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message 1: by Aurelius (last edited Oct 10, 2016 05:47AM) (new)

Aurelius | 973 comments Hey G-Squad :3 So we're finally opening the October TOTM, YAAAY! So, I was going to do something like Halloween or Monsters or Horror, but to make that the entire month's theme is too mainstream for us I think XD
We still have chats were we can share scary stories and talk about candy in other chats, though! :) But for this month we're about to get atramentous up on here! Lol why did I use that word anyways...

 photo coollogo_com-80943865_zpsdjugzoyh.png

The theme for this... DARKNESS!

(See its still Halloween related :D)

 photo 1_zpskeyyykxy.jpg

Like always, you can interpret this in ANY way you'd like! You could talk about the darkest book you've ever read, you could share your dark October reading list, or give some reccomendations! And it's not at all limited to books...


Write/share a short story related to the theme!

Write/share a poem related to the theme!

Share your art and photos related to the theme!

Share information about the theme!

Tell us your opinions/stories on the theme!

Start a game related to the theme!

Do a reading challenge based on the theme!

Share some music based on the theme!

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I was really happy with how last month went, we had so much conversation and it was super fun. So hopefully this one is even better!
October! It's UNlit! LOL XD

message 2: by Funky Fish (new)

Funky Fish (goodreadscompetitcroissant) | 195 comments Ooh, this sounds fun! :)

message 3: by Aurelius (new)

Aurelius | 973 comments So there's this series I started I while ago and the first book is The Darkest Minds, its dystopian and has a really awesome and original plot and go check it out! :)

♥ Emily ♥   (emily_turtle) | 298 comments Aurelius wrote: "So there's this series I started I while ago and the first book is The Darkest Minds, its dystopian and has a really awesome and original plot and go check it out! :)"

Oooooh I love The Darkest Minds. I've only read the first one tho

message 5: by Aurelius (new)

Aurelius | 973 comments I read TDM and the sequel, Never Fade, and I'm currently being left on an extremely painful cliffhanger because I can't find In the Aftermath in the library and I'm not desperate enough to buy it yet XD

message 6: by Funky Fish (new)

Funky Fish (goodreadscompetitcroissant) | 195 comments @Aurelius, Oh lol, for a second there I got really confused because when you wrote the acronym 'TDM', I immediately thought of The Diamond Minecart, a Minecraft gaming YouTube channel XD I'm such a nerd.

message 7: by Aurelius (last edited Oct 15, 2016 05:59AM) (new)

Aurelius | 973 comments You got that right you lil NERD! LOL I shouldn't be talking because I was just ranting about books but STILL XD

♥ Emily ♥   (emily_turtle) | 298 comments xD

message 9: by Aurelius (last edited Oct 17, 2016 03:14PM) (new)

Aurelius | 973 comments Here's some quotes just because, darkness :3

 photo images_zps6gzmuibm.jpg

 photo images_zpstb8npyxj.jpg

 photo 7cc6788583d0d7d827015c39b9a36910_zps09yuegav.jpg

message 10: by ♥ Emily ♥ (new)

♥ Emily ♥   (emily_turtle) | 298 comments Ooo I've got a few


message 11: by Vickie (new)

Vickie Valladares | 26 comments So you know how as a kid you have this fear of the dark? I hated the feeling of being scared so I would go into the bathroom, close the door, and turn the lights off and make myself stay in there for a few minutes until I wasn't scared anymore....
My cousins and I would play a few games to help us with our fear (that probably made it worse) One particular game we would play, was we would turn off the light in a hallway, one of us would hide somewhere in the hallway (bedroom, bathroom, corner), then the other would walk through the dark hallway slowly, when the moment struck the cousin who was hiding would jump out and scare the other. It was weird because we knew exactly what was coming, but we got startled every time!
And there's my darkness story

message 12: by ♥ Emily ♥ (new)

♥ Emily ♥   (emily_turtle) | 298 comments Me and my siblings play this game called Ghosts in the Graveyard outside in the pitch black in the summer, and basically the goal is to jump out and chase everyone. Lol everyone is now scared to death of ny turn to be 'it' considering I made a kid 3 years older than me scream like a little kid. I'm very evil sometimes

message 13: by Aurelius (last edited Oct 19, 2016 03:28PM) (new)

Aurelius | 973 comments Lol I CAN'T do scary games, I've never even actually played Bloody Mary without running out of the room, and the thing is that I was never really afraid that bloody mary would actually come out of the mirror, I was just afraid of all the nightmares I'd get just from staring into the mirror and seeing my relflection staring back at me with wide eyes >o<

message 14: by Laura (new)

Laura Guilbault I don't believe in ghosts so I never get nightmares :D

message 15: by Janessa (new)

Janessa I'm totally in to the supernatural. Does anyone sleep with a nightlight? I do, not because I'm afraid of the dark or anything, but I have an all black cat and it's hard to see him in the dark.

message 16: by Laura (new)

Laura Guilbault Lol no I like almost complete darkness.

message 17: by Janessa (new)

Janessa Plus I tend to run into my bed

message 18: by ♥ Emily ♥ (new)

♥ Emily ♥   (emily_turtle) | 298 comments Lol I have a black kitten and he's the sneakiest little ting but he's sooo cute

message 19: by ♥ Emily ♥ (new)

♥ Emily ♥   (emily_turtle) | 298 comments Thing*

message 20: by Aurelius (last edited Oct 22, 2016 09:53AM) (new)

Aurelius | 973 comments Aww I love black cats :3 ❤

message 21: by ♥ Emily ♥ (new)

♥ Emily ♥   (emily_turtle) | 298 comments Well since it's almost Halloween and he's a black cat name Boo, I was going to make him my profile pic but Goodreads gave up on me and won't work rip xD

message 22: by Funky Fish (new)

Funky Fish (goodreadscompetitcroissant) | 195 comments Ooh, I've got a darkness story! Kind of...

Okay, so one night I was sleeping over at my friend's house and, since they didn't have much space for me to sleep, my friend and I ended up sharing a large mattress on the floor. So, we went to sleep, and everything was OK. But then when I woke up, my friend was looking at me strangely, and she said, "Do you have a friend called 'Kayla?'" And that was weird, because I DID have a friend called Kayla. So I asked how she knew, and apparently, I had been sleepwalking. Apparently I had called out, "Kayla, come back!" And I had crawled over my friend, in my sleep, saying, "Kayla! Don't leave me! Come back!" Then, I crawled over the top of my friend and hit my head on the wall. Then, rubbing my head, I got up and went back to bed. And, sure enough, in the morning I had a bruise on my head where I had hit the wall XD And I thought I was weird when I was AWAKE XD

Speaking of darkness, has anyone else here read A Monster Calls? That kind of has to do with darkness.

message 23: by Lilia (new)

Lilia | 46 comments @Petitcrossant No, but I want to!!

message 24: by Lilia (new)

Lilia | 46 comments * @Petitcroissont

message 25: by Laura (new)

Laura Guilbault @Petitcroissant YES I HAVE!!! Love that book.

message 26: by Funky Fish (new)

Funky Fish (goodreadscompetitcroissant) | 195 comments @Lilia, Yeah, I definitely think you should read it :) It's a great book.

@Laura, Yay!! I love it too! I think that is my favourite book ever :)

message 27: by Aurelius (last edited Nov 05, 2016 09:52AM) (new)

Aurelius | 973 comments Thanks to all you guys who participated in October's TOTM! Hope you had fun, and I had fun learning more weird stuff about you all :3

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