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Page Zaplendam | 8 comments I've got a few book promotions coming out soon - one in October through Clean Indie Reads and one in November and I'd really like to get my reviews up to 15 or 20 by the time those happen. Jacket cover description follows at the end of this post.

I am a science fiction/fantasy writer who writes some paranormal, some post-apocalyptic fic, and also have some space opera in the works. It's a nice spread, but at the same time, it's a diverse group of characters tied together by the common thread of character driven plot, concise, tight writing, and sardonic humor.

If you are looking for flowery, steamy, prose that requires Jedi mind tricks to plumb the depths off, my books are not for you. If on the other hand, you like the sardonic (Buffy, Han Solo) and the snarky, the Captain Obvious and the glib, the swashbuckling and hell-bent for leather, you'll probably enjoy my books.

Bold and quick thinking in the face of danger, intense in the face of intimacy, and contemplative when by themselves, my main characters are thoroughly human, practical souls who strive after the essence of things and usually find themselves in some sort of moral pickle.

If you read my book, please consider leaving a review on AMAZON. It really gives authors hope, happy juice, and incentive to write and to get better at writing when people leave reviews. Not only does it improve our ranking with Amazon, which gives us more visibility, it means that the word is getting out about our book.

Granted, no one wants to have the crappy book, but without honest reviewers like yourselves to help authors produce a quality product, the crappy book would probably be the norm (and in my experience crappy is not the norm).

If you are interested in a review copy, just let me know via email (pagezaplendam [at] gmail [dot] com (no spaces or brackets) and I can send a .mobi file for free.

Alternatively, you can stop by my website and contact me through the form there (and watch a book trailer on Order of the Blood!) Thanks and double thanks in advance for your interest!

If Regency England had an XFiles, this would be it!

In this rollicking historical vampire adventure, set against the backdrop of the Napoleonic war, an unlikely trio decodes letters, survives vampire-proof dungeons, and attends masked balls in order to save the country they love.

Bacteriologist John Grissom isn't your ordinary vampire. Saddled with inexplicable deficiencies and struggling to maintain his humanity in the face of incredible temptations, he is intent on finding a cure. But when he stumbles upon a vast conspiracy lead by peer of the realm and vampire lord, the Earl of Waite, as a true son of England he can't just leave well enough alone.

He acquires surprising allies in his lovely assistant, Henrietta Isherwood, and Prussian vampire hunter, Gerhardt Van Helsing. Together the three of them take on the challenge of saving England from Waite's mad schemes. But Lord Waite and his small army of vampires don't suffer any of the defects of John's turning. If the members of Bow Street's newly created Odd Crimes Division can't prevail, Waite's greater strength and speed could place England at the mercy of Napoleon and give victory to the Order of the Blood.

"Reads like an episode of Penny Dreadful." - William, Goodreads giveaway winner

"I was sorry to see the story end I can't wait for sequels." Leslie Sholly, blogger,

"I’m going to have to read [the sequel] to see what is in store for this intriguing character Zapledam has created." Laura Pearl, author of Erin's Ring

"I admire the way the author used a vampire story (without being repulsive) to tell an exciting tale with real substance, one that makes readers ponder moral truths and, in particular, to consider what really makes a monster." Therese Heckencamp, author of Frozen Footprints

Tara Woods Turner | 1 comments This sounds awesome. You can send an ebook or pdf review copy to (view spoiler)

R.J. Abell | 12 comments

Kimberly Marie (happygurl1289) | 7 comments I would love a copy to review if that would be possible.

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Page Zaplendam | 8 comments Tara wrote: "This sounds awesome. You can send an ebook or pdf review copy to [spoilers removed]"

Sent! Thanks!

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Page Zaplendam | 8 comments R.J. wrote: ""

Sent! Thank you!

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Page Zaplendam | 8 comments Kimberly wrote: "I would love a copy to review if that would be possible."

Sent! Thanks!

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