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Lauri  S. (lauriauthor) | 13 comments 58k word historical/western adult romance. Complete manuscript.


24 year old Adeline Aldrich moves to western Montana territory in 1878 to work in her elder sister's boardinghouse and escape her overbearing mother. Less than a day after her arrival she clashes with marshal Jake Holloway, a handsome but prickly Texan who boards there. Adeline is well-bred and pleasant to a fault and can't understand why he seems to dislike her.

Jake Holloway accepted his appointment as marshal to escape the death of his first love eight years ago. Now that his second term is nearly ended, he only wants to return to cattle ranching and a life of solitude. That is until gorgeous, earnest, and outgoing Adeline appears. She first offends him, then sets him aflame with desire. At first he's determined to keep her at arm's length, but when he reluctantly agrees to give her riding lessons, no amount of pretense will keep them from succumbing to their growing attraction.

58,000 words. 3 POVs- the two leads and the heroine's older sister. Heat level: Sensual. Two open door love scenes, mild language, alcohol use. Some violence. Sultry, but also humorous, homey, and light-hearted at times. Has themes of dealing with loss, lust, religious guilt, and forbidden fruit. Has an LGBTQ+ romantic subplot-please don't offer to read it if this offends you.

I've published one coming-of-age historical novel w/romance, but this one is more simple "genre fiction" so I'm looking for general feedback on voice, setting, and plot, and suggestions on how I can flesh it out. Would also love some feedback on the horseback riding scenes as I had to research this, having little to no experience of my own.

Comment with email if you're interested.


message 2: by Stephanie (new)

Stephanie Seferian | 4 comments Hi, If you're willing to read my 70K coming of age contemporary novel, I'll happily swap services!
My email is

message 3: by Lauri (new)

Lauri  S. (lauriauthor) | 13 comments Sorry Stephanie, I am swamped right now as I've switched manuscripts with two other writers for reviews of my first novel. Just looking for a beta reader for this ms.

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