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Vicki | 2 comments Mod
This book, centering around two high school seniors caught up in a violent event, shines a bright light on the incendiary issue of racial profiling. Rashad and Quinn are both on the basketball team, but they move in different circles. When Rashad is mistakenly accused of stealing, Quinn witnesses his brutal beating at the hands of a police officer who happens to be the older brother of his best friend. All American Boys, written by Jason Reynolds and Brendan Kiely, illuminates all the jagged edges of this painful, in-the-moment national struggle by creating genuine characters and letting us inside their heads. We come to care deeply about them as they wrestle with their inner conflicts in the midst of outward chaos. All American Boys will provide rich material for the difficult yet necessary conversations that must take place if we are to understand ourselves and work toward healing our national wounds.

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Vicki | 2 comments Mod
Before I read Salt to the Sea, I had never heard of the sinking of the Wilhelm Gustloff, a ship commissioned to take European refugees out of the path of the advancing Russian army in 1945, but this haunting, yet ultimately uplifting story opened my eyes, not only to the historical events leading up to the sinking of this ship, but also to the uncountable personal tragedies that bloom in the wake of broken nations. By focusing on four teenagers on the ship, each with a secret, Sepetys gives us a keyhole-view of the effects of guilt on each of them. The stories of their efforts to suppress, atone for, heal from, and rise above their shame offer readers insight into the worst and the best qualities of human nature, and its ability to persevere against seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Part Titanic and part Sarah's Key, Salt to the Sea is a vivid roller-coaster of a historical novel, building inexorably to its violent apex, and then plunging the reader through a sea of emotional fall-out to an ultimately satisfying conclusion.

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Reise | 1 comments Tim Burton’s words, “One person’s Craziness, is another person’s reality.” Inspired me to read the book The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold. I found this book to be a good lesson in who you should trust and in how manipulative one person can be. It will give you a insight on how cruel it is to be a kidnapped victim, and make you appreciate the relationship you have with your family. As the narrator describes her experiences before and after her death, she realized she should have expected the unexpected.
It's a remarkable story, in the way it shows the reader how messed up some people's disgusting, questionable intentions are towards their naive victims. Suzie Salmon, our main character in this story, goes into depth about how she felt when taken from her family and how they were affected by her death. She also tries to deal with how unfair it was having someone she thought she could trust strip her of everything she once knew. This very suspenseful, eye opening book teaches lessons by putting the reader in the narrator’s shoes.

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Zach Gulbransen (zacharygulbransen18d155org) | 1 comments In the action filled thriller “Gym Candy”, Mick Johnson, the son of former star NFL football player Mike Johnson, feels he has to live up to the high expectations set by his father. Everything takes a turn for the worse when Mick is stopped short of the end zone in a High School playoff football game. Don’t get me wrong, Mick is an exceptional athlete, but is he good enough to make it to the next level like his dad did? Mick seems to posses self doubt when he asks himself, “Why had I failed? Why did I come up a foot short? You don’t have the talent, a voice whispered.” To ensure that that didn’t happen again, Mick began to start a heavy duty weight lifting program at a local gym called Popeyes. He works out with Peter Volz, the owner of the gym, and is eventually introduced to steroids. Wanting to get that extra edge over the competition for next season, Mick decides to take them until tryouts are over. He begins to experience a lot of anger and depression followed by mood swings. He then receives information from Peter that there is other stuff that produces results much faster and can bring forth more serious results. This is done by steroid injections. As Mick starts to take on this path, he becomes so addicted to the results and success he’s having that he can’t stop. Mick seems to have everything going right for him at the moment, but looks to be having a reality check waiting for him in the near future. A sense of greed is being formed and usually that never ends well. By far this was one of my favorite books I’ve read. Such a great message is told from start to end through the life of a young, uneducated High School boy. The characters are so relatable and easy to make strong connections with. It teaches us that life has along with it responsibilities and consequencs, and they can be quite devastating if not taken seriously. It was a quick read, but very enjoyable. I loved every minute of it because it was just impossible to be put down.

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Michael Pilafas | 1 comments In the thrillful book The Hollow Men, A 64 year old retired CIA spy named Wallace Mahoney was morning his wife who had recently died. On one morning he woke up looking down the barrel of a .38 special revolver and “shook his head in sadness”. Mahoney had been contemplating suicide, But he had gone another day making the choice not too. A Israeli Mossad agent that he had worked with years before had visited him asking to help find a mole that was inside the Mossad. Mahoney said he would help and flew to greece to meet with the director of the Mossad for more details on the situation. During his investigation he was overcome with murders, and double agents. In the middle of the investigation the Mossad asks him to leave but he stays and eventually discovers who the mole in the Mossad was, which only created more problems threatening other countries including America.

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Cory Zordan | 1 comments This interesting book, Peak, is a phenomenal story about a young 14 year old teenage boy's love for climbing things and how he reconnected with his biological father throughout their journey together. The boy, whose name is Peak, lives with his mom, stepdad, and two twin sisters in the New York City. Peak Is a determined teenager who climbs massive skyscrapers; however, he got busted on one of his climbs. Therefore, the cops arrested him and held him in custody until his court date. The judge agreed to let peak go live with his true father who is a very successful climber and businessman who lives out of the country. However, little does Peak know his dad is taking him to climb Mount Everest. Peaks father told him that if he reaches the top of Mount Everest before his birthday he will be the youngest person to ever climb Everest. Overall, I loved this book, because it was a compelling story that made me not want to put the book.

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Jake Groe | 1 comments In the book Red Rising by Pierce Brown, a 18 year old LowRed called Darrow is a Helldiver for the clan Lykos. When his clan doesn’t win the laurel he realizes that there is a hierarchy in the city and the Golds control that hierarchy. When his wife, Eo, shows him a forbidden garden above the surface of mars, they are caught by the silvers, the police of the city, and are issued to be whipped. His wife sings a forbidden song and is issued a death sentence. He buries her in the garden and he is sentenced to death as well. He is saved by the sons of ares, and he is transformed into a HighGold. He is sent to become a peerless scarred at an institute so he can free humanity from the gold. I enjoyed this book since I enjoy books about war with futuristic weapons. I also enjoyed this book because it created a detailed background of the characters and Pierce Brown built upon their personalities throughout the story.

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Joe | 1 comments In the knowledge and entrepreneurial filled book, Bold How to Go Big, Create Wealth and Impact the World by Peter H. Diamandis , it talks about creating wealth and impacting the world “going big.” Showing us the key strategies and facts to becoming successful financially. It separates these tactics in three different fields and opportunities, part one, it talks about over 400 companies and technologies that are about to be breakthrough ideas. But it doesn't just tell you these ideas it gives you ways to start a business smartly and strategically. Some of these items are 3D printing, artificial intelligence, robotics,ect. Part two, talks about the psychology of bold and “going big”, From billionaire entrepreneurs. Finally it talks about in part three the right practices of going big and creating wealth along with crowd sourcing. Bold really helped me understand what it takes to going big and I recommend it to any entrepreneurial person.

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Landen Reinhardt | 1 comments In the book "The Martian" Mark Watney is the only one on Mars and has to survive until the next group of Astronauts arrive. I thought the book was very in depth and had a lot of science behind it and it put forth a lot of detail on exactly how he plans to survive. There is a lot of math and problem solving with in the book that lets you know exactly what the character is thinking. The book also was very suspenseful and very unpredictable because one minute he is doing fine then in just a couple seconds he's back to where he started very good book. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves to have explanations or to someone who likes science fiction.

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Johnny | 1 comments This book I read about a middle school boy, gave me many reasons to love it. I love how in this story it always has someone with their head high even though rough patches may be happening in their lives. In Booked by Kwame Alexander, Nicholas, the main character, faces many obstacles in his life. He worries that he will not be able to talk to the girl he likes, he is hit with an unexpected blow when his parents told them they were getting a divorce, and his soccer season is cut short after a stunning injury followed by emergency surgery. This breathtaking book makes us all think in the mind of a middle school student. It puts us in the mind of Nicholas and takes us through every step of his life with him and all the decisions he makes. Booked makes people understand that life is not easy, and teaches us that for every negative thing that happens in our lives, there will always be an equal positive.

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Scott Stetz | 1 comments Going through the teenage years of life is always interesting, and the book Swim the Fly by Don Calame does a great job in describing how humorous being a teen can be. For Matt Gratton and his two best friends they have a tradition, a tradition to set a goal in the beginning of each summer. Usually these goals are small and have never been left unfinished, but this year could be different for the three of them. They raised the stakes, setting their goal to see a real-life naked girl for the first time. For some this isn't a challenging chore, but for the three of them it is nearly impossible since they have a hard enough time talking to girls. Meanwhile, this isn't the only struggle Matt will be facing this summer. He has volunteered to race in the 100 yard butterfly in hope to win over his dream girl, the new star on the swim team, Kelly West. Hoping to accomplish both goals, Matt and his friends make the novel Swim the Fly, an interesting, energetic story, keeping the reader hooked on if the boys will accomplish this life changing goal.

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Matthew | 1 comments Last Man Out by Mike Lupica, is a story about a boy who overcomes the most traumatizing experience that any child could ever face. Tommy Gallagher, a 12 year old beast Linebacker, plays on the Brighton Bears football team. Football to Tommy was more than just a game, he loved the sport more than anything. Especially because it was something that brought Tommy and his Dad closer together. Tommys dad Patrick Gallagher, who worked as a fireman, sadly passed away by risking his life trying to save a family trapped in a house engulfed by flames. Once the Gallaghers heard the news, everyone was devastated. In the matter of minutes, Tommy lost his best friend. As a couple of weeks surpassed, Tommy as well as his sister Emily weren’t the same. Tommys way of mourning was by making dangerous plays which lead to the loss of many games. As for Emily, she had no eagerness to play soccer even though she was one of the bests.
Last Man Out I believe was outstanding, not only in the way it shows what life is like when losing a loved won, but how even when you hit a rough patch in life, you can’t let your personal issues overcome who you are as a person. Overall, I think this book showed integrity, strength, hope, and above all, love.

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Caleb | 1 comments Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, by J.K. Rowling, is a very well thought out novel. Very entertaining to read and lots of fun and magic. To start off, Harry Potter, a young boy at age 11, is accepted to a school by the name of Hogwarts, a school for wizards and witches. With his upsetting Aunt and Uncle, and diabolical cousin Dudley, he must live with them and they do not want him to attend the academy. He then is forced to go by someone who comes to get him. Harry, who is a wizard himself, loves the school and meets friends, but also faces evil when he is attending the school. With battles against large ogres and people out to get Harry, such as teachers, it is a very eventful book. Not to spoil most of the book, but it is a great read. I would give the novel 5 out of 5 stars. Enjoy!

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Kylie Costello | 1 comments Piper McCloud is the girl who could fly. Always able to hover above the ground as a baby, she was hidden from the rest of the town. Until she went to a picnic with her parents. People flocked to her family's farm from all over; Including Dr. Hellion, from an organization known as I.N.S.A.N.E. (Institute of Normalcy, Stability, and Non-Exceptionality). Under the impression that this was the safest place for her, Piper went with Dr. Hellion to the facility. She met many other children with unique abilities of their own. Piper learns the dark side behind I.N.S.A.N.E. and plots to escape home, only that it is impossible. The only way out is to become normal or be terminated.
I found this book to be a thrilling read due to its unpredictable nature and ironic solutions to Piper’s problems. I would recommend The Girl Who Could Fly by Victoria Forester to those who appreciate irony, adventure, science fiction, and a good mystery.

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JACOB PAVORIS | 1 comments Most Dangerous by Steve Sheinkin Steve SheinkinMost Dangerous: Daniel Ellsberg and the Secret History of the Vietnam War

From the mid 60’s to the early 70’s, Daniel Ellsberg went from analyst a for the Rand Corp. to “the most dangerous man in America.” At the start a supporter of Cold War politics and the Vietnam War, he became angered and disgusted, with the war and the lies presidents told to cover up the United States’ deepening involvement in the war. Ellsberg helped to write and gather the Pentagon Papers (seven thousand pages of documentary evidence of lying, by four presidents and their administrations over the course of twenty-three years). After leaving the Pentagon and Rand Corp. to become a teacher he leaked the copies he made to the the American public, adding to the fuel of anger and rage of the American public with American foreign policy.

This book is a great read, fun and full of life. In the beginning you can really connect with the main character Daniel Ellsberg and his life, but s the book goes on you slowly realize that you find it harder and harder to connect with him and you slowly connect more and more the the secondary character Patricia Marx. Ellsberg and Marx at first don't really see eye to eye and you know why. First he’s for the war and with American foreign policy and she is a full on anti-war protester from the start. Ellsberg and Marx as people and characters really play off each other quite well, and in the end Ellsberg is against the war and in love with Marx. Marx takes a man who is totally for the war and is on the inside and flips him into an anti-war and anti-government protester who leaked classified documents about the Vietnam war for the good of the American public. Overall this book is a great book and it was one book that I really enjoyed reading.

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Sophia Crawford (sophiacrawford18d155org) | 1 comments This book involves a group of wild and adrenaline junky teenagers.  They all enter in a game called Panic that requires them to do both illegal and dangerous challenges.  In the midst of all the chaos they are experiencing love and where they belong in the world.  These four friends, Bishop, Heather, Natalie, and Dodge become close during the game. Dodge is falling in love with Nat and Heather is falling for her best friend Bishop.  In the book Panic, by Lauren Oliver, these four high school seniors are deciding who to trust and who not to trust in these reckless games.  At one point in the book these games get so intense that they start turning on each other.  They had to work through their issues, also dealing with drama happening at home in their own households.  Panic teaches us about friendship and about how making mistakes will only help you become a better human.  

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David Pecoraro | 1 comments The book Assassins Game is extremely thrilling with it's "all or nothing" mentality. It really shows how brutal and nerve racking desert storm was, so when a brilliant scientist, Dr. Ibrahim Hemedi, has taken Iran to the threshold of its dream- a nuclear tipped ballistic missile.the Israeli government agency “Mossad” is tasked to take him out, but after two fails it becomes apparent that the Mossad have a mole. So they decide to get an outside man. David Slaton, once Israel's most lethal assassin. David has vowed to never kill again. He has a good life with a wife and a suburban home. But when his wife is attacked and forced to flee across Europe. Events force Slatons hand. Dr. Hemedi may be one of the world's worst closely guarded men on earth, but he's David Slatons next target… He does not fail.

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Madison Hawrysz | 1 comments Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, by J.K. Rowling, takes place 19 years after we last saw Harry Potter and his friends. Harry is married to Ginny Weasley and has three kids, James, Albus, and Lily. Ron and Hermione have a daughter named Rose and Draco Malfoy has a son named Scorpius. Albus and Scorpius, unlike their fathers, are best friends. Rowling accurately describes the pains of adolescence and trying to fit in with classmates. She also paints a very clear picture of teenage troubles of relating to their parents and one day be as great. The book takes us through several of Albus and Scorpius “trys” at rewriting history. Rowling does a fantastic job of making the reader believe in the unexpected results of their meddling. The author also creates such new detailed characters that the reader believes they are actually real. She also does a great job of bringing back some of our beloved characters from her previous books. This book has new amazingly believable characters just like the other Harry Potter books. You will not be disappointed!

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Catherine Jones | 1 comments The Glass Castle is a beautifully written non-fiction story that will keep you interested and wanting more.Jeannette Walls shares her story about her childhood growing up with an alcoholic father, and a free spirited mother. Jeanette’s childhood and adulthood has never been boring with something new concerning her family everyday. She starts off her story with the current day, while visiting her mother for lunch then the second chapter starts with her childhood. The book tells you almost day by day how it was, with somes days better than others. Jeanette’s father was a brilliant man when he wasn’t intoxicated and taught his kids geology, and physics but most importantly he taught them how to use their imagination and how to live life to the fullest and with no fears. Her mother was a free spirit who taught her kids the importance of art and beauty, sounds great...right? Well Jeanette’s parents had problems, such as they couldn’t live at one place for too long, couldn’t afford for new clothes or school supplies and any money they would have their father would take to drink. When things were good on the Walls house, they were great. Her father would promise his kids his the world, especially Jeanette since she looked up to him the most, their mother would take them to any local art store or the library to help them grow more knowledgeable. The Glass Castle is a magnificent story that illustrates every story so clear it is as if you lived through it too, which means you will cry when they cry, be happy when they are happy and, laugh with them too. If you want perspective on how other people can live and still come out successful I highly recommend reading this story.

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Emma Perry | 1 comments In the book Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks, the story follows a young woman named Katie who is new in town, and is getting settled into a confined, small town. Katie is living about a mile out of town but, then discovers she’s not the only crazy one living out there. She meets her neighbor, Jo. As Katie and Jo get to know each other, Jo even suggests that she get to know the small town shop owner, Alex. Alex is a single father and a widower. As the two get to know each other Alex soon finds out, that Katie is hiding from her abusive husband, Kevin. The problem is that her husband is a detective for the Boston Police and is on the hunt for her. I liked how the author had Katie really open up to Alex after they started to get to know each other. This made the story sappier, and more heartfelt. I didn’t like how the author made Kevin a mean and nasty man. But then to throw into the mix, alcohol, I didn’t like the fact that he became a horrible person. Even though this made the story deeper, this also put Katie through a lot of stress. I liked how the author made Alex a widow and that his wife died years ago. This made him more attractive and open for Katie. If his wife hadn’t passed I don’t think that Katie and Alex would be the way they are.

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Joe Thompson | 1 comments In the book ASH, it starts in a relatively slow fashion compared to the rest of the book. The beginning of the book just gives you some knowledge on Asher Benson, which happens to be the main character. Then one day on his way home from his daily drinking walked into a bank and robbed it along with the other thieves. From there the book sort of takes off action wise, everything from constant thoughts of random people popping into his head, because he can read minds not always, or ever in his total control. To Running from police officials. Overall this is a very interesting book that will never get boring until you have finished it, because you will be thrown out of the action thrill seeking reality you were in for the last 325 pages.

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Haley | 1 comments I never thought that I was going to read a book about skin and like it as much as I did.Then, I read the book Skin Cleanse: The Simple, All-Natural Program for Clear, Calm, Happy Skin by Adina Grigore. During this book, you get a lot of information about what are the best and worst ways to take care of your skin. If you're not treating your skin the best this book will give you advice- things like what you should eat, how you should exercise, and helpful DIY face products. Adina Grigore talks to you throughout the book like she understands what you're going through. This is a really good trait because it makes you feel like you're not the only one going through this. Skin Cleanse really opened up my eyes to all the mistakes I had been making to my skin and how if I just exercised my skin could look phenomenal. In the book, Grigore talks about how everyone needs to be exercising especially if you don't like your skin. Exercising can really improve the look of your skin, because it can cause less wrinkles and discoloration and it also prevent breakouts. She also goes into depth about the food we eat and how certain foods that you are eating can cause your skin to look so bad. In the novel she wants everyone to write a journal about everything they eat for two weeks just to see there trouble foods. Grigore makes sure that you realize these aren't things that you have to do she is just telling you what has worked for her and also her clients .This is a remarkable book that I’m sure has helped many people develop better skin.

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Anna | 1 comments   Before reading “All the bright places” by Jennifer Niven, I wasn’t very interested in reading it, seeing that the book didn’t get the best reviews and I know multiple people who didn’t like it, but I decided to see for myself if it was either good or bad.
    While reading “All the Bright Places” you get to see into the minds of two high school seniors with complicated issues, from the view of one of the main characters, finch and his constant thinking of suicide and another view of, Violet the other main character who had once loved and lost at a young age. This book is filled with heartbreak, love, and suspense all in one. You will be wondering and on the edge of your seat throughout the whole book. I fully recommend reading this book. It’s gives you an insight into very different perspectives and makes you think. Reading this book was no regret of mine and surely will satisfy your reading needs.All the Bright Places

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Jason Giffels | 1 comments The book Last Man Out by Mike Lupica was very powerful. The book had a strong message about not giving up on what you love. Because of the main character, Tommy Gallagher’s, commitment to football, this was one of the best sports books I have ever read. The story has all of the key aspects of a sports book but it adds a different twist to it that makes it stand out. I liked this book because I love football. I like watching it, reading books about it, and playing it. If you like football, or just sports in general, you will love his book and not want to put it down. Even those without an interest in sports will connect to Tommy’s family situation.

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Alex | 1 comments The seventh and final book in the Lorien Legacies series, United as One, was an extreme let down. The series was amazing. It was full of action, a hint of romance, and evoked a range of emotions. However, this final book was extremely slow, super predictable, and didn't leave me feeling upset nor joyful.
In "United as One" a large focus was put on John, the main character, learning new legacies, or for those who haven't read any books in the series, super powers. This wasn't exciting at all and made me want to simply read the last 50 pages of the book instead.
Anyone who has read at least one book from the Lorien Legacies could've predicted this ending. The final battle between the Garde, John's group of aliens with unimaginable powers, and Setrakus Ra, the antagonist of the series, goes down. The battle was anti-climactic and brushed over.
The only feeling I was left with after reading this grand finale was sorrow. Not because of how the series ended, but because of how poorly it was portrayed. It was not an exciting ending.
It's hard for me to recommend this book to anyone. For anyone who is already reading the series save yourself the time and just google how it ends. There aren't any major surprises and you probably already know how it will end. For anyone who hasn't read the series I strongly encourage you to read the earlier books, but like I said, skip this last one.

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Riley Ullsmith | 1 comments Challenger Deep is, essentially, about Caden's descent into mental illness. He has paranoia and delusions as well as full on hallucinations. We experience the world through his mind and so see his hallucinations from his own perspective. It seems that there are two narratives, one that is "real" and one that is his delusions, but the two begin to overlap and merge in many ways, people being the most prominent. We follow Caden as his friends and family start to see there may be something wrong with Caden, through his admittance into a mental hospital and the things that he experiences there. The whole book is both real and surreal but, it is able to see Shushterman’s intent on bringing light to people with these illnesses.

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Erin Mcneil | 1 comments With witty writing like no other and a half sarcastic tone in almost the whole book, Laughing at My Nightmare describes the everyday challenges of having to spinal muscular atrophy. This nonfiction biography includes many short stories of the author Shane Burcaws life. Things like peeing his pants at his friend's house, to having a girlfriend, and crazy birthday meals with his family. Although his tone seems to be humorous the whole book, Shane also shares the medical facts about his disease. His point of view on life is eye opening, with and refreshing perspective. The relatable awkward stories appeal to all teens, especially the ones that use humor to cope with challenges in life. It may seem at moments that Shane is way to honest with himself, but then you see how having that kind of personality helps while having a life threatening disease. Its obvious he is living a full life,all throughout the book and is very inspiring to read about someone whose bones are diminishing yet he still has a great outlook on life.Laughing at My Nightmare

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Lindsey | 1 comments This book is about a 16 year old British girl named Penny Porter who is about to join her boyfriend, Noah Flynn, for two months around Europe while he is touring with is band. In the first book of the series, Girl Online, Penny met Noah in the hotel that she and her parents were staying in in New York City to help plan and decorate a wedding during Christmas time. In the second book of the series, Girl Online On Tour (the book I just read), Noah and Penny’s relationship strengthens as they experience some rough patches throughout the tour. Such as Noah having to cancel most of his plans with Penny due to having press conferences, various interviews, etc. Towards the end the book, Noah’s best friend Blake accuses Penny of trying to kiss him to get Noah’s attention, but really it was the other way around. As a result, Noah ends up believing Blake and gets furious with Penny, who plans on leaving the tour the next day, and they break up. Before she leaves, Blake confesses that he changed the story, he has a drinking problem and ends up leaving the tour as well. Once the tour is over, Noah goes to Brighton, England to see Penny and tries to get back together with her. Penny doesn’t feel the same way about Noah and just wants to be friends for now and see if anything could happen. I really liked how the author, Zoe Sugg, wrote about something that would probably never happen and stuff that happens to most of us in real life.

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Karolis | 1 comments Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is a play published by J.K. Rowling. It’s the eighth story in the Harry Potter franchise. The story takes places nineteen years later after the last book. It focused on Albus Potter, one of the three kids of Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley. Albus has a difficult relationship with his father. It all starts by him being placed in slytherin, instead of gryffindor. He makes a new friend Scorpius, whose father is Draco Malfoy. Together they go on a journey to save Cedric Diggory, who died over twenty years ago. Albus and Scorpius realize that even the slightest change in history, can change the whole world. The readers of the book will be fascinated by the story, as much as they were fascinated with the previous books. The only difference is that the book is written in a play format. It’s the last Harry Potter story, and the readers will love it.

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Jerod Lawrence | 1 comments This book contains the story of how Homer Hickam (Sonny) and his friends built and launched rockets from scratch in a small town called Coalwood in 1957. Sonny being the leader of their rocket club does his best to come up with new ideas for their rockets while dealing with struggles at home at the same time. Readers will learn about how resourcefulness, sacrifice, and perseverance led to Sonny becoming a NASA engineer while reading the book October Sky. The book does a really good job at describing moments and struggles in Sonny's life; like how his Dad tried to pressure him into working at the local coal mine for the rest of his life which isn’t a surprise since he wrote it himself. October Sky is a book for anyone who has an interest in subjects like history, science, and engineering. Personally I really enjoyed reading this book since I learned a lot from it and found it to be rather interesting.

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Ally Palm | 1 comments In the book The Infinite Moment of Us, Lauren Myracle boldly addresses the reader the emotional and physical conflicts of a sexual relationship. High school was coming to an end but it was only the beginning of what would come next for the seniors at Southview High School in Atlanta, not just for Wren. Wren has an unusual story different than all the others. Usually everyone goes different ways from one another and there's usually no earth shattering surprises but for Wren, meeting Charlie Parker was more than earth shattering. When Wren and Charlie Parker open their minds, bodies, and souls to each other they figure out things that change everything. Each of them have their own insecurities and personal baggage dealing with romance but they figure out that they can help eachother not have their baggage always hanging around. Wren has always been one to listen to her parents,not lie, and not do bad thing; meanwhile, Charlie Parker is the complete opposite. He is a foster child who is very unpleasing to be around, does not tell his foster parents anything and lies about anything and everything he can. This book is one of those that'll having you hooked and saying “that's so true” or “I can relate to that.” This book will most definitely give you a first look on what it's like inside a first love relationship.

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Joe K | 1 comments Stephen King’s The Shining will definitely scare you. It is the story of Jack Torrance who is working as a winter caretaker at the haunted Overlook Hotel in Colorado. Jack is joined by his wife and son who possesses telepathic abilities that are referred as “the shining”. Jack, a recovering alcoholic and writer, hopes the isolation will help him reconnect with his family and give him the solitude he needs to finish writing his play. The backdrop is predictable, a haunted hotel that houses ghosts and demons, a psychic kid and Jack an imperfect man with many demons of his own. The story line is not what scares you, it is the way Stephen King weaves the plot. He sucks you into his story with his words. His description of the characters both good and horrifying transports you right to the Overlook Hotel. You can read a description of The Shining, but you will never know the novel until you read it.

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Devlan | 1 comments The book I read showed a lot about trying your best with what you have and keep pushing yourself. The Novice written by Taran Matharu is about a orphaned boy named Fletcher who was brought in by a local blacksmith. He didn't fit in with the rest of the village, He looked different, he didn't have a lot of money, and he was bullied by the kids around the town. But then something miraculous happened. He was able to summon a creature from another realm. Something that is normally rare. But because he summoned this creature it put his life in danger. There were people who wanted this creature and were willing to do anything to get it. The Novice is full of twists and turns. It also teaches you to always believe in yourself and to push on through hardships. The Novice was A really good book.

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Abby Zuniga | 1 comments We all have that special someone in our lives that makes our heart skip a beat every time we think of their name. For August Bishop she has known that person, Ethan Knight, since she was 6 and its been constant flutters ever since. Ethan and August have gone through their lives inseparable; going through so many ups and downs together and in this book you will experience just about all of them. You watch as they grow closer and closer, achieve their goals together and become stars. As you read you can’t help but root for each character to get what they want. You end up invested in their lives as if they were your own. If you want to become as emotionally attached to a set of characters as I was, read Just Friends by Billy Taylor and fall as in love with the characters as I was.

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Toby Asbach (ultstarship) | 1 comments When it comes to friendship and teamwork, with a swirl of fantasy, excitement, and suspense, The Clockwork Three by Matthew J. Kirby is such an incredible combination these elements, and very much worth the read. Kirby's mind is filled with wondrous things; the trio protagonists of this book are very diverse and always intriguing. Frederick, a young apprentice clockmaker, is met with Giuseppe, an orphaned Italian boy with a knack for the violin, and Hannah, a girl whose work goes wrong whilst working toward paying for her father to seek medical treatment. The three, soon after meeting, figure that they have to work together to achieve what they all separately want: for Giuseppe, a trip back to Italy, the only escape from his criminalized lifestyle; for Hannah, the hidden treasure of the great Mister Twine; for Frederick, the golden head of a clockwork man that could uncover many secrets he's attempted to discover through his apprenticeship.
With intense scenes that will keep you on the edge of your seat and a deep storyline that will make you feel extremely involved with these characters, The Clockwork Three is definitely a book that is worth your time.

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Sean Sullens | 1 comments The Green Mile one of Stephen King's best novels is based around a prison but specifically the E Block of Cold Mountain Penitentiary. E block also referred to as The Green Mile because of the color of its floor is where the convicts would go to eventually die at the hands of Old Sparky (an electric chair). The story is thrilling, detailed, and a definite page turner. It goes so in depth with characters that one feels like they could know them. The story follows Paul Edgecombe’s experience as the E block head supervisor with John Coffey. A goliath amongst men standing at 7 feet tall. Accused of rape and murder he joins the E block crew and they soon witness spectacular abilities of Coffey. The story is incredible and creates a second world for the reader to escape into. It immerses you in a world of crime, love, pain, sadness, and the question of what is fair and what isn’t. I really recommend this book if you're someone who has a hard time starting and finishing a book.

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Samson Evans | 1 comments Boy21 by Matthew Quick is a phenomenal, well put together novel that will keep you on the edge of your seat waiting for what's going to happen next. Going through high school and the teenage years of life is always an interesting journey, and for these two high school boys it was just that. Going through the most traumatic thing a teenage boy could possibly go through in his lifetime. Matthew Quick, tells a story about a 17 year old basketball Phenom who loses his parents in a tragic accident, which forces him to end up transferring to a new school to try and start over. There he meets Finley, Finley is a high school senior who has two loves: Basketball and his girl friend Erin. His sole purpose in this novel is so to help, encourage and mentor Boy21 and make his transaction to the new school as smooth sailing a possible. But with High school nothing is as easy as it seems. Boy21 by far has been one of , if not my favorite book I have ever read. Just something about it always made me want to read on. I loved how the author portrayed the characters. How he made them so relate able and how he made you feel like you were there. Such an inspiring and great message was told throughout the book through the eyes of two high school boys. It teaches you to never take anything in life for granted because you never know how quickly you could lose it all. Overall this book was phenomenal, I enjoyed every last second of it. I recommend this amazing novel to anyone interested in a life changing story.

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Ethan LaDue | 1 comments Swindle is written by Gordon Korman, this is a adventurous and exciting baseball themed novel. This is the first book in a series of eight. It starts off with Griffin Bing (Main Character) wanting to spend the night in an old abandoned “haunted house” with some friends, but only one showed up. The next morning he gathered up his stuff and happened to glance over at a rare rookie year Babe Ruth card, which was worth millions. The next morning him and his friend went to the collectables store to see how much the card is worth. The shop owner took advantage of the young kid and bought it for $100. Later they find out he was a scandal and they go on a mission to get the million dollar card back. Readers will enjoy this book if they like sports related and action packed books. This book is an easy read, but it would be more suitable for a middle schooler. If you’re looking for a interesting book that will keep you on your toes, give this book a try.

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Jackie Bolanos | 1 comments I never thought i'd actually be inspired by the book I am Malala an autobiography by Malala Yousafzai herself. Malala is a strong 16 year old who has shared her stories to millions of people. She is a muslim girl from Pakistan who had been held at gunpoint and shot by the Taliban for speaking out for her rights of education. This happened on the school bus while she was going to school; in front of her friends also. She survived the attack and moved on with her life to help girls around the world to receive the education that they deserve. She is the youngest Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, after all she's done for young girls she deserves it. Her father, a school owner, was the one to show Malala how important education actually was and she took advantage of what her father would show her so that she could learn new things each and every day. I enjoyed the book because you got to learn to much about the background of her life, and you actually learn how one person can make a huge difference to the world.

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Jessie Ahrens | 1 comments In the delicate memoir, Ugly: My Memoir, by Robert Hoge, a young boy, also known as himself, battles bullies and misunderstandings of young children and adults throughout his life. Robert Hoge was born with large tumors in his face and deformities in his legs and feet, causing him to undergo many surgeries and operations. Being an innocent child with no comprehension of what was wrong with him, was outcasted starting with the day he was born. Robert Hoge dazzles his readers with the ups and downs of dealing with the hand he was dealt. The book leaves you feeling sympathetic and heartbroken, while also making you laugh at the funny things he does. You will see the triumphs and failures he has endured living with his handicaps. This memoir will most definitely pull at your heartstrings and make you feel thankful for the blessings you were given at birth. You will see that behind every “ugly” characteristic, is a beautiful story.

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Mason Moore | 1 comments The Book Thief is set in Nazi Germany, although with a special twist. This novel shows us the ensuing chaos through the looking glass of Death himself and upon his fascination with a young girl. Markus Zusak’s groundbreaking new book and emotional heart wrencher is the story of Liesel Meminger, an orphaned girl living in Germany around the worst time anyone could. Liesel fights to create and maintain for herself anything that would resemble a normal childhood. Liesel finds passion and solace in a criminal way, by stealing books. To her, books are doors to entirely new worlds, and an exit from her own painful reality. Luckily, her foster father Hans possesses a caring heart, and he teaches her to read. Throughout the book she shares her stolen books with neighbors whilst bunkered down in bomb shelters. Her books and eagerness to read touch one man in particular, a Jewish man hiding in her basement for survival. As Death would put it, “It’s just a small story really, about, among other things: a girl, some words, an accordionist, some fanatical Germans, a Jewish fist-fighter, and quite a lot of thievery.” This novel is a great read and the first in a long while to engage me in an original and thought provoking way. Markus Zusak's novel comes highly recommended by me.

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Madison | 1 comments The book, "Brave New World", was very interesting and suspenseful. I would recommend this to you if you like corrupt futuristic governments, a brainwashed society, and the predictable rebels who try to have their own way. This book was written in the past, as a guess to what the future would look like. I believe that Aldous Huxley will be correct about our future. Although, we are not at the extent of corruption that the book portrays the future as, but I see some connections and it worries me a little for what we have in store for us. One negative about the book is that it's kind of confusing at first but everything will come together and make sense at the ending. And, not a spoiler, but if you like happy endings, I wouldn't recommend this book to you.

Brave New World

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Katie.J | 1 comments Letters to the Lost was one of those books that kept me up late at night, and reaching for it first thing in the morning. Like, before starbucks. It's a total winner on every level. I loved Brigid Kemmerer Elemental series, and this contemporary story is next level brilliant. I loved the charcters, Declan and Juliet, and the way the shadows of their pasts were revealed through their letters. Their stories were emotional and real. Kemmerer's skill for dialogue is beautifully showcased in this novel. The story is cleaverly woven and moves at a perfect pace; gaining in emotional intensity along the way. Letters to the Lost is a must- read story that will stay in your mind for a long time.

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Stefie | 1 comments This adventure ends by Emma Mills is about a girl named Sloane trying to fit in with a group of friends after moving from New York to Florida. She is not one to fit in with others or make friends easily, but when she meets this amazing group of 4 she instantly falls in love with them. I gave this book five stars and could not put it down, I would definitely recommend this book to all readers.

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ZacharyStarks | 1 comments Guardianby Alex London was in my opinion a very boring book. Which was written in third person omniscient so it was very hard to learn about some of the characters at times with all of the head hopping. The main character of the book is Syd and he is stuck in a world where he is known as the savior or as they call him "yovel". He pretty much just talks about how much life sucks for 150 pages, then finally the action starts. It is very saddening that the book ended up being such a bore because Alex sure did start it out pretty intriguing exciting and it seemed to be quite the good read. However to my surprise it turned out to be a huge mess of depression for the first 150 pages and then once the real action started it was not very exciting, felt very one sided, and was lacking any real suspense. I would not recommend anyone to read this book because you will be very disappointed in what could have been a really great story.

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Jimmy Zitnik | 1 comments I oftentimes have difficulty finding a book that can grab my attention to the point I can’t put the book down, but The Martian by Andy Weir did just that. After the Ares 3 mission to Mars goes all sorts of wrong, the crew is forced to abandon their post and leave behind botanist Mark Watney. But Mark is very much alive. Being dead would be much easier than dealing with the situation Mark finds himself in on Mars. The first thing he does is calculate. From determining how much food he has, what supplies he’ll need, and making a plan to survive in order to make it back to Earth safely: Mark has quite the handful. The only supplies Mark has are the supplies left behind by the other crew members, which severely limits his chance at survival. This book has many different action packed chapters that often time kept me entertained for hours. I would highly recommend this book to anyone interested in science and action. I do not want to spoil anything for anyone but the last chapters of this novel left me on the edge of my seat, providing a great reading experience.

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Michael Randles | 1 comments Abraham Verghese creates the compelling story of two children who should never have been born, and furthermore, should never have lived after birth. Sister Mary Joseph Praise was an Indian Woman turned Catholic nun. After her training to become a nurse, she left everything she had ever known and wound up working at Missing Hospital in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Along the way, she meets Dr. Thomas Stone. This British surgeon is known worldwide as one of the greatest physicians known to the world of medicine. In an unexpected turn of events, the Bride of Christ is found to be pregnant and going into labor. Despite the tireless efforts of their colleagues, Sister succumbs during labor. Stone, who was automatically pinned to be the father, flees the country and the hospital at which he worked with the woman he unknowingly loved. Sister's two twin boys were saved, but left without biological parents. Cutting for Stone tells the story of how the team at Missing Hospital persisted in their efforts not only to help the underserved, but also to bless the lives of two rejected boys in the midst of great confusion and grief.

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Sara | 1 comments A Child Called It book review
A Child Called It by Dave Pelzer, is a book that is written by a young boy named David. David wrote this autobiography about himself to put a clear message out in the world about child abuse. The book is about him getting abused when he was young, tortured, beaten and starved at home by his mother. David was one of three children and he was forced to become the family slave. The book is basically a diary of him telling about all of his terrible at home stories and goes very in depth of every single thing that his mother put him through. School was one of the only places David felt okay to be even though most kids there didn't really like him at least he didn't have to worry about getting physically hurt by someone he once thought loved him. His mother was a very unstable and alcoholic women that treated his “son” not like a son but like an “it”( hence the name). David does overcome this horrible life later on and grows up to tell his story to the world.

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Christopher | 1 comments Uglies (Uglies, #1) by Scott Westerfeld
In this book, I read about a utopian society where people have been segregated into four groups called: Uglies, Pretties, Specials, and Extras. It starts off with a Girl named Tally; Tally is an Ugly. Tally… Tally is going through some rough times, in just 3 months she will become a Pretty, and be able to go and live in NewPrettyTown; therefore, she is leaving Uglyvill for ever. In this society of dwellers, virtually everyone starts out as a Littley( a Littley is a child form age 1-12 until they turn 13 and become an Ugly.) Now Tally has also lost a her friend, Paris, to NewPrettyTown. She can’t wait to become a Pretty and causes trouble for the beautiful Town of Pretty people. I think that this book was a great read, it was intriguing and full of Rebellious behavior of Tally. I would recommend this book for teenagers because maybe they can relate to it a lot. The urge to be free and independent. The everlasting want to be beautiful, strong, and smart, at the same time. Always having to have fun, getting that euphoric feeling whenever you get to experience what you truly enjoy. One of my favorite scenes in the book was when Shay,(a friend Tally meets relatively soon, in the book) takes Tally out of her comfort-zone, and takes her on the joy ride of her life. I would give this book an 8.5, because it was a really good read, but the plot hadn’t caught my attention ‘till later in the book, when things got dicy with Tally and Paris. So, anyway, if you like sci-fi, adventure, and drama; mixed with romance, suspense, and mystery. Then this is the Book for YOU!

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Olivia Ferree | 1 comments ‘The Girl I Used To Be’ is an extremely intriguing novel that I had a hard time putting down. I loved the main character Olivia, she grew up thinking her father killed her mother and then he fled leaving Olivia at a random Walmart three hours away from the murder scene. Later in Olivia’s life her father’s bones were found making everything she grew up believing...a lie. This begins to mess everything up, creating chaos and thrilling mysteries. She meets two amazing characters along the way that helped her undig many answers on her parents death. I enjoyed reading this book by April Henry, it ended revealing so many secrets and it was full of suspense. “It's hard to believe that my parents were killed by some random stranger. I mean, why would a serial killer murder them and then let me live?” This sentence just draws me in immediately and it was a fast paced book that I would definitely recommend to a friend.
O. Ferree November, 2016

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