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Which of the seven of the prophecy has the best abilities/powers?

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Steph I personally think that either Frank or Piper has the best abilities.

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Luke Reynolds No Way! It is Hazel. Here's why!

~All Demigods have a fatal flaw. Hers was holding grudges, however, she got rid of this in her first life, making her the only demigod without a fatal flaw.
~Unlike most of the seven, she has 2 powers. She can control gems AND she can use the mist.
~She is the youngest out of all the seven, yet possibly the most emotionally stable on the ship. All the seven made it through their journey (Except Leo ;(... ), but she was the youngest and she had to work much harder than the others, but came out with the same amount of strength. She is only 13!
~While many of them had solo quests, I think that hers and Annabeth's were the two most of important. Annabeth had the mark of Athena, but Hazel had to control something she just learned to use for a super long and hard time. Then after that, she had to FIGHT again without rest!
~She is often passed by without a mind, but she saved their whole quest possibly more times than anyone. (Ex. Mist with The archer and his giant turtle, tricking Piper into taking a fake death cure, mist at the doors of the death)

This is why!

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