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message 1: by Pat (new)

Pat (patsbin) Hello,

I have a rather large collection of ebooks in my calibre library (and not all of them are linked with the correct one on goodreads.)
I would love to know, if there is some search functionality to just show the books that are on my to-read list?

message 2: by Marjie (new)

Marjie (marjiea1) | 1 comments I created a custom column in Calibre for Read, it has the possibility to be undefined, yes or no. I use Calibre searches for Read:no and Read:yes (always showing those tabs) so I can easily search for a book I've read or haven't read yet in addition to all books. You can also change the sort order and sort within Read or Not Read by date, author, series, tag, etc. I don't use undefined/empty but I know people who use that for did-not-finish books.
I only sync my Goodreads' Read shelf to update my ratings and change Read:no to Read:yes (as those are automatically updated to Goodreads from my device when I finish a book.) You could sync your To-Read list to set your Read column to no.
Many times the sync won't find a book in Calibre that is there and I have to click on them individually for them to sync. Once they have synched though it doesn't matter if they are linked or not as the Read column in Calibre stays at yes or no so your Calibre Read:yes and Read:no searches will still be correct.

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