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message 1: by Noor (new)

Noor Al-Shanti Every time I visit this group and scroll down to the fantasy section I pass by this section and wonder what on earth "Cultural fantasy" is supposed to be. I finally decided to make a post about it and see what everyone else says.

Isn't all good world-building supposed to build some kind of culture for the characters?

Is there any fiction in the world that isn't "cultural"? If it's written by an american author or set in America then it has american culture at the backdrop. If it's written by a Chinese author or set in China it will have Chinese culture at the backdrop and so on. Or does this "cultural" label only apply to fantasy written by or about non-white peoples and cultures?

I just find it such a weird categorization.

message 2: by Bonnye Reed (new)

Bonnye Reed (brf1948) | 52 comments I agree LOL

message 3: by June (new)

June O'Sullivan-Roque (juneroque) | 4 comments I also agree. It's similar to how the word "ethnic" is used sometimes.

message 4: by Leo (new)

Leo Borgelin | 8 comments So let me know if I get this right, Cultural fantasy is basically a fiction book but using a different, but existing culture?

message 5: by M.L. (new)

M.L. McIntosh | 10 comments I thought the term "urban fantasy" had been changed for a hot minute.
What's up with "cultural fantasy?"

Do you make cultures up? Is that like, the Silmarillion?
What's going on?

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