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message 1: by Liam (new)

Liam Smaller and farther from the camp than the river, the stream is rarely used, but a few nice areas surround it.

message 2: by Lexie (new)

Lexie ((Sophia))

Colress dropped down from a tree as he reached the stream and headed to it, studying the cool, crystal clear water. It was fairly early morning and the air was a little chilly, but his black cloak protected him from the brunt of the cold, even as a bit of a wind blew, setting the leaves rustling.

message 3: by Lexie (new)

Lexie ((Oh... I don't think Colress would have any friends... I guess they could have met each other before though yeah sure :D))

Colress had been peering over the bank and into the stream for a moment, staring at his own reflection. He didn't even jerk at the snapped twig. He'd known someone was there long before that. He couldn't be snuck up on. He turned around and glanced in the direction, eyes narrowed. He raised his bow and nocked an arrow to the string, pointing it at the figure he caught sight of.

message 4: by Lexie (new)

Lexie ((His history would explain it, but basically Colress doesn't really trust anyone.))

Colress merely watched silently as the girl came up to him. He removed the arrow from his bow though, for now. He turned away nonchalantly. "Well you weren't, I knew you were coming a while ago." He said a little curtly. "Don't try and sneak up on me, no one has ever succeeded before." He said in a matter of fact tone. "Faylinn right?" He asked before he bent down towards the stream and splashed water onto his face. He glanced up at her whistle and abruptly stood up and straightened as a wolf came bounding towards them. He couldn't resist nocking the arrow back into the string of his bow, just in case.

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Lexie ((Ahaha! Wow that was abrupt XD))

Colress widened his eyes slightly as Faylinn jumped in front of his arrow and literally went into an outburst. He lowered his bow slightly as he just met the girl's gaze unwaveringly. He'd just been taking a precaution. What did she expect? That he'd instantly just be comfortable with a wolf coming near him? Nothing and no one could be trusted these days. As Faylinn then said she was sorry for whatever happened to him, Colress still didn't care, it wasn't as if she understood anyway. Though he did notice the tears in her eyes and that was quite surprising. He glared after her piercingly as she stormed away, her growling wolf following her.

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Lexie Colress glanced up when he thought he heard some kind of crash and thud. Followed by what sounded like a whine. Frowning, he headed over to where he heard the noise, realising it was in the direction the girl had stormed off. He soon found her, curled into a ball and that wolf of hers lying beside her. Colress didn't feel he could just leave her there... "Are you alright?" He asked neutrally.

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Lexie Colress eyed Faylinn with a frown as she got to her feet. He shrugged. "Doesn't necessarily mean I don't care." He said. He may not trust people, but he wouldn't just stand by and watch someone get hurt, or leave an injured person without helping them. Seeing Faylinn seemed unhurt though, he simply gave a small nod and turned, going to walk away.

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Lexie Colress glanced over his shoulder at her words, a little confused by them. What was that supposed to mean? Nevertheless he didn't react and just continued walking away, stiff and tense.

message 9: by Lexie (new)

Lexie ((I don't mind. We could probably just end it, these two really don't seem to get along... XD))

message 10: by Rhedyn (new)

Rhedyn  (fernffoulkes) Fern, Tony, and Andrew edged up to the stream.
"You have the skins, right?" Tony hissed.
"Yes. We'd better be quick about filling them, though. This is Robin's ground."
Lying behind a bush, Fern carefully edged her skin into the stream. Then she saw a black haired girl opposite. Oops, bad timing!

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Spades (thequeenofspades) | 47 comments Mod
Elmira was gathering herbs next to the stream, placing them into a basket. She was very absorbed in her work, allowing her mind to wander until she heard hushed whispering. She looked up from the plants, her eyes meeting those of a boy.

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Rhedyn  (fernffoulkes) (actually I look like a boy right now. Got to love disguises!)
Fern kicked her legs absently, a signal for the boys to melt back into the woods. Then she smiled at the girl. "Pardon for disturbing, lass. I'll begone." She stood up and began to back into the woods. We'll just go upstream a little, nothing ruined yet...

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((Whoops! Sorry, I didn't realize.))

"You should be careful," Elmira said, seemingly unphased by the boys presence, "I hear that there are poachers in these woods as of late." She wondered what the boy was doing in the woods by himself. Perhaps he was simply taking a stroll.

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Rhedyn  (fernffoulkes) "I know. A traveler must have water, though." She held up her skin. "Methinks you should be the one more careful. Tha'rt a lady, and I have a sword, bow, and every staff in the forest. But I will not bother thee further."

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"Ah, I see," Elmira said as the boy held up his skin. "I don't see many people around here, and most of the animals are harmless. I've never seen the need for a weapon. You, on the other hand, have enough weapons to take on Robin Hood and his merry men singlehandedly," She said with a light laugh.

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Rhedyn  (fernffoulkes) "I think I could." Fern added grimly. "If he was alone. I have no desire to, however."

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"Of course," Elmira said,realizing that perhaps her joke had been in bad taste, "I was merely jesting." It was odd for someone to carry around so many weapons, though. He claimed to be a traveler, but Elmira was beginning to wonder f that was true.

message 18: by Rhedyn (new)

Rhedyn  (fernffoulkes) Fern saw this and did her best to take her leave. She was interrupted, however, by another visitor to the stream-- a man in Sherwood green. "Sorry to interrupt your romantic interview!" Said the man, stopping mid-whistle to take a drink. Fern blushed. Oh dear, she hoped that hadn't given the girl the wrong impression.

message 19: by Spades (new)

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"Oh, it was nothing of the sort," Elmira explained, "He was merely polite enough to entertain a conversation with me for awhile." She eyed the man's garb curiously. Could it really be him?

message 20: by Rhedyn (new)

Rhedyn  (fernffoulkes) Fern was thinking the same thing. She hoped Andrew and Tony were smart enough to keep in the shadows. Her thoughts were interrupted, however, by a loud "Hi-yah!" and a muffled thump from the brush behind her. So much for that.

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((If it is Robin Hood, I think we should wait until Liam gives you approval to roleplay him or see if he can join in this roleplay.))

message 22: by Rhedyn (new)

Rhedyn  (fernffoulkes) ((Nope. It's not. It's someone random, not even necessarily a member of the merry men. Just your average poacher- or maybe a soldier on the lookout for poachers.))

message 23: by Rhedyn (new)

Rhedyn  (fernffoulkes) ((Liam, if you want to join, you could make him Robin hood- or you could be the one attacking my poor brother and his friend :( ))

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((Okay, just checking ^.^))

Elmira didn't have long to linger on the man's identity before a shout from behind one of the bushes caught her attention. "Would it be too bold of me to ask for your name?" Elmira asked the man in green. She wasn't sure who to trust here, if anyone.

message 25: by Rhedyn (new)

Rhedyn  (fernffoulkes) "Certainly!" The man said absentmindedly, in between sips. "Very bold, very bold....." Fern notched an arrow and swung around to the woods behind her. She whistled. but all the response she got was another "Urmph!" as if someone was being pummeled.

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Elmira glanced back towards the bushes where it seemed that the boys backup was getting beaten. "Then perhaps your purpose?" Elmira inquired, her gaze returning to the man in green. Judging from her expression, you'd think that she was merely having a conversation with him, and that there wasn't any danger at all.

message 27: by Rhedyn (last edited Nov 13, 2016 08:00AM) (new)

Rhedyn  (fernffoulkes) "Purpose, yes purpose is very important...." hummed the man. Fern was beginning to think he could be a little tipsy. She stomped back to where her brother should be- if he was thinking!

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"Yes it is, isn't it?" Elmira said with a light laugh, continuing to stall the man. She cast a sideways glance at the boy with was stomping off towards the bushes. She hoped that he was prepared to face whomever it was that had taken care of his reinforcements.

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Rhedyn  (fernffoulkes) Fern parted the bushes, looking at the prone form of Tony, a man in Sherwood green on his back with his hands over his mouth. Andrew was pulling himself out of the mud where another man was waiting with a longstaff. Fern sent an arrow purposely a little to the left of the man's ear, Then took used his surprise to grab his staff and knock him over the head. The man on Tony jumped up and grabbed her, but Tony tripped him, sending him sprawling. "Nincompoops!" Fern hissed. "Take care of them! How could you let yourselves be surprised?"
A man in a tree above yelled down, "Yeah, Johnny, how could you?" to the man whose leg Tony was holding. Faced with Fern's glare, he swung down. "Don't worry, I'll get them out of your way!" he grabbed the two men and kicked them back into the brush, hissing instructions to them. Fern pulled Andrew to his feet and retreated with her friends to the river. No use for secrecy now! She didn't know if those men would be back, but they probably had reinforcements- and her group had an appointment to keep with Percy. This was awful. She smiled apologetically to the girl at the stream, nocked another arrow, and took a guarding stance behind her muddy compatriots, filling their skins.

message 30: by Rhedyn (last edited Nov 13, 2016 08:27AM) (new)

Rhedyn  (fernffoulkes) "Haste, Tony!" She yelled as she saw him leisurely filling his skin. "We're going to be late!"

"I thought Andrew was in charge." Tony snorted.

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"I suppose the forest isn't as safe as I once thought it was," Elmira said once the men had retreated. "I should be on my way, as should you," She said, "I run an apothecary near the edge of Sherwood. Should you ever need anything, I'd be happy to help as repayment for what you've done today." She wasn't really sure who the 'good guys' were in this situation, but nevertheless she had managed to make it through unscathed.

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Rhedyn  (fernffoulkes) "Thanks." Fern muttered, as she kicked Tony.
"What was that? Thou've made me spill it!" He shot back.
"Wait," Fern added. "You own that apothecary? We're actually headed that direction." Instantly, she wished she had kept her mouth shut. This mission was supposed to be secret!

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"Really?" Elmira said, surprised that they had even heard of it, "Perhaps we can walk together, then." Most people who knew of her apothecary were the women gossiping about how it was cursed or the children who dared each other to get close to it as a test of courage.

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Rhedyn  (fernffoulkes) Ouch. She really didn't want to be with anyone else, certainly not the girl with a definite standing as a witch- if that was really her. She just seemed to nice for that. But maybe she would be protection- It was hard to explain a trio of boys, but they could pretend to be forcing her to give up her witchcraft or something.....

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Rhedyn  (fernffoulkes) ((you still there?))

message 36: by Spades (new)

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((Sorry, I was eating lunch))

Elmira looked at the boy quizzically. "Ah, of course," She mused, "You must've heard the rumors. I assure you that I only practice medicine and not witchcraft, but I completely understand if you don't want to walk with me."

message 37: by Rhedyn (new)

Rhedyn  (fernffoulkes) ((sounds delicious! Isn't lunchtime where I am yet))
"No, we're coming." Andrew looked, up, shocked. He was supposed to be leading, of course, but obviously he hadn't done a great job!

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"Well then, we should be on our way before those men come back," Elmira said with a smile. She noticed that the oldest looking one was trying to take control of the situation. It was a little bit comical to see, especially since it appeared that the one who appeared to be the youngest was the one who had the most control.

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Rhedyn  (fernffoulkes) Andrew stood up, dusting his hands on his breeches. "Indeed." he addressed the girl. Tony finally succeeded in filling his skin, and the quartet was off. "Want a piggy-back ride?" Tony asked Fern, teasingly.
"No!" she hissed back. "You have no situational awareness, do you?"
"Almost never!" he chuckled, skipping ahead.
((are we moving this conversation to the road?))

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Elmira laughed at the interaction between the boys. Something seemed off about the one that she had spoken to before, but she didn't dwell on it for too long. "I don't suppose that you're really just travelers," Elmira said, remembering what the boy had told her when they first met.

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Rhedyn  (fernffoulkes) "Uh, well, of course!" Andrew put in. "We have a business appointment in Nottingham, but we were going to meet a friend before it. He told us near your apothecary was a good place."

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Rhedyn  (fernffoulkes) ((let's just leave it here. All the topic roads are far from where we are.))

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((Okay, that works!))

"Ah, I see," Elmira said with a laugh, "I thought that maybe you were poachers because of the men from earlier, but of course you aren't." She wondered why he thought that it was a good idea to meet near her apothecary. Maybe it was because they knew that not many people went there and wanted a quieter place to meet than in town.

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Rhedyn  (fernffoulkes) ((walk in relative silence to apothecary))
Well, they were here. But now how was Fern going to dump the girl and meet with Percy, Hastings, and Glynde?
Andrew pulled her aside. "You go pretend to be interested in her stuff, Anything necessary. If she tries to sell you the devil act interested. Tony and I will go meet Percy."
"No, Andrew!" she whispered. "Pleaseee.... I want to go with you!"
he shook his head and shoved her towards where the girl was opening the door.

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Elmira unlocked the door to the apothecary, the key hanging from a chain around her neck. She noticed that they were whispering, but she couldn't hear what they were saying. "Please, come in," She said with a smile, "Only if you have the time, of course. I would never want to make you late for your appointment in Nottingham."

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Rhedyn  (fernffoulkes) ((we can do it here til he starts it.))

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((Yeah, that's what I was thinking, as well))

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Rhedyn  (fernffoulkes) "No, he has plenty of time." said Andrew, pushing the reluctant Fern forward. "The man's a good friend of ours, but he was just saying how interested he was in your apothecary. Weren't you?" Andrew shot a warning glance at his little sister, but she only glared. "Why wouldn't I be?" She said, but she didn't sound as interested as Andrew made her out to be, for obvious reasons.

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"A lot of people don't understand how wonderful it is," Elmira said with a smile, "Most people think that my work is evil. I'm glad that you're interested in it." She seemed genuinely happy, and she didn't pick up on the boy's lack of sincerity. She wasn't the brightest bulb in the batch, especially when it came to socializing.

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Rhedyn  (fernffoulkes) Fern reluctantly followed her inside, with many a wistful glance at where she knew the men were meeting with their leader.

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