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P.J. Lazos P.J. Oct 12, 2016 08:07PM
I published "Oil and Water,"Oil and Water an eco thriller, in June and so far I have had two bloggers write book reviews which they then posted on their blogs. Problematically, since writing is not my day job, I don't have much time to spend marketing, and finding reviewers interested in my genre has proven more challenging than I thought. I'd like to find anywhere from 6 - 12 book reviewers before the book gets "cold," but last time I checked, Wordpress, the platform on which I have my blog has only 12 blogs in the science/nature category. There isn't even a separate category for the environment. So how does one find reviewers in a manner that doesn't take up the small amount of free time I have for writing? Any help or advice you all can offer would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Do you enjoy a book where you learn something? If so, this should be your next read. The novel combines the stories of two families; one good, the other evil. The chapters alternate between the two families and the reader quickly becomes engrossed with their compelling stories. P.J. Lazos has done a wonderful job of building the characters, while infusing the plot with current issues. Her details make some scenes difficult to read, but this mystery novel guides the reader to understand how our actions impact the environment.

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