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Prince William Public Libraries (pwpls) | 23 comments Mod
Oh, Throne of Glass. I had no idea how awesome of a book you were when I first borrowed you from the library – SHOUT OUT TO CENTRAL COMMUNITY LIBRARY! The cover was pretty, the plot seemed interesting, so I gave it a go. Two days later I emerged with that all too familiar feeling that book junkies get when they’ve finished an awesome book, there’s a major cliffhanger, and they have to wait at least a year for the sequel. Head’s up, this series is going to have at least 6 books, but the good news is that book 5 just came out so binge read away!!

I think what I like most about this book, and ultimately the series, is that the characters are not cookie cutter. It may seem like that at first, but the author is not afraid to get out of the box of what we expect from YA fiction. There are plot twists, of course, complete with evil villains, magic and epic fighting. But what stands out the most is the main character herself, Celaena, the country’s most dangerous assassin. She is no simpering maiden, nor is she a hard core killer; instead, she is a complex character that intrigues, impresses, at times annoys, and always interests you.

Sarah J. Maas is excellent at creating a vivid world and characters that are a balance between flawed and heroic, enough so that you can identify with them but not enough to be off-putting. And making an assassin, the deadliest one at that, a sympathetic character is not easy!

What did you think of it? Any ideas of the hints of Celaena’s past? Did you enjoy her character? Why or why not?

Samantha | 5 comments This is one of my favorite YA series! The 5th book just came out last month, but I am waiting until the audio version appears on the library shelves (I have listened to every single book). In the first book, some of the characters do seem a bit cookie cutter, but overtime, they really grow. One thing that really struck me was the king, I don't know as I had ever read a character that was so evil! I love how the book doesn't show Celaena as someone who comes out of a slave prison camp and is immediately strong. She has to work to build up her strength. She isn't weak but she is vulnerable, and I appreciate how her character doesn't just show one path.

Because I have read the other books, I don't want to ruin the mystery for anyone who hasn't read them. However, if you like this book, keep reading the series!!!!

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