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Jordan | 12 comments Mod
Now that you're all starting to receive your copies, what are your initial thoughts on the novel? We want to hear what you think!

Diane Perry (diane_perry) | 18 comments This story is riveting. I was hooked by the first paragraph. I love the different perspectives from the characters. Sonja is really grabbing me.

April (4prilreads) | 4 comments I started this book on Friday during my lunch hour and am already halfway through it - I can't put it down! 4 very unique storylines with a strong likelihood one will relate to any woman who reads it. I love the short chapters, the characters, and the writing. This is my first Sally Hepworth novel, but certainly won't be my last!

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Lynn Jarrett (bookreaderlady) | 9 comments I like Hepworth's writing style. Some of the phrases that stand out with me are: "people paired up with the ease of magnet and metal" (p. 12); Zoe's description of what it felt like to be her (p. 13); Sonja's thought "now, no matter how she tried, she couldn't show how she felt" (p. 14) because of the Botox injections; "it was the kind of photo that came with the frame-- beautiful people with a beautiful life" (p. 15); "Happiness was something you shared, chatted about, asked after. Suffering was something that you had to do behind closed doors, in silence, all alone." (p. 16); "now sex was like a childhood friend that she remembered vaguely, a friend she had no intentions of reconnecting with" (p. 18); "used to going about her business with an unspoken tragedy in her pocket" (p. 19); and "humor, Alice had always thought, was tragedy's best friend." (p. 34). WOW, and I am just getting started!!

Diane Perry (diane_perry) | 18 comments I finished the book and was sad it was over. I love these characters. I could revisit them!

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