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Authors Seeking FREE Betas > ghost story .Will someone have a look at this editing sample

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message 1: by steven (new)

steven | 4 comments Hi, I was looking for an editor and got a sample with tracked changes. Will someone have a look and tell me if the editing is ok?

message 2: by Lin (new)

Lin | 213 comments Mod
I'm a little concerned that you feel you need to check up on the editor. What sort of background do they have? Do you have serious concerns or just being cautious?
You're welcome to send it to me for a look if you like - my email address is on my website,
But remember - no two editors will edit exactly the same way. As well as individual takes on things, there are also different levels of editing, from a very light touch - more like just proofreading - to developmental editing, which can involve moving/deleting entire chunks.

message 3: by steven (new)

steven | 4 comments Sorry lin I searched at the site but couldn't find the email and contact details.

message 4: by steven (new)

steven | 4 comments I'm not a native English speaker, that's why I can't tell if she made the writing better or worse. I think any native Englisg person can help in this.

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