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We have to discuss this book. I started it last night and do not want to put it's complex, shocking and painful. Picoult's writing is amazing.

Martie Kimble This is a great book, the sad thing is that I could see this really happening.

Siobhan One of the best books I've ever read. As a nurse and mother it really drew me in

Holli Hanson I have always considered myself very non-prejudiced but this book made me take a hard look at myself. I love how this book brings out the small prejudices so many people commonly don't even think about. Did anyone else have this experience as well? I'd love to discuss.

Christina Marie Holli, I absolutely had this experience. I cannot begin to count the amount of times i teared up reading this book out of sheer empathy, frustration, clarity, etc. It was heart wrenching for me.. so raw.

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Rachel Sara wrote: "We have to discuss this book. I started it last night and do not want to put it's complex, shocking and painful. Picoult's writing is amazing."

It is one of the most painful and interesting books I have read in a long time! Jodi Picoult of course never disappoints with her books, but this one really hit nerves! I think of myself as non-prejudice person but I really had to take a look in the mirror when reading this book.

Patti Hughes I loved this book. And I have a nephew of a different race, so I have really tried to work on my prejudices for a long time. But I recognized that sometimes they are so subtle that we miss them. The story was consuming and made me really think about how we perceive and treat one another. A great read.

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Holli Hanson Such a powerful book to read during this time in our nation. I find it is so easy to say I am not prejudiced, but matching my actions, and even my thoughts, with my words proves to be much more difficult. I am working on it!

Kayla I have read a couple books since finishing this and I still keep thinking about this book. It has resonated with me. Such a great read, and I loved that she wrote from multiple points of view.

Holli Hanson The multiple points of view really challenged me to look at my own beliefs from different perspectives. There are always two sides and people's motives and actions are based on their personal experiences and wounds.

Shawneshoo Eshoo I think I need to talk about race more with my kids. I can't assume they won't learn prejudices outside the home. I realize not openly displaying prejudice or not talking about race is not the way to try and raise an unbiased child. It's ignorant. I see that now.

Patti Hughes Yes! You are right, Shawneshool! Kids learn a lot from classmates, movies, TV. A book like this opens so many eyes. And hearts and minds! Sadly, those who would most benefit would probably never read it.

Glenn Seerup The multiple points of view was a critical factor in placing yourself, as a reader, into the various mindsets. My wife and I have adopted children from Ethiopia so our eyes have been opened to the world in a different way. What I loved about this book was that it wasn't so much about racism as it was about understanding that white privilege does exist. It is by FAR the best book that I have come across in explaining the issues to white people who have never had to deal with it directly.

Holli Hanson Yes, Glenn, I agree!

Hasanthi It is indeed a great book. It touched a deeper spot in my heart. It pushes my mind set into different situations and thinkings

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