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Emma James-Wilson (ejwilson10) | 63 comments You may have noticed that all of the library's book clubs are reading The Feathered Bone by Julie Cantrell this month. The Feathered Bone is our first Livingston Parish Reads Together title, so we are encouraging everyone to read the book and discuss it! There are a LOT of different topics this book brings up. Has anyone read it? What did you think?

Samantha “Sam” A (samalvarez823) | 31 comments It was Awesome!! I couldn't put it down!! You're right, it deals with several different topics. There are so many emotions running through the book. I don't want to spoil for those reading but it's a must read!!

Emma James-Wilson (ejwilson10) | 63 comments I'm glad you liked it! It was a solid three stars for me. I loved that it was set in Livingston Parish. That added a lot to it, to read about places that we see and hear about locally. The setting also added to the menace factor, that some of the things that happened were so close to home. Sometimes people don't think about some things that are so dark or troubling being so close to us personally rather than "in the city" or "on the news."

Samantha “Sam” A (samalvarez823) | 31 comments Agreed! The setting really leant itself to the story. Most people(myself included) don't realize or "think" these things can happen here in our country-like parish. Bad things can happen anywhere so it really made me think about my beliefs. I thoroughly enjoyed it, it made me laugh, cry, question things and smile all in one book.

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