Crooked Kingdom (Six of Crows, #2) Crooked Kingdom question

Favorite Character **SPOILERS*

1) Kaz, Kaz and Kaz
2) Inej
4) Jesper

toointofiction {semi-hiatus} I love EVERYONE! But mostly Inej.
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I had my mental list ready for this moment lol

1. Kaz Brekker aka Dirtyhands aka Bastard of the Barrel aka the most amazing guy ever!!! I don't think think I could ever get used to way he schemes. And the way he's so calm and calculating on the outside, but on the inside, he's so, so broken... he broke my heart too many times, that poor, poor boy 😭

("There was no part of him that was not broken, that had not healed wrong, and there was no part of him that was not stronger for having been broken.")

2. Inej Ghafa! I love how religious she is. Her ability to be invisible is also a welcome addition, but I'm not judging her just by how cool she is. It's the fact that she's so calm and quiet, but just as deadly, and dark fantasy just doesn't have those types of characters often.

(“She was not a lynx or a spider or even the Wraith. She was Inej Ghafa, and her future was waiting above.”)

3. Matthias Helvar: *spiler ahead* I admired how intense his loyalty was, but how he was gradually able to think for himself what was right and he'd died believing for what was right 😭. It was so sudden and shocking, and I kept thinking I misread a small part or something.

(“Do not be afraid. Fear is how they control you. Their’s so much in the world you don’t have to be afraid of, if only you would open your eyes.”)

4. Wylan van Eck: I felt so sorry for him, not as much as the amazing Kaz, of course, but being the son of Van Eck... was anyone else surprised that Kaz knew he was but didn't share it with anyone else?

("“Until this moment, Wylan hadn't quite understood how much they meant to him. His father would have sneered at these thugs and thieves, a disgraced soldier, a gambler who couldn't keep out of the red. But they were his first friends, his only friends, and Wylan knew that even if he'd had his pick of a thousand companions, these would have been the people he chose.”)

5. Nina Zenik: She's tied with Jesper, but though they're my least favorites, I certainly don't hate them. I like that Nina isn't exactly like one of those typical YA fantasy heroines, but she's still pretty strong and brave and she's so full of energy.

(“Nina just liked to flirt with everything. He’d once seen her make eyes at a pair of shoes she fancied in a shop window.”)

6. Jesper Fahey: Similar to Nina, I love his energy. I love the way he fights, his eyes blazing, guns drawn; it's always such a vivid picture.

(“Maybe he was the same. A bullet in a chamber, spending his whole life waiting for the moment he would have direction.”)

1. Kaz
2. Nina (I felt I could relate to her most)
3. Inej
4. Wylan (so cute!)
5. Jesper
6. Matthias

This book was so good I had to write a 5 POV story to keep from complete book hangover. Anyone else have a good cure?

They are all equally amazing characters! But I would have to go with Inej being my most favorite!

1.) Wylan (could relate to him most)
2.) Kaz
3.) Nina (the scene where she raised the dead (AHHH))
4.) Inej (do i even needa explain?
5.) Jesper
6.) Matthias

1. Definetly Kaz... I guess I have a pull toward the more dark or broken characters (Malfoy, Nico di Angelo, Nikolai Lantsov)
2. Wylan, because I could kinda relate to him
4. Nina and Inej
5. Matthias. BUT HE DIDNT DESERVE TO DIE!!!! Bardugo why???????????????

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1) Nina (this woman is my spirit animal)
2) Kaz
3) Inej
4) Jesper
5) Wylan
6) Matthias
All of these characters have taught me something.
Nina taught me to be happy with my body and to not care what anyone else thinks
Kaz taught me that even if you can't touch someone or if you disabled, you can still be strong and amazing.
Inej taught me that faith can get me anywhere
Jesper taught me that people make mistakes and thats okay. Tou can always dig you way out of a hole you gud yourself
Wylan taught me that my shortcomings don't define me.
Matthias taught me that people can change and go from bad to good, that they can forgive themselves.

1) Wylan
2) Jesper
3) Kaz
4) Inej
5) Nina & Mathias

I love them all! Inej will always have a place in my heart, but Nina and KAZ were awesome too. I love them all.

1. Kaz
2. Matthias
3. Wylan
4. Nina
5. Jesper
6. Inej

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I feel like my favourites were always constantly shifting throughout the books- the moment I'm leaning more towards one character, another's chapter pops up and makes me fall in love with them all over again, even more! But by the end of Crooked Kingdom, this is how I'd list it:

1) Inej
2) Kaz
3) Wylan
4) Jesper
5) Nina
6) Matthias (this is me trying to convince myself I was never thaaat attached to cope with what happened but lololol who am I kidding)

Inej all the way!!!!!!!!
but I truly do love them all.

1. Kaz. Duh.
2. Nina and Inej. I love them both so much, and I love their friendship.
3. Matthias. Love this boy. He’s so sweet.
4. Wylan. I love this boy too. He’s adorable, and my head breaks for him. I hate his stupid dad.
5. Jesper. Don’t get me wrong, I like Jesper. It’s just... he was hit or miss for me. Some of his comments I found absolutely hilarious but a lot of the time I found him annoying. He just wouldn’t shut up, even when the moment was serious.

Ohhh my gosh.
1) Kaz freaking Bekker
2) Wylan ( I love me smart people)
3) Inej
4) Nina
5) Jesper
6) Matthias (WHY??!!!Leigh whyyyyy??!!!)

ah well
1. kaz ( I LOVE HIM!!!!)
2. Nina ( I absolutely Envy her sass, never really understood why Mathias though, ugh)
3. Wylan ( How adorable is he? and did I mention smart? well *heart*)
4. Jesper --- well <3
5. Inej ( I do like her but the rest are better hence fifth)
6. Mathias ( I just felt annoyed by him, stupid confused bastard)

1. kaz = 17%
2.wylan/Inej/Jesper/Nina/Matthias = 16.6%

every character is uniqe in his own way. although they are differenet fromone another, they complete each other.

they are alllllllllll my special lovley babies.

okay I got it
1) all of them
2)All of them
3)All Of them
4)All Of Them
5)ALL Of Them

Been a while since I read it, but:
1) Jesper (Interesting internal conflict and complex relationship with his dad. I was surprised to see him so low on other people's ranking.)
2) Inej (Badass.)
3) Kaz (Relentless.)
4) Nina (Dauntless.)
5) Wylan (Resilient.)
6) Matthias (uh, strong)

I love all of them and this was a really hard choice...
1) Wylan
2) Kaz
3) Inej
4) Jesper
5) Nina
6) Matthias

Sarinah wrote: "I finished Crooked Kingdom the day after it came out and I was wondering if anyone else has a favorite character of the 6 obvious ones. My favorites: 1 Inej (Ok, who cannot love her she's so freaki..."
1) Nina (I mean waffles, come on)
2) Kaz ( I love a protag that isn't good/bad but complicated
3) Matthias (K I know he isn't super popular but his personal growth is excellent. He started out awful but listened and learned and got over his prejudices, why did he have to dieeee)
4) Jasper (another complex character, highly entertaining
5) Nina (badass female lead with a traumatizing past)
6) Wylan (I didn't feel like we knew him very well)

biz Inej?
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Okay they're all great but....
1. Kaz
2. Inej

Ill tell you a secret, the really bad monsters never look like monsters
Definitely KAZ

Sarinah wrote: "I finished Crooked Kingdom the day after it came out and I was wondering if anyone else has a favorite character of the 6 obvious ones. My favorites: 1 Inej (Ok, who cannot love her she's so freaki..."

1) Inej! (shes badass)
2) Kaz (i mean duh...)
3) Nina (love her attitude)
4) Jesper (hes hilarious!)
5) Wylan (hes so cute)
6) Matthias (sorry xx)

All of them were different but all likable... if I had to choose... I would go for Nina, Inej, Kaz and then the rest of them.

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Okay so I could easily write a six paragraph essay on this but I'll try to keep it simple.
1) Inej
I love how attached she is to her religion and how much her family means to her. She is so in tune with her morality and only does bad things out off necessity and often acts as the groups (mostly Kaz's) moral compass. She represents diversity in the story by being a person of colour. Despite the book never stating any mental illnesses, I a fairly certain that after her experiences of being kidnapped and sold to a pleasure house she has PTSD. She also has some great quotes (such as this on which completely broke me "He’ll never trade if you break me!” she screamed, the words tearing loose from some deep place inside her, her voice raw and undefended. “I’ll be no use to him anymore!")

2) Kaz
Now where do I begin with the bastard of the barrel? He is a ruthless person, who will do anything for Inej, and suffers from both a disability (his limp that he has his cane for) and PTSD. He is 100% an anti-hero. Kaz knows the things he does is wrong and does them anyway, and he doesn't become the 'hero' by the end of the story but he does grow as a character. He grows closer to his little band of misfits and improves, if ever so slightly, on how he handles his PTSD. I love his relationship with Jesper, Kaz views Jesper so much like his brother that in one scene he even call him Jordi. there are so many things to say but I don't want to go on to long.

(3-5 kept getting shuffled around)

3) Wylan
I feel so bad for Wylan. His dad tried to have him killed (worst dad ever), he was told that his mom was dead, and got caught up in way too many bad situations. Wylan is such a smart character despite what his dad may think, he is great with numbers and music even though he can read (another character with a disability) His relation ship with Jesper makes me super happy (LGBT+ character) and of all the characters in this story Wylan would be the one that I can relate to the most.

4) Jesper
Jesper struggles with a gambling addiction, is an LGBT+ character, is a person of colour, most likely has ADHD, and is just a vary fun character in general. Of all the characters, Jesper is probably the one that messes up the most, some examples include giving a tip to Pekka Rollins, Lies to his dad, and kissing Kuwei when he meant to kiss Wylan. (when ever there is character in any form of media or entertainment named Jasper I always mess it up and call them Jesper accidentally instead)

5) Nina
Another character that is LGBT+, as well as a character that went through a drug addiction. For me one of Nina's highlights is her friendship with Inej (I love how often the connect over waffles) And the dynamic is amazing. These two character were bother kidnapped from Ravka, share common interests, and their relationship is vary obvious yet never feels like it is forced.

6) Matthias
Even though Matthias is my least favourite character out of the six I wish that he didn't have to die. I love reading about his backstory and watching him feel conflicted between what he was raised to believe and the new things he is learning, so don't get the idea that I do not like this character because I do. But as for why he is on the bottom of the list it is mostly because other characters have more going for them. Characters like Kaz and Inej have a more fleshed out back story. Matthias is also the least diverse of all the characters, Kaz and Wylan each have a disability, Inej and Jesper are people of colour, Nina, Jesper, and Wylan are LGBT+, Nina and Jesper are Grisha. Compared to this Matthias is a bit more boring in comparison and there is nothing about his personality that I can connect to personally.

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I feel like I need 3 lists here. But hear me out: my rankings are different in Six of Crows and Crooked Kingdom.

For Six of Crows:
1. Inej
2. Kaz
3. Jesper
4. Wylan
5. Nina
6. Matthias

For Crooked Kingdom:
1. Kaz
2. Inej
3. Matthias
4. Wylan
5. Nina
6. Jesper

This was HARD. I love all the characters very much and yes the ending of Crooked Kingdom was too cruel :( I didn't see it coming at all.

1) Inej
2) Kaz
3) Wylan
4) Nina or Jesper
5) Matthias

Man, each character had awesome development. At times I hated them so much*cough* Kaz *cough* but the author wrapped up the story so perfectly. I love them all so much, but if I had to decide...
1) Inej (GIRL POWER!!)
2) Matthias
4) Nina
5) Kaz
6) Jesper

I love all of them but my most favourite would have to be Inej, Matthias, Nina and Wylan are a tie and so are Kaz and Jesper.

GODDD.. this is hard but..

I did it anyways..i equally like them all,,,

still here's the list..

1.Kaz (gotta put em on the god tier)
3,Nina (AYY QUEEN #2, she and Inej are queen goals)
4.Jesper (I relly liked his story in the second book!)
6. Matthias


Wylan and Inej. I absolutely love them. They are adorable and badass.

1)Matthias *sobs* and Kaz are a tie

Noooo...! This is one of the the hardest questions EVER! I CAN'T deciiiiide!! 😱😱
Oookay. Here it is:

1. Wylan (aww, his so sweet!)
2. Inej & Nina (CANNOT chose between them!)
3. Matthias (he's cute! And the ULTIMATE Knight in shining armour!)
4. Kaz (he's great, but the others are TOO good)
5. Jesper (sorryyy, I'm just not keen on sharpshooters...)

This is so hard and I know for a fact that my opinion on Kaz Brekker is unpopular. I still love him, but not nearly as much as some of the other characters.

1. Wylan(He's so cute and very smart)
2. Nina(I relate to her too much)
3. Jesper(The sarcasm and humour is immaculate)
4. Inej(I love her)
5. Kaz(I'm sorry)
6. Matthias(He's meh, that's about it.)

Inej is my favorite, I thought that she was the heart of the group and she was also badass and wise.
But I can't decide between the rest of them, they are all awesome in their own way :)


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