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message 1: by Liam (new)

Liam Large and bustling Nottingham market.

message 2: by Rhedyn (new)

Rhedyn  (fernffoulkes) (( and I have arrived!))

message 3: by Elsie (new)

Elsie Stoltzfus | 17 comments Maria was walking through the booths, trying to find fabric for a new dress she badly needed, but was having trouble due to the cost.

message 4: by Rhedyn (new)

Rhedyn  (fernffoulkes) Elizabeth bustled over to her favorite shop. "Eight yards of the green satin, prithee." she told the shopkeeper.

message 5: by Elsie (new)

Elsie Stoltzfus | 17 comments Someone beside her was asking after a beautiful green fabric. Interested, Maria looked at the girl beside her. She was beautiful, and obviously a noblewoman. Maria found herself drawn to the girl, and said, "Green has always reminded me of the cool forest. It's such a lovely color."

message 6: by Rhedyn (new)

Rhedyn  (fernffoulkes) "Indeed." said Fern, smiling down at the lady. "I do believe Cheffers here keeps it in stock for me. Any who can afford the satin prefer not to wear green- reminds them of a certain outlaw!"

message 7: by Elsie (new)

Elsie Stoltzfus | 17 comments "Unreasonable perhaps, but understandable. I care not who wears the color I prefer."

message 8: by Rhedyn (new)

Rhedyn  (fernffoulkes) "I must agree. What is your name?" she queried, taking the package Cheffers held out with a smile.

message 9: by Elsie (new)

Elsie Stoltzfus | 17 comments "Maria Bollingham, my Lady. Is it too bold to ask your ladyship what your name might be?"

message 10: by Rhedyn (new)

Rhedyn  (fernffoulkes) "Elizabeth Ffoulkes. Nothing is to bold to ask me- I must forgive it for the sake of my own boldness! And what is your employment?" she dropped a few coins into the shopkeepers hand.

message 11: by Elsie (new)

Elsie Stoltzfus | 17 comments "It is a beautiful name, my lady. As for employment, I keep a few animals and raise vegetables, and wash clothes when I have the chance." This she said without embarrassment. She was not ashamed of her employment.
As she talked she found a cheap brown linen that would do for what she needed. Unconsciously she compared the girls beautiful dress to her own drab garment. How lovely the girl was!

message 12: by Rhedyn (new)

Rhedyn  (fernffoulkes) "And may I ask what you are making with that?" Fern asked sweetly. Her eyes had turned brown now.

message 13: by Elsie (new)

Elsie Stoltzfus | 17 comments "A new dress. I am in need of one for Church. I think it is respectful to dress as well as one can for the Lord's day."

message 14: by Rhedyn (new)

Rhedyn  (fernffoulkes) "I would agree." Fern smiled. Do you mind if I pick something out? My brother says I need practice, so if you'll be the model, I have the money!"

message 15: by Elsie (new)

Elsie Stoltzfus | 17 comments "Oh my lady! I could not allow you to do that. It would be trespassing on your kindness too much. "

message 16: by Rhedyn (new)

Rhedyn  (fernffoulkes) "No, really!" Fern was persistent. "Do you go to the chapel here in town? I'm new here, but I intend to attend it next week." she was scanning the fabrics to find something that would suit her.

message 17: by Elsie (new)

Elsie Stoltzfus | 17 comments ((Do you know of another respectful term I could call you other than My Lady?))
Maria looked at the girl intently. She did not really like the girls idea, it was too bold. (Though she did so want a good dress!) But she decided that Elizabeth would not give up an idea very easily.
"Yes, my lady. I attend every Sabbath. And I accept your ladyships proposal, if it is truly what you wish."

message 18: by Rhedyn (new)

Rhedyn  (fernffoulkes) ((hmmm... not off the top of my head. I'll check the bottom, though XD))
Fern picked up a decent blue linen that went well with the woman's hair. It was beautiful, but respectable and not easily injured. She studied it for a second and then summoned the shop-keeper. "I'll take fifteen yards of this one." she then turned to Maria. "I intend to make something for myself as well. "

message 19: by Elsie (new)

Elsie Stoltzfus | 17 comments Maria was pleased with the girls choice. It was something that she would be pleased to wear, and better quality than she was used to.
"Thank you, my lady. You are too kind."
To the shop keeper she said, " 5 yards of this brown, please."

message 20: by Rhedyn (new)

Rhedyn  (fernffoulkes) "Would you like to visit the dressmaker, or experiment with it yourself?" Elizabeth asked, pushing some of her hair back out of her eyes.

message 21: by Elsie (new)

Elsie Stoltzfus | 17 comments "I am at your pleasure. I have some skill in sewing, but am not a professional."
She said, "Thank you, sir." to the shopkeeper as he handed her the brown fabric.

message 22: by Rhedyn (new)

Rhedyn  (fernffoulkes) "Why don't we go to the dressmaker's, then?" Fern put in. I have credit there that needs to be used up. And it won't be by me." she added, shaking her head. "You should have seen how long it took for Andrew to convince me to get this!" she added, holding up the green cloth.

message 23: by Elsie (new)

Elsie Stoltzfus | 17 comments "Very well, my lady. But now I must go. My cow will be waiting for me to milk her. When shall we meet again?"

message 24: by Rhedyn (new)

Rhedyn  (fernffoulkes) "How about tomorrow- I'll actually be going to the chapel to attend the christening of the Mayor's grand-daughter, or something along those lines. Sorry. It's my brother who keeps up with those details."

message 25: by Elsie (new)

Elsie Stoltzfus | 17 comments "Very well," Maria said, smiling slightly at the girls manner. "I shall see you there. Good day, my lady."

message 26: by Rhedyn (new)

Rhedyn  (fernffoulkes) "good-day!" she smiled.

message 27: by Elsie (new)

Elsie Stoltzfus | 17 comments ((Play with you later!))

message 28: by Rhedyn (new)

Rhedyn  (fernffoulkes) ((good timing, I'm going to go look at Christmas lights now.
ha ha I accidentally spaced between the "s" and "t" so it said "going to go look at Christmas light snow. I wish I had Christmas light snow =( ))

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