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message 1: by Charles (last edited Oct 10, 2016 12:02PM) (new)

Charles LeoGrande completed manuscript, 29k words. adventure/general fiction

the short skinny: a young american leaves 1971 NY for canada, finds adventure journeying west with a veteran of the canadian pro wrestling circuit. painful lessons as he learns the ropes and finds his feet in the world.
some mature language, sexual suggestion, drug use and violence

worddoc.x via email. open to any style of beta review thats free.
double-spaced, 12pt times new roman
thanks all ;)

message 2: by Charles (new)

Charles LeoGrande had one very helpful beta-read on this, hopeful for more if anyone is interested in a quick read.

also open to beta-swaps on completed works of around 30k words like mine. im a tough editor.

thanks all, be well

message 3: by Jordan (new)

Jordan King | 6 comments Charlie, I will take a look at it. PM me and I will provide an email address to send it to.

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