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Liam The main road as it passes through Hazelton.

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Alice stood on the side of the busy road, holding her horses reins. Her red hair was tied back, and she wore a large cloak with the hood pulled over her face to avoid being recognized. She was heading towards the border of the town, as she was going to Nottingham to meet the Sheriff. She shifted her neck and saddled the horse with expert skill, but then paused and didn't coax the horse forward. A girl with pinkish blonde hair was heading down the road, but she didn't have the clothes of an ordinary peasant, and Alice didn't recognize her as one of the higher class citizens. She cocked her head at her and rode towards her, a fake smile tightening her lips.

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Yves walked along the road. Her boots clicked against the dirt road, making a thumping noise. A raven was flying behind her like usual, her sword at her side, thumping against her thigh. Yves hair floated elegantly behind her, like a pinkish white cape. Her eyes scanned the area in front of her. Yves had gone wondering and somehow ended up in Hazelton. The raven behind her had caught up to her and landed on her shoulder with a small caw.

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Alice's eyes narrowed. A raven seemed to be... following the girl. "Excuse me," she said, her voice dripped in false sweetness. She stopped her horse in front of the girl and threw back her hood. "You're not from around here, are you? Who are you?" She grabbed her hair out of the cloak with a free hand letting her bright red hair flow behind her. "What brings you to Hazelton?"

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Yves looked up. "Yves Mayfield. You are quite right, I am not from around here" said Yves. The raven blinked and cawed at the girl.
"I was just on a walk, I didn't mean to cause any trouble" she said with a slight bow of respect.

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Yves Mayfield... that name sounds familiar. Alice gave her a slight nod in response. She reached a handy slightly to her belt, where ten razor sharp daggers were pressed against her skin. "Not to ask too many questions, but where are you from? You look familiar." Her brown eyes surveyed Yves, lingering on the sword at her side. I wonder if I'll get to see if she can really use that, She thought wickedly.

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"Locksley" she said. "And you?" The raven cawed several times before flapping its wings and hopping onto her hat. Her hand brushed against the sword aned she smiled lightly.

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"Hazelton," she replied, smirking. Her gloved fingers tightened around one of her dagger's handles, preparing herself to fight. Her small eyes watched Yves do a similar motion. So the outlaw supporter wants a fight too, she thought with satisfaction. "So," Alice said. "You support outlaws?"

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"I do. I would assume you do not" said Yves as she tightly gripped her sword. She was extremely adept at sword fighting, but the only sword she used, was her own. She refused to use any other but her own.

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"Of course not. Why should I? They murdered my parents," she sneered. Her last bit of self restraint was eaten away by the mention of her parents. "You keep reaching for your sword. Is it a fight you want?" She ripped out two daggers from her belt with lightning quick speed, and angled them at her. "What did you really want when you came here, Yves Mayfield, Chief of Locksley?" She jumped off her horse and tilted her head at Yves in challenge.

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"I do not wish to fight. Knowing my sword is there comforts me" said Yves. "I was just on a walk." she said, narrowing her pink eyes. Yves unknowingly held out her sword, when she realized what she did, Yves smirked.

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"It seems like you want a fight. " She moved into her defensive stance, taunting her to make a move. Her knives glinted in the light as she threw her cloak onto the ground next to her, revealing her deadly belt. "Or are you to scared?"

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"I'm not scared at all. I just do not wish to fight now" said Yves, arching an eyebrow daintily. She sheathed her sword and said nothing.

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"Okay," Alice said, snorting. "Whatever you say." She twirled her daggers, then strapped them back onto her belt. She grabbed her cloak and threw it over her shoulders, flipping the hood over her eyes again. "I have places to be anyways. But if you return back here ever again- I'll be waiting." she sneered at Yves.

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