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J.P. Cawood | 10 comments Love from Mars is a new romance novel with spiritual science fiction elements. The book has launched a Kindle Scout campaign and needs your interest to be published! If the campaign is successful, you'll receive a free e-copy. Click here to nominate (all you need is an Amazon account) https://kindlescout.amazon.com/p/2DLG...

Six people have been chosen to colonize Mars, including the charismatic and noble Ryan Clarke. Emma, a headstrong reporter, meets Ryan at the Martian Six press conference. Despite the fact that he has a one-way ticket to another planet, they can’t resist their undeniable connection. Their whirlwind romance is rocked by one shocking revelation after another as the mission prepares to launch. Can their love transcend time and space?

Themes; meditation, spiritual connection, outer space, divine love, the endless possibilities of the Universe

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J.P. Cawood | 10 comments This book in now available in paperback and eBook!

I'm giving away 10 free ebooks in January. Sign up for my newsletter to be eligible to win!


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J.P. Cawood | 10 comments Only a few more days left to sign up for the January giveaway!


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