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message 1: by Louise (new)

Louise Esola | 1 comments My first book was nonfiction. My second is a novel, literary fiction, set during and after WWII in California. I compare it to Nightingale and, in some ways, Light Between Oceans. I would love to help someone with their MS (literary fiction only, please) in exchange for input. I have a lot of great feedback from agents but no offers for representation. (My previous agent only represents nonfiction.) So I am going back to the drawing board--sort of. Can we help each other?

message 2: by Keisha (new)

Keisha | 5 comments I'd be willing to Beta read. I'd like to think my work is literary and I am willing to exchange but I don't know if mine would necessarily be to your taste. You can reach me at ... depending on the size of the manuscript, I can usually work through a 80k-100k ms in about a month.

message 3: by Stephanie (new)

Stephanie Seferian | 4 comments Louise, I'm willing and available to beta swap. I have a 70k contemporary novel which I humbly consider literary fiction. If you're still looking for a swap, please email me at
Thanks, Stephanie

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