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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. This Is A Long Shot. YA Fantasy. Girl of magic royalty is supposed to stop a war when she reaches a certain age, was switched with a human baby?, goes to an abandoned carousel with friends... [s]

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Keaton DeTamble | 3 comments Ok so I guess this book is classified as fansty and Young Adult fansty? I believe I read this book about 2012? I was in and out of the hospital during 2010-2012 so it all blends together. It was a story about a girl who was royalty, magic royalty. She was supposed to stop a war of some kind when she reached a certain age, I think she was switched with a human baby. She finds out when she goes to an abandoned carousel with friends that she can use her imagination to create things. (She was riding on an old horse and she was pretending she was riding a real horse and a boy sees it and asks her how she did it and he kind of goes a bit nuts). A knight appears to her in a pizza joint saying whatever she tells him to do he is forced to do it...(like she doesn't believe him and she tells him to kiss her ass...and he does). Skipping a bit she tries to learn how to use this power by creating a ring in her mind as training. I never got past this point so I am not sure about the rest of it. Sorry hope that's enough information!

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Keaton DeTamble | 3 comments Wow that was fast yes that! That is the book! Thank you!

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Glad you found your book, Keaton.

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