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Phoenix~They/Them | 4602 comments Noooooo you'll email me sometimes right Madison, if you do delete your profile

Phoenix~They/Them | 4602 comments I'll miss u

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blue (hermiionegranger) | 10482 comments Aw Madison, noo. I'll miss you very much even though we don't really talk that much. You're a very nice and kind friend. :)

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blue (hermiionegranger) | 10482 comments Yay!!! Please do, Madison. It's okay if you're not that much active, but when you leave, there's no turning back.

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blue (hermiionegranger) | 10482 comments Yep Madison :)) XD

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Madison~Don't ask, just sweg. Don't judge me, I'm being swaggy.~ wrote: "Wow I haven't really posted anything in here soooooo I guess this will be the first/last thing I post here.

As much as I love goodreads, I just hardly ever use it anymore so I am thinking I delet..."



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Loki: *in despair* The IronMan is leaving the ASGARDIAN family!

(In other words, if you leave GR, you're also leaving the ASGARDIAN Family Group that's on GR.)

Phoenix~They/Them | 4602 comments Your better then I would've done.

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Loki: *relieved that Tony Stark is staying*

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