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The Girl Who Lived Behind The Fence
I'm new to this group and writing a YA book series

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Mary Wyatt (motivationalmary) | 2 comments Super excited I ran across your group. I juat published my first YA book in March. I'm proud to say the kindle still remains on The Best-selling List. So, let's talk about this book. It's how one girl went from being rebellious to righteous. In a world filled with so much to do....it's Hot Pursuit vs High Pursuit.

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Sheilane Nadia | 1 comments I'm glad that I came across this group too. I love YA!!! And I'm also writing a series. It's called : The Death Pageant: A worthy Sacrifice.
It's about a girl a who feels that her beauty is a curse, because of the Death Pageant system that her country has implemented.

Mary Wyatt (motivationalmary) | 2 comments Great sounds very thrilling.

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