Club 666 the secret world

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message 1: by Shridhar (new)

Shridhar Vengurlekar | 7 comments Hi, try new psychological thriller "Club 666 the secret world". It's based on unique concept.
One group who secretly active in Mumbai preparing for its master plan. 666 number is indicate devil and group members are follower of devil. They want to bring a rule of devil by taking over the concept of God.
For their master plan they want a big order. So they target a specific class of society. And convince them Devil can do anything for them if they follow devil and also how devil is more powerful than god. For convince them group members use some psychological technique like hypnotism and some else. they also complete all wishes of group members like a ginny.
According to them some incidents like natural disasters and man-made disasters are tasks of devil and these should be happen again if want to overcome the god.
meanwhile police got an clue about them but not about their plan neither their location. but the important date is hidden in some disaster happen in Indian history.
see can police stop them or devil would get success to possessed the world?

message 2: by Ashfiya (new)

Ashfiya (ashfiyaundre) | 22 comments Is this post for book review request ?

message 3: by Shridhar (new)

Shridhar Vengurlekar | 7 comments yes

message 4: by Ashfiya (new)

Ashfiya (ashfiyaundre) | 22 comments I am interested in reviewing the above mentioned book.
below is my email address :

I write my book reviews on various various social media networks.

message 5: by Venkitesh (new)

Venkitesh Mathakode | 54 comments i am interested for submitting a review. if possible please send me a copy. Send me an email. I will provide you the address.

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