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message 1: by Eva (new)

Eva Leslie | 54 comments I was wondering if you think it is better to read a longer, less challenging book, or a shorter, but more challenging book? Which one would you take away more from?

message 2: by Hallie (new)

Hallie | 36 comments I think it's always better to attempt more challenging books but if it's the difference between giving up (which is so tempting sometimes), then going with the longer is better:)

message 3: by Kaylin (new)

Kaylin Colby | 14 comments Reading a shorter but more challenging book allows you more time to read a greater number of books, and you would have more benefit from being able to read a variety of books and books that are more challenging than you would reading only a few long and less-challenging books.

message 4: by Anna (new)

Anna | 26 comments I'm feel like shorter and more challenging books are more meaningful and have more to say. I usually connect with these better. If I wanted to read a more relaxing book, I would choose the longer, less challenging book. Personally, I try not to stress by how long a book is. It shouldn't be in the least intimidating and isn't exactly what I look at when I pick a book out.

message 5: by Margot (new)

Margot Astorino | 29 comments I feel the the challenge component is less important than the content. If you really like what you are reading the level of difficulty won't matter as much. Obviously you wanna challenge yourself but you also want to enjoy it

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