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message 1: by Garfield (new)

Garfield Whyte (garfieldwhyte) Hello, I am offering 2 copies for review of this book, you can chose either epub/kindle or a paperback. Please PM if you are interested.


message 2: by enqi (new)

enqi ♡ (feyrhys) | 215 comments i would be interested in a paperback if you could ship to singapore :)

message 3: by Garfield (new)

Garfield Whyte (garfieldwhyte) Thx...I will check for shipping cost ....thats far...wouldnt you take a kindle version, if so can I have teh email that you use for kindle, i would gift it to you now

message 4: by enqi (new)

enqi ♡ (feyrhys) | 215 comments Hi, sorry for late reply! If you have a mobi format you can send it to enqixcx@gmail.com :)

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