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Bob Wager | 2 comments Okay. I have been trying to reconnect with a book (can't remember if it was a series but think so) that I started back in about 2002. I lived in Utah, which actually has meaning. This was a Sci-Fi book. One of interstellar warfare. It opens on a planet guarded by soldiers in a bunker, as I recall. They are attacked and massacred by troops of an opposing, hereto unknown, faction with high tech equipment. As time goes on, planet after planet is attacked by these forces and they fall. The current governing military forces are doing their best to fight them off. This is all I really recall. Sorry. One key factor is that it is the MORMON's that are expanding and taking these worlds. It isn't The Expanse. This is something completely different. If anyone with a vast knowledge of (what I believe) of obscure Mormon Sci-Fi, please, a hint would be so cool. There is actually a list of Sci-Fi/Fantasy works with short descriptions online. This is a very long list and I gave up. So, does anyone recall this book/series?

message 2: by Tassie Dave, S&L Historian (new)

Tassie Dave | 3597 comments Mod
Could it be The Parafaith War ?

message 3: by Bob (last edited Oct 13, 2016 01:07PM) (new)

Bob Wager | 2 comments Tassie Dave wrote: "Could it be The Parafaith War ?"

It very well could be. Cover is familiar. Thanks, I've been looking for a real long time.

* IT IS! Nice going, again, Tassie Dave!

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Tassie Dave | 3597 comments Mod
I'm glad I could help.

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