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The Scarlet Letter
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The Scarlet Letter > What did you think about Hester Prynne's attitude as she stood on the scaffold?

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Jenee Antoniu | 2 comments Mod
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message 2: by Allison (new) - added it

Allison Martinez | 7 comments Her attitude was worn down but still she still held her head high and remained strong. Instead of giving in and giving the towns people and magistrates what they wanted she held out.

message 3: by Kyra (new)

Kyra Fitzhugh | 5 comments She was very embarrassed, shy, and uncomfortable. She might have had the slightest attitude because of the punishment she had.

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Jade Stedman | 7 comments Hester seemed to be very shy and maybe even a little embarrassed, she had to stand on the scaffold while everyone in the town starred at her and judged her for the crime she had committed.

Jace  singh | 2 comments she felt sad about being in the predicament but she took refuge in her thoughts of home and her father.

Noria Celis | 6 comments Her attitude on the Scaffold was that she was overwhelmed with the many eyes toward her, but she kept her mouth closed not letting anyone know about Pearl's father.

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Sam Nieboer | 7 comments Hester felt embarrassed, sad, and overwhelmed because all of the towns people were staring at her and the child; while not saying a single word about who the father is.

Jessi Pena | 9 comments Hester was ashamed and embarrassed from everyone staring at her and pearl, but stayed strong when they all kept forcing her to tell them the fathers name.

Diamante Echavarria | 9 comments Hester seemed lowkey embarrassed because everyone was throwing shade at her for sinning. Also her emotions were building up inside of her, but she knew they wanted her too explode so she chilled.

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Luke Garpow | 7 comments She seemed embarrassed and very ashamed. I think while she was up there, she had time to re-think what she did that caused her to be up on the scaffold.

Ossiel Meza | 5 comments Hester felt embarrassed, shy, depressed, and she had flashbacks of her past.

message 12: by Kylie (new) - rated it 1 star

Kylie | 5 comments Hester was trying to stay positive about the situation; therefore, she went to her "happy" place and began to think about her family and the past.

message 13: by Nathan (new)

Nathan Schmuck | 6 comments Her attitude was calm so she could be strong and not tell the towns people what happened.

Maite Salamanca | 7 comments Hester's attitude on the scaffold seemed to be anxious at first but decided that she was not going to deal with being humiliated. She began to remember her childhood helping her forget that she was being punished.

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Ana | 6 comments Hester was very nervous and shy being in front of all those townspeople but she was also brave standing in front of all those mean people .

Kaylah  Dumont | 8 comments she was very scared and embarrassed of people looking at her. she felt shame when she was up there but she remained strong

Sarah Solomon | 9 comments Hester was scared and getting frustrated when people would look at her or the letter 'A' on her chest. She felt uncomfortable with everyone's eyes on her.

message 18: by Nathan (new)

Nathan Schmuck | 6 comments Hester felt scared and embarrassed for what she did but she stayed strong and didn't speak a word.

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Gustavo | 7 comments Hester's attitude on the scaffold was that she was embarrassed, uncomfortable for the way the people looked at her

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