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A.J. Mayers IF you've read Final Boarding review it and tweet me: @aj_mayers

Brandon Chicotsky A.J. pours soul and suspense into his writing. As an author and creative, he is entertainment-savvy with a writer's ethic that leaves an imprint. Final Boarding is outstanding! Whenever a book's storyline, characters, and plot development live in the reader's mind throughout the workday--and create an urgency to return to the book--then I know the book is worthwhile. Final Boarding had that impact. Highly recommend!

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Armando Lopez Final Boarding is a fast-moving thriller with a plot that twists and turns like the turbulence of an aircraft twirling through a rough storm. Patrick Baldwin, aeronautics engineer finds himself blessed and cursed at the same time. Because of a delay at the airport, he misses his flight only to discover a few hours later that the plane has vanished without a trace. He encounters a web of collisions and clandestine affiliations that lead to conflicts and deaths. The end of the novel leaves the reader exhausted and wistful, but completely validated. Final Boarding is a mystery and a love story that enthralls and intrigues the reader.

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