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message 1: by Emily (new)

Emily | 23 comments ***Spoiler alert for those who haven't finished the series.***

Ah, Jude! The man who can't stand silence. The inventor who changed the world through his creation.

What do you say of Jude-man? Lament with me...

message 2: by E.C. (new)

E.C. Elliot (littleknownlover) | 4 comments he was/is my favorite character in the series.

message 3: by Matie (new)

Matie | 4 comments He is really cool. When I first read the book I actually thought he was quite rude. Then as I got to know him I started to like him more!

message 4: by Carrie-Anne (new)

Carrie-Anne Thomas (faithsongandfire) | 79 comments He is pretty cool. And, yes, that's exactly how I felt, too. He is kind of rude at first, but he added a lot to the story with his abruptness. xP

message 5: by Matie (new)

Matie | 4 comments Yes! Jude!!!! Oh my word! It cracked me up when he would make Parvin wordless. Like the one time she told him she wanted a relationship and he was like O.O and ya.... If you get what I mean....

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