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Ryan Stofferahn | 1 comments Kaden Taylor is a low-level worker on the Durchgang space station, who is suddenly thrust into the middle of galaxy-wide conflict when the station is sabotaged and destroyed, leaving Kaden one of the few survivors. Immediately afterward, he finds himself the target of assassins from the Brotherhood, a mysterious secret society which has influenced events throughout space for hundreds of years. When he is finally captured by the shadowy organization, he expects death. Instead, they offer him a place among their ranks.

As he trains to be one of them, however, another group claims responsibility for destroying the space station, and warns that they are planning an even more deadly attack within fifty days. Now, with the help of the beautiful and capable operative Sophie LaChance, Kaden must learn the secrets of the Brotherhood, and lead his new allies in preventing an atrocity which will leave millions dead.

This story is unique among science fiction novels, in that it takes place against the backdrop of a future in which the nations of Earth have not unified into a single government. Sovereign states like the United States, France, and Germany still exist. Even as they colonize the stars, they compete with one another for resources, and explosively clash using fleets of star-faring battleships.

I'm interested in any and all feedback, particularly what an agent's first impression is likely to be. It's a little long; sorry about that. If you want to critique only the first few chapters that would be very helpful and appreciated.

Please comment below or email me at I can send in any format you need.

message 2: by Marco (new)

Marco Ocram | 56 comments Hi Ryan,
I'll look at the first few chapters for you.
Please email word doc to

Best wishes,

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