, waving him off with a little wink. Eric rolled his eyes but he thanked her quietly and went back upstairs to his room where he checked his phone and noticed that Ethan had actually responded a couple minutes ago.

That's understandable, I just came back from eating myself. I usually don't eat with my sister often and when I do, I don't use my phone either. Oh that's good lol, I'd hate to creep you out and really? I mean, thanks. You seem like you make a really good leader for your team.

Eric sent it then sighed as he flopped back on the bed,considering manning up and asking him to hang out sometime tomorrow or during the weekend before he made a fool out of himself.

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) Ethan was talking through video chat through his laptop with his best friend Charlie, David, his friends boyfriend, was there too, chatting up a storm with him, asking him weird questions about Eric and shit like that. " Fucking hell Dave, if you want to know so much about him, go out with him for god sakes!" Ethan yelled, he put a hand over his mouth, David was dead quiet before putting on a dangerous playful smirk, " Maybe I will," David teases. " No! He's mine! Back off! I already called dibs ages ago," Ethan said like a child, making David and Charlie laugh, " Dude, I would never take your man alright, you know that, you've known that since elementary school," David said, David was bisexual, like Eric was. Ethan smiled, he received a text, he opened it, " hang on a second sexy, he responded," Ethan said and he turned away from them.

Well yeah, I mean what else am I gonna do besides stare at the hawk that's always watching us at every practice, and I mean the actual hawk that watches us, not the weird kid who watches us like a hawk....I'm being weird aren't I?

Ethan sent that with a blush.

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