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Yves stood by the road, her hair flowing in the slight wind that had recently picked up. There was an midnight black Raven perched on her shoulder. I wonder why so many Ravens do this............ thought Yves with a slight frown. Of course she didn't mind it at all, but she wondered why they would want to be around her of all people. "I'm sure there are plenty of other people of whom would love your company.." Mumbled Yves as she stroked the Ravens head.

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The raven cawed quietly. Yves continued to stare out into the distance, a blank expression on her face. She didn't want to go back directly into the village, being almost albino, got her many looks from the village people, even though she was the chief.

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Yves sighed and stretched. Her hand brushed against her sword and she smiled a bit. Yves cracked her knuckles and closed her eyes, then sighed loudly.

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Yves heard a bit of rustling behind her, she just assumed it was an animal of some sort. She grabbed the hilt of her sword just in case, but then released it, deciding it wasn't necessary because it was probably an animal.

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Yves hair fluttered in the slight wind and she sighed. Yves stretched and brushed the hair from her eyes. She heard the slightest rustling behind her and quickly pulled out her aword, she turned around and held it in front of her. "Who's there. State your name and VIllage now!"

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"If you don't tell me who you are I'll come find you myself!" said Yves. Her pink eyes staring ahead, seriously.

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"IS that so?" asked Yves. "You seem nervous..Are you lying?" she said.

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"I would. But I have no reason to hurt you so there would be no need for fear" said Yves.

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"For my self defense." Said Yves as she sheathed her sword.

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"Please step out so I can see you" said Yves kindly.

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